Man, where do I begin? In a way, I almost have nothing to say. It's really the same old story. I feel like my girlfriend broke up with me for the 400th time. Why am I even surprised. She has disappointed me 399 times before. Why do I think this season will be any different. Because she has a new hair style? Or because she lost a few pounds? Her ass is looking a little better?

I seriously must be a glutton for punishment. Before I decided to give it one more try, I thought "Ok, she has a new General Manager. A new coach. And she made some really good draft decisions in the Spring." I don't understand it, how is it that she makes a few changes to herself and all of a sudden every blemish she ever had dissipates.

I immediately forget that her quarterback has had back to back Tommy John surgeries on his throwing shoulder, that her running back is an old man who is not even going to play, but most of all I suddenly dismiss that she has disappointed me time after time after time.

Of course I am talking about the Jets. Yesterday was disastrous!!! 41-0, what??? We could have put tackling sleds in place of our defense and the Jaguars would have scored less. I am afraid to look in past NFL stats to see if a team ever lost by that much. That is horrendous! I am simply appalled.

What kills me even more is that I am not done being punished, because in my true Jet fan heart, I know we are still in it. There are like two people talking in my head. One is saying, "Stop killing yourself and become a Chicago Bears fan or something." The other is saying, "So what we lost 41-0, look at the schedule. We can win 8 out of the next 11. We have a good chance to win the division." Am I crazy or what. Being a Jets fan has some sort of an addictive agent involved in it somehow.

But, I am going to roll with my Jet fan side right now...We actually can win the next 8 out of 11, which would make us 10-6 on the season. Here is how it is broken down. Right now we are 2-3 and 1-1 in the division with a loss to the Pats and a win against Buffalo. Next week we have Miami, who is sort of struggling. We can win that one. That makes us 3-3.

Then we got Detroit at home. A slam dunk, 4-3. Then we travel to Cleveland, 5-3. Next we take the bus up to New England. Ok, that's a loss, 5-4. After that we host Chicago at home. I'll give the Bears that one, 5-5. Ok are you with me? Here is where we start our hot streak.

After the Chicago game we got Houston at home. Common', 6-5 easy. Then we go up to Lambaugh to face Aaron Rodgers and the beat up Green Bay Packers. You got to be kidding me. They will have given up by then and simply playing to give Rodgers practice, 7-5. Then we host Buffalo. We did it once, we can do it again, 8-5.

Then we go to Minnapolis to face Brad Johnson and Vikings. Ok, I will be a little realistic and give the Vikes that one, 8-6. Then we go to Miami. That should be an easy one. Half our team went to Miami, 9-6. Then we will take a shit on Oakland in front of our fans to Finnish 10-6 and 4-2 in our division to make the Wild Card playoff spot.

I won't get into the playoffs just yet...But don't tempt me! Hey, I know I am an unrealistic Jets fan, or as some refer to me as an Unruly Jets Fan. But here is the deal...Some of the games my go the other way. Like we may lose to Detroit. But then we may win the Minnesota game. It is really up in the air. To be honest, I think we have the ability to win every game...Except the Chicago game. Why not, besides Jacksonville we hung right to the end with every team we played.

I don't know how Mangini is going to respond to this loss with his team. But they better rally. I don't think this team is 41-0 bad. I think it was just a bad day, I hope. Hang in there Jet fans. This season is still early!


Fakehead said...

I didn't see the game, and ESPN didn't even show any highlights. I'm almost thankful I didn't see how godawful the Jets were yesterday. Are you fucking kidding me???????????? 41-0? Not only that, but Chad blew and cost me my undefeated season in fantasy football. Thank God for Carson Palmer. I'm going to drop Chad and maybe he'll be good again next week.
The Jets need to beat a hapless Miami team next week or they could be in trouble.
Let's Go Jets! I still love you, even though you're a fucking asshole sometimes.

Fakehead said...

Oh yeah, I somewhat agree with Unruly's assesment of the remainder of the season, but we all know a lot can happen (Tommy John #3, Rookie starting QB, or worse, Patrick Ramsey)between now and then. I put the Jets at 8-8 if Chad finishes out the year. If Curtis comes back and is his usual self, or even 80%, I can see the Jets being 9-7. Wild card? Playoffs? I really don't see it happening. Deep down, I have a feeling they are going to end up 7-9, but I really hope I am wrong about that. The first test comes next week. As I said, if they don't beat Miami, they got problems, big ones. Speaking of problems, I've seen better defense from the 1993 Hanover Park Hornets! The Jets D needs to do something, anything, next week. They really shouldn't be this bad. And that means my boy Vilma needs to do what he needs to do. I know the 3-4 is causing them problems, but they need to right their shit and fucking tackle somebody!!!!!!

Come on Jets, let's fucking go!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I hate to break it to you Fakey, but Curtis will never play again in the NFL. At least he will not be productive.

I think they should start Leon Washington. But they won't. They'll put in Cedric Houston and he'll get 2 yards a carry and we'll be 3 and out all day next week.

On a good note, Harrington will be the QB. Culpepper is benched bc Saben thinks he's hurt.

Harrington throws more to the other team than to his own. So we should be getting some picks this weekend. But we're the Jets so we won't.

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F Jonh Neo (dumbass spammer can't spell John) said...

F jonh neo! Get away from our blog with your nonesense.

Fakehead said...

At this point Culpepper is just as bad as Harrington. There is no excuse. If the Jets lose this Sunday (and I could have gone to the game - translation we all could have gone to the game - but I have 2 birthday parties to go to on Sunday so I'm screwed) then I say we close down this blog or make it an Anti-Jets blog. I'm kidding about being anti-Jets, I will never stop rooting for them until I die, but they cannot lose this fucking Sunday!!!!!!! I hope Mangina told them that!

I don't want to believe I'll never see Curtis again, he is the man and I will hold on to my hope that he comes back and kicks ass.

As for the RBs, Barlow blows, I guess give Washington a chance but he is kind of small. Let's hope for the best.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

You know what, if the Jets lose by 30 points this week I will officially change this site to a Jet Hater Blog. Actually, I can't. It is against my Jet fandom.

But what the heck. I think they should put Leon Washington. I know he is small but so was Barry Sanders. And so was Tiki Barber.

I say give it to the kid. The way Mangini should really look at this whole season is as an evaluation of who is going to be part of his future plans. And weed out the dead wood.

I already see we are weeding out McCerins, P. Ramsey, half our running backs, etc.

But in the meantime, I will still live under the delusion that the Jets have a chance to win the Superbowl.

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