Ok, We'll Take It!!!

I didn't like the way the Jets finished this game. I am not crazy about the fact that Leon Washington is not getting more carries. I wasn't agreeing with Magina's play calling at times. But guess what? WE WON!!!

So I am not going to get that crazy. We did do a lot of good things which I will address below in the Game Awards section. But we Jet fans do have something to cheer about. We are 3-3 and 2-1 against division opponents. Buffalo lost to Detroit yesterday. New England had the day off.

Our division will really start to materialize in the next few weeks. Next week, Buffalo faces New England. The Jets play Detroit, followed up by Cleveland and then a Bye week. Then we come out of the Bye against the Pats. Then after the New England we have to face the Bears. I don't want to get too much ahead of myself. But after the Bears we have a bit of a cush schedule facing teams like the Texans, Green Bay and the Raiders. We could be looking really great at that point.

At any rate, I really have to calm down. If I really be honest with myself, with all things considered, the Jets really had five very suprising games this year. The only game that really shouldn't have been a surprise given what we had coming into this season (i.e. New Coach, Sore Shoulder QB, No Runningback, etc) was the 0-41 game vs. the Jags. So before I go into a blog that I will convince myself that the Jets will end up 13-3 this season, let me back track a little and get to the game we just played.

Here are the GAME AWARDS:

GAME BALL: This is a no brainer, Leverneas Coles. Coles had 5 catches for 106 yards and 2 TD's. If it weren't for L.C. as me and Chad like to call him, we would be 0-6.

CLUTCH PLAYER: Leon Washington gets this one. He is electric. He averaged 4.4 carriers on only 11 carriers including a 12 yarder and a 9 yarder. Those are the type of runs that keep the offense on the field and avoid 3 and outs. I am baffled as to why he isn't getting 18-20 carriers a game.

CONSISTENT AWARD: This is a new category especially developed for Ted Nugent. Ted went 2-2 on field Goals and 2-2 on extra points. This kid is much more of a head case than he lets you believe so we need to feed him with pats on the back as we can. So we will try to award him as much as possible for the rest of the season. When the season is over, then we can blog about how we want his head on the chopping block.

AUSSIE AWARD: This award goes to Benny Graham. I have always loved this guy. I thought this ex-rugby player would be the first to lay out the punt returner after he punts the ball. But the guy is 33 years old and kicks the hell out of the ball. So you still got to love him anyhow. He averaged 43 yards per punt on 7 punts. Although, I do not like the fact that we punt that many times, at least he isn't shanking them a la every other punter we ever had. At any rate, the runner up for this award is Brad Smith. I don't think Brad is an Aussie but he is kicking ass on special teams. Although, he is making some stupid penalties on the Jets trick plays. He is still going to be good.

CHAD PENNINGTON AWARD: This award goes to Chad Pennington. If nothing else for doing what Chad does best, playing mistake free for the most part. Although, he did get sacked twice and did this turn around things after he fakes the snap a few times (which I don't get) which takes about an extra two seconds, he didn't throw any picks and did a good job.



Fakehead said...

I had such a crazy Sunday I only caught segments of the game, but the Jets look good enough. I agree with your blog Unruly, we'll take that win.

The bad news is that the Mad Dog said the Jets should win the next two games. That is basically a curse and the Jets will probably lose both games. However, thd Dog is actually correct in that the Jets could and should beat both Detriot and Cleveland. We'll see what happens.

The Home Field Advantage Award: Jets Stadium and the good old East Rutherford winds!

Go Jets and Go Mets!!!!!!!!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Mad Dog doesnt carry any weight. He probably called the Lions and Texans a bunch of cowards.

The Jets should win both games. They do have a weak schedule up ahead. The way I see it, we will be 10-6 at the end of the season.

But, that is because I am as unruly as my name suggests my freind.

You stay fake Fakehead, and I will stay unruly!

Where's Gadfly? He is MIA (and that does not stand for Miami Dolphins). Who has a Mets Blog, blog all year and then when the playoffs come, dissapear. Is he ok?

Fakehead said...

I think he was the other person in Lidle's plane.

Unruly Jets Fan said...


Cory Lidle's Gadlight Instructor said...

Give a brother a break...it's been a tough week. I'd like to see you guys drink like me, go to wrok and still have time to write new blog posts. I will promise you that there will be one tomorrow...

After the Mets win game six tonight!

Shea Gadfly said...

Meant that to say, Gadflight Instructor, oh well. As they say, nothing goes right when your underwear's tight.