Some observations on a disappointing loss...

First, GF was right on the money with his predicition, except the Colts won.

Second, as I said, the Colts were going to score 30 something points.

Third, the Jets defense shit the bed against that jerkoff Manning. If only we tricked him into thinking this was the AFC Championship game, there would be no way he would have driven down the field like that. Why weren't the Jets blitzing more, and getting up on the Colts' receivers? They lost the game. I can't believe they couldn't do what they had to do. Jesus! They couldn't make a play? They couldn't to Peyton? It is unacceptable. The game was the Jets' to win and the defense blew it. They can try to blame it on the coach all they want, but in the end, it was the defense's fault. So what if they went to OT? The way the Colts offense was running in the second half, the only chance the Jets would have had to win was winning the coin toss and scoring on their first possession.

Fourth, it is going to get analyzed all week on the FAN, the fucking fourth down call. To be honest, I was impressed with the balls on Mangina. I didn't think it was the best call in the world, because it wasn't like they were on the 1 or 2, they were on the 3rd or 4th yard line. It's a little long for risking it. That being said, the Jets knew the game wasn't over, and that the Colts could score in a minute or two (like they did and they also scored on 4 of their last 5 possessions in the second half). The Jets also converted on a prior 4th down with a great play, so it wasn't like the call was out of nowhere. So, I don't have a problem with the call. Plus, Mangina also called the on-sides kick that was a risk and paid off. So, kudos to some ballsy play calling. Mangina was like me on Playstation 2. I never fucking kick on 4th down. I kind of liked it. However, either way Mangina is going to get killed. As we all know in NY, your fucked if you do and fucked if you don't.

Finally, how about Justin Miller? One of the most exciting moments in the past couple of years. If only that were enough!

There's always next week! But I have to say, I am beginning to like Mangina a little more. I may have been wrong about calling him Manjerkoff in a prior blog. I think that a lot of fans will call him stupid for his playcalling, but as I said, it can go both ways (like Peyton Manning).


Unruly Jets Fan said...

I thought Herm was calling that fourth and goal play. I didnt think it was that great of a decision. Sorry to disagree with you. But I think Mangina had to get that out of his system. I dont think he will be doing that any more.

Second, Justin Miller was getting completely exposed by Manning all game. It was clear they were targeting him so it was great redemtion that he took one back. Also, Tim Dwight looked fiery in his Jet Debut.

The Jets played contain all game vs. Manning. They barely blitzed and when they did Manning reacted by hitting his outlet man. I think their game plan was fine.

And I agree with you, I was not crazy about going for it on fourth, but I am really starting to like Mangina.

Also, as I have said in a prior blog, Sean Ellis is starting to be the guy we all thought he would be. Two sacks yesterday! I told you he was good.

At any rate, we knew this season was going to be a waste, but they are not shitting the bed.

Shea Gadfly said...

Herm made a lot of bad calls...but he was always too careful. He probably would've punted the ball there! Seriously his label has been always of a pussilinanimous sort...

As for this team, I think 2-2 is a good start. I wouldn't say the season will be a waste just yet...it's quite possible the Jets could be looking like a team with a playoff record by season's end. Look at the rest of the league. There are a lot of teams that have uneven records with a quarter of the season gone. Parity will be the Jets friend this year and it might very well be the reason they make the playoffs as a wild card.

That being said it is baseball season...I'll talk to you guys about football again sometime in November.

Fakehead said...

I agree, it's time to focus on the Mets until after their ticker-tape parade.

The Mets are 4-3 against the Dodgers this year, both teams have winning streaks heading into their series. I feel like the Mets can beat any team that made the playoffs this year except for possibly the Yankees. Let's just hope they make it to the World Series and we can worry about it then. Let's go Mets!

Shea Gadfly said...

Pray for Duque...word is he hurt his calf running in the outfield today.

Hopefully this is an overblown playoff story...

Fakehead said...

I hope everything is okay. This is the last thing the Mets need. Fucking calves!