Not quite bullshit, and Chad, put your fucking arms down.

Chad Pennington held his arms up in a "TD" pose after throwing a pass to Chris Baker on the Jets' last possession yesterday and he wouldn't put them down. It was almost as if he was trying to will the officials to call it a TD. Guess what, they didn't. Put your arms down, it's embarassing. But not as embarassing as the way Chad played during 3.8 quarters of the game yesterday. Or as embarassing as the Jets' defense played for every Browns' possession but the last two.

Yes, the play at the end of the game should have at least been reviewed, it looked like Baker could have come down in bounds and it's horseshit. But, why are the Jets struggling to TIE this game on their last possession? They should have won, straight up, no theatrics necessary. Chad, again, played like complete shit. The defense let Drougghns (sp, I don't feel like checking) run all over them for most of the game. Then, at the end of the game, they managed to stop the Browns twice (coupled with an awesome punt by our new favorite Jet). The announcers and the crowd didn't like the conservative play-calling by the Browns on their last two possessions, but you know what? I think it was smart! They probably thought, let the D stop the Jets, because their offense is just God-awful! The Browns were playing the odds that Chad was going to fuck up or get sacked. Granted, Chad made a great move to avoid the sack and threw a good ball, but where was all that in the first three quarters?

Another question, how many times are the Jets going to depend on a Justin Miller touchdown? They must all pray everytime he touches the ball that he scores because half the time they are desperate for points. Thank God they have him!

It was an awful game, and I don't know what else to say about the Jets' defense. Obviously, the new scheme is not working. Maybe when they get two other All-Pro LBs besides Vilma and a D-Line that can pressure the QB it will work. Unfortunately, that's not the case this year.

So, into the bye week with this loss hanging over their heads. They need to win the games they should win. And God forbid when they play games that they should lose, it's going to be a blood bath. (Bears, anyone?)

So, like I've said before, it's not a surprise to me when the Jets lose a game like this. I am a negative bastard as it is, so I expect them to lose games like this and I'm really happy when they win. So, it may be bullshit about the ref's call at the end of the game, but it's not bullshit they lost, that's for damn sure.

Random Notes

Rugters? Since when do we care about Rutgers? Because they are from Jersey? Please, don't get me started on Rutgers. I went there for one semester and it is the stupidest set-up in the world. Buses to other campuses? I loved riding the bus with a bunch of smelly kids and being late to classes that the school schedules too close together. Then, parking was a nightmare because they don't give you passes to all the campuses, so you get a bunch of tickets! Fuck Rutgers and their awful football team. I have three predictions for Rutgers football:
1. They are going to get destroyed by both West Virginia and Louisville (I am still in shock they beat Pittsburg).
2. Rice is not going to come close to a Heisman, and he showed that he couldn't do shit on the prime time stage, (not saying he isn't a good back, he is, but come on, a Heisman???? Anyone can pile up yards against Navy and fucking South Florida and whatever high school teams Rutgers plays).
3. Coach Schiano will be coaching the University of Miami by next season. (If not next season, the following, the guy thinks he is a good coach).

Bonus prediction - if they play anyone halfway decent (a team with more than 7 wins) in a bowl they are going to lose that as well.

"Write that down" as Jeremy Shockey would say. I'll eat my words if that isn't the case at the end of the college football season.

Beat it, Mondays blow.


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Yeah, I hear your frustrations! I hate Jets losses.

Everyone knows you had a bad time at Rutgers. It is an f'd up school and the way it is set up. But you gotta be somewhat excited about it.

I was on a live Chat a few Thursday nights ago. I think Greg Schiano was on it some how too. I posted that he should just run Ray Rice down the other teams throat (I think Army). I think he was laughing. It was sort of weird.

Anyhow, last night I was flipping between the Cowboys game and the Rugters game and I was also falling asleep. I have Julius Jones as my running back for Fantasy. I was all out of it because I was in and out of sleeping. When Ray Rice got injured I was all pissed bc I thought it was Julius Jones from the Cowboys. Again, it was weird.

jet titties said...

nice blog, Miller is the tits. he may be putting good offensive points, but he does nothing on defense (niether does the rest of the team though).

it is nice to have a special teams threat! It would also be nice to have an offense!

Shea Gadfly said...

Some places aren't for some people. Honestly, I didn't like RU when I looked at it for college as far as the insane size of the place all stretched out across a very large area. So I went to a smaller school that I ended up loving even though it was more like sleep away camp than it was like a real college experience. The complete truth is that I didn't go to school at RU because I was too proud. The college wait listed me and I got into the Livingston campus. Either way though everything works out in the end as it has for you, my friend...If you hadn't gone through the things that you have gone through, then you wouldn't be the person we all know and love.

I hate to say it but...It sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays!!!

Your main point though was well taken...the Jets just aren't a very good football team. Anything they do this year will probably go to proving that more than the other way around.

As for rooting for RU, I will not apologize for it. Despite the fact that they aren't ND/a Michicigan/Ohio or one of the big schools in NCAA football (imagine getting around campus at Michigan...), they are in fact one of the top teams in the league. They are the best team NJ has ever had in our lifetime. To boot all of the kids are either from Jersey or Florida/NY/or some other East Coast state...for that reason I will root for them. Who else would I root for...ND? I am not a poser, I didn't go there and most of those kids aren't from NJ. What else is going to get me from baseball, to NCAA basketball back to baseball? The Jets? Apparently not because we can't beat teams with one win in the 8th week of the season.

My prediction...they beat Louisville and lose to West Virginia. They'll finish the season ranked 12th or 13th and get a good ball game against a 15 or 16 team...It might even be a Louisville like team. I think they'll win the bowl game. Hell, if they get Arizona like last year then they'll deifinitely win.

This RU team isn't just Ray Rice...they have a good QB and some young & huge (they all look like they're around 6-5, 6-6) receiving core. The defense is acceptable although they did a Jets fade at the end. They still are winning games.



Buck up there FH.

Shea Gadfly said...

Oh and did you guys see Oakland beat the Steelers yesterday...think how much more that hurt than our loss to Cleveland. Big (gay) Ben threw like five Int's. i think he is trying to make Chad look good...at least he's making him look better than himself.

Fakehead said...

I still dislike Rutgers but I hear you about the whole NJ thing. Wow, look at the pyscho-analysis I get from my comments. You may have a point, GF. To be honest, I was waitlisted when I first applied (got into Livingston as well) and I got in on a transfer. I should have transferred to Harvard, because apparently it's pretty easy to transfer to a good college after you do okay at your first college. (Although, I am kidding about me going to Harvard). I ended up graduating from a college where my roomate, who also graduated, couldn't spell. The roomate shall remain nameless. The college - King's College in Wilke-Barre, PA. I graduated cum laude, which meant, in a nutshell, I could spell.

Anyway, Big Gay Ben is awful this year, although he was never really that good. The Steelers won that Super Bowl despite him. How much longer until the Steelers fake an injury for him and have Charlie Batch in there, which is almost as worse as Ben.

Monday is almost over, although Tuesday is going to suck as well, until I get home and see the kid in costume. Later gents!

Shea Gadfly said...

Yeah, I'm not arguing that RU sucks...I know. Your one roomate couldn't spell and he was the good roomate!!! Didn't the other one wipe his ass and throw it out in the waste paper basket?!? one couldn't read but the other one wasn't even potty trained! I shouldn't make fun...at my school as long as the body was warm and the check was good (most EOF checks are good I guess) they took you. They wouldn't graduate you but they took you just the same. I don't know which is worse. I know you were every bit as smart as the cum laude marks indicated. You weren't taking pottery and modern dance for crying out loud.

Maybe we should give up the sports blog thing and strictly be a psycho analysis site. We could call it: Fun With Crayons...hey that's actually a pretty good name!

Give your little rascal a Happy Old Hallow's Eve from me...


Fakehead said...

Thanks SGF, I will. I almost forgot about the potty training problems! Those were the days!

Seriously though, I like the title of your new blog!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

hey, that time of life was hard no doubt. But at least you losers got through it.

I am still pissed I never graduated from any where. My boss asked me if I would want to get an MBA the other day. I thought to myself, "Don't you need an BA before you get an MBA?" I just said, "Yeah, sign me up bitch."

Hey did I tell you losers that I saw Jim Bruer (from SNL) the other day in the deli. It was just me and him. He lives in our around Chester. At any rate, it was just me in the deli. Then this guy walks in. I say to myself, "hey that guy looks like a short Jim Bruer." Then I get my sandwhich. Then he orders, and I am like, "holy shit, Short Bruer sounds just like the real thing." Then I put two and two together.

We didnt say much to each other. I pretty much said, "Sup, bitch." Actually, I said "Excuse me.", as I was leaving bc he was standing near the door.

Fakehead said...

You pussy! You should have been really cool and made noises like "Goat Boy", he would have loved it. I'm kidding of course. Very interesting UR. To be honest, I find you much more funny than Jim Bruer. You should have told him about our blog though.

Shea Gadfly said...

You should have followed him home, written down his address and started send him pictures of JC on the cross with succint poems attached.

"Birds migrate
Bears hibernate
Humans grow facial hair"

UJF, you were more well liked/well known than me at my own college and I think you only visited once! Nobodies got nothing on you.

PS - I guess this is what we'll talk about until the Jets win again!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I would have said something, but I made eye contact with him. And at first I couldn't place how I knew him. And I could tell he knew that. And then when it registered that it was Jim Bruer, then it got real weird. It was weird bc I know him, but he doesnt know me. Anyhow, who cares about him.

Btw SGF, I did follow him home and had already started the JC pictures. Here was my first poem:

"The widget in the sky"
What beith you,
Up there?
In the sky,
With the cranberry sauce,
coming out of your shitter?
Stop calling me Jerry!
You're getting cranberry sauce
all over me!

Thank you! At any rate, I am making a bold prediction for this week! I predict the Jets won't lose!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Try the veal, I will be here all week.