The Chad in You!!!

A few Sundays ago, the Jets had 8 seconds left against the Colts trailing them 31-28. I stood up in my living room and uttered toughly, "C'mon Chad!". My almost four-year-old son, responded "Whose Chad?". I briefly thought to myself, "One day son...one day I will tell you about Chad." But I was too fixed on the dwindling clock and what the Jets were going to do to respond at all.

Then Pennington took the snap. He lightly scampered back to the pocket and flung it over the middle to Leon Washington. "What's this!", I thought. Leon Scampers to the right side of the field and was about to get tackled but flings it backward to Brad Smith. "A trick play!", I announced in exuberation (as if to shake loose some more of the 'Same Old Jets' powder that all Jet fans are doused in). I couldn't believe it. Brad Smith runs a few yards. As he is about to be tackled, he turns to the left side of the field and throws a sideways bomb. On the receive end was Chad Pennington.

As Chad came into the picture, I squealed, "Chad!" As if to say, "HOLY SHIT, I LOVE THAT GUY!". My kid again says, a little bit louder this time, "Whose Chad!" Chad ultimately threw the ball to Coles, and Coles to Nick Mangold who ultimately fumbled and the Colts recovered and the game ended. But I almost was taken back by the Jets on that play. And I was even more taken back by my own admiration to Chad Pennington.

Then last week, as me, my trusty little Jet fans (my son & daughter), my wife and my brother all watched the Jets Game, a funny little conversation came up. A conversation that I noted comes up every time the Jets are on, no matter who is there. My wife started by saying, "You just have to like Chad Pennington." My brother added by saying, "Chad is just a total professional. A true leader. The guy is the ultimate team player."

Then I replied, "How can you not like Chad!" Then I sat there and thought to myself how funny it is that I have never really heard anyone trash Chad Pennington. Even in the papers, on talk radio or on TV. Everybody seems to like Chad.

And it is funny. He is really not that great. I mean he is known as not throwing very hard. He really doesn't have great stats at all. This is his seventh year and he has only thrown more than 10 TD's in three seasons. Even in college, he played for Marshall in what many consider a weak college division.

So why do we all like Chad Pennington so much? I will tell you why. Chad reminds us of us. There is a little bit of Chad in all Jet fans and there is a little bit of all us Jet fans in Chad.

I remember when Vinnie Testerverde was the starting QB and sort of mentoring Chad. Vinnie would throw a TD pass and Chad would be on the sideline, pumping his fist, like he threw it. Then when Testeverde came to the side line, Chad would be high-fiving him in congratulations.

And I remember his press conferences in those days. He sat in the wings like a total professional. There was a time when Testeverde was slipping and it was clear Chad's time had come but the couching staff was still holding him back. Chad still stayed professional and waited his turn. And when his turn came, he made the most of it.

Chad is also a fans player. No one seems to be more amped up for games than Chad. I love it when I see Chad flailing his arms and the side line, trying to get his teammates all fired up. It is just great! He is doing what we fans are doing at home and in the stands. There is nothing like seeing your team leader down there doing everything he can to win, even when the defense is on the field.

Now again, Chad is not Joe Montana. I would love it if he were to get even close to that point. But at this point, it doesn't look like it will ever happen. But I and most Jet fans love Chad. And there is no one at this point I would have out there then a healthy Chad Pennington manning the helm.

This week we face the lowly Lions. The Jets better stick it to them hard. Especially on Defense. And they are without there stud Defense Lineman. So we have a few things going our way already. I hope the Jets will show up this week. But I know, Chad will show up!



Fakehead said...

It's time to focus on the Jetropolitans.

I agree UR, I like Chad as well. Heck, he seems like a nice guy. I have no idea why he shit the bed so heavily against the Jags, but hey, he seemed okay last week. Let's hope the Chadster plays well and gets all of the receivers involved this week!

Go Jets!

Fakehead said...

Oh yeah, creepy picture!

Shea Gadfly said...

So I was fu**ing Chad in the as$ the other day and he reaches around and grabs my ba!!$ and I'm thinking this guy is definitely gay.

That's about how gay this post was for Chad...but I gotta agree. Besides being a baby a couple of years ago when he was questioned by the media, there isn't anything to dislike about the guy. In fact, if he had the team that Montana had and Joe had the teams Chad has had, people might say, "that guy Montana is a lot like Chad instead of the other way around." For now though, we just have to hope he stays healthy, keeps his int's down, and gets the most out of a sort of mediocre offensive unit. I certainly think he is capable of that...

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I am glad you agree about my comments about Chad.

Dickerson...if you think that picture is creepy, wait till you see my next blog titled, "The Dickerson in You".