Redemption in Jacksonville!!!

Last year Chad Pennington re-injured his throwing shoulder taking a hit vs. the Jacksonville Jackoffs. That sort of began the spiral downward for the NY Jets last season. I say sort of because the real spiral downward last season was when they began training camp.

But last season's Jacksonville game put the nail in the coffin when Pennington went down. However, even before Pennington went down, I felt like he wasnt totally recovered anyhow. So I feel a win over the Jacksonville Dickheads will give a nice little spark to our beloved team.

There is no real rivalry between the Jets and the Jerks. But there are some little known facts. One amazing fact is that Kyle "Stone Hands" Brady is still a Jacksonville Jerkoff. Another one is Byron Leftwich and Chad Pennington went to the same college at different times together. And aparently are still freinds. One other fact, that is near and dear to me, is my all time favorite Jet, Jeff Lagaman finnished his career as a Jerkoff. Bastard!

But the NY Jetropolitans should win this one. In my eyes this is like the Titans game, a must win. Jacksonville is very banged up on Defense with a lot of guys injured or playing hurt. The RB Taylor is off to a slow start, although he is a tough back. But he is also 45 years old. The other thing is that Leftwich has thrown 5 picks this year so far.

The Jets have played tough every single game this year. And have only Cedric Houston on the injury report as out. Also Leon Washington, the first year RB, is a homecoming. He actually used to be a soda vendor at Jacksonville Stadium. So he will be looking to have a good game.

But I think Chad will be looking to erase the ghost of last year's injury this week. Look for him to be agressive on offense and the world's biggest cheerleader on defense.

Prediction: Jets 40 - Jackoffville 10.

Addional predictions: Chad - 310 passing yards, 3 TD's
Leon Washington - 60 yards rushing, 60 yards receiving
Coles - 111 yards receiving, 1 TD
Crotchery - 90 yards receiving, 2 TD's
Barlow - 1 rushing TD


Fakehead said...

Are you crazy with your stat predictions? First of all, Coles may not even play. Second, the Jets are not scoring 40. Third, Washington will not get 120 total yards of offense, he won't get the ball that much. Mangina doesn't care about Washington's homecoming as much as Washington and the media do.

That being said, Chad needs to have a huge game to win, and he may throw over 300 yards (I hope, he is my starting QB this week on my fantasy squad as the Bengals have a bye). But either way, the Jets need to convert on third downs, come away with points in the red zone and for the love of God, play good fucking defense!

I don't care if Chad throws 2 pics and no TDs, as long as the Jets win. However, if Chad plays like crap, the Jets will lose, because he has played great this year and the Jets are still only 2-2. The Jets just don't have the running game to pick up Chad if he struggles.

I agree that the Jets will win (they have to), but my prediction is 27-20. The Jets need to contain Leftwich, he is a running/passing threat. Maybe a couple of sacks in the first half will have him running scared, let's see if the Jetropolitans' D can step up this week!
Go Jets!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Good points, however, I am sticking to my predictions!

I have to, as I am unruly Jets fan!!!

Fakehead said...

Before I go to bed, I need to confess that I will be in NC this weekend and I don't think they play Jets games down there?! So I am going to miss the entire game and have to rely on highlights. This concerns me. My son is going to be wearing his Jets jersey on Sunday, (because I dress him and he has no choice in the matter) but other than that I won't be able to give much support (aka yelling at the TV) this weekend. I hope they can pull it out with me. Unruly and GF need to step it up this weekend for me! And if there is anyone else out there reading this blog. (Right....)
I can't remember the last time I missed a complete game on TV. Maybe I'm the bad luck charm for the team, we'll see what happens. Hey, if I am, it opens up my Sundays until February!

Thank God the Mets are on National TV!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

No problem Fakey. We'll pick up the slack. My four year old will have his Santana Moss jersey on (it finally fits the little guy and Santana is not on the team - damn parady free agency creates!!!). No bother, I will be doing my Chad Pennington riling his bench up on the sidelines immitation with my family on the couch. I will also have my Pennington jersey on to authenitize the aping.

OK, have fun in NC. Have fun watching the Panthers game!