It's Definitely Not White Boy Day!

A Letter To Peyton Manning:

Hey Peyton, sup? I'm a big fan of yours and I was wondering a couple of things. Well, first off I'd like to say that you were incredible last year. All those yards...man, what an achievement. That being said what good was it? I mean, you had a better team last year than you have ever had at any point in your career. Possibly, it was the best team you will ever have...it's not unimaginable. So here you are and all I want to know is what keeps you going? You won't win it all this year, not with a less powerful team. No more Edge to help you drive the ball, you will have to rely on your arm more which means more interceptions & less touchdowns. You might not get to a Super Bowl for a long time if at all, bro. If you lose to the Jets this weekend, will you cry? I mean, will tears run down your face when you realize that your time has come and gone? Oh well, I was a big fan of yours Peyton...good luck hawking cell phones & making ESPN promos.




Fakehead said...

I'm sick of the Mannings. Although, some of Peyton's commercials are funny. (I hate the one with all of the Mannings though).

The best thing the Jets have going for them (and I should blog about it but I'm just going to comment) is that they have NO EXPECTATIONS. Everyone said they were going to suck. If they finish up 8-8 and make a run at a wild card, it was a good season. They have absolutely nothing to lose, they just need to play their balls off and win. No egos, no nonesense, no bullshit, no pressure, just play and rebuild and get ready to make a run next year (or who knows, maybe this year).
As you can see from the G-Men, high expectations sometimes lead to destruction. Sure, the Giants season isn't over yet, and they have a week off to try and get their shit together, but they are already shitting the bed. That of course makes me laugh.

So the only thing I can say is, keep the expectations low, play without the pressure of being number one and who knows, maybe the Jets will turn some heads and sneak up on the divison this year.

Maybe the Jets will forget they are playing the "almighty" Colts and mvp Peyton. Maybe they will walk into the Colts game like they don't have a care in the world, and who knows ... maybe they don't.

RW McQuarters said...

F Peyton Manning.

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm a giants fan who is still pissed off about selling the farm to get eli. the mention of the word "manning" makes me twitch. my team sucks. i know this, and have little hope for the future. the jets can (and given indy's performance v. the giants) should beat the colts. but the jets love to disappoint. good luck. any victory over a manning is a victory in my book.

shit head said...

I agree with my brothers, Fakehead and Craighead. Eli looks like a deer in the headlights most of the time. And he acts like a retard. And I have always hated Peyton because he was going to come out early to the NFL. But his daddy saw that the Jets had the #1 pick (we drafted Keyshawn instead) and didn't want him to play his career for a crappy franchise like he did. But the Jets have never been a crappy franchise. Leon Hess was always generous and a good guy. And our current owner is a yes man but he is not cheap.

At any rate, the whole Manning family suck.

Shea Gadfly said...

I hate Wood Johnson...I hope he drowns in a vat of baby powder. He wanted to move the Jets to midtown, a place where none of us whould ever be able to afford to go see a game (the statement of tailgating at the Four Seasons was not an exaggeration). He could have moved the Jets to Queens a place where they would have had their own stadium but he would have had to pay for it himslef so I don't know about him not being cheap. So in the end he opted to share Giants stadium for eternity...Unlike Fred Wilpon who owns and loves his franchise like Hess did...Johnson is just renting the team until something better comes along. He's a scumbag and probably a Dallas Cowboy fan but they weren't for sale...If the Jets ever win it will be in spite of him.

Sorry to get sidetracked but I had to comment on Shite Head's comment (aka Al Groh, aka Mr.Martian, aka Aunt Joyce).

I think Peyton is great but not the best...I'd take Bardy over him any day of the week...I'd even take Eli over him (being that Eli hasn't choked like Peyton yet...).

By the way, I'd like to thank Eli for CC'ing me on that letter. It was very poignant what with the Jets playing the Dolts this weekend!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Hey, we already have a good QB in Ty Pennington. Who cares about the Manning Bros/Dad.

I would take Peyton Manning any day of the week. But until Chad gets hurt we dont have to worry about it.

Elihja Wood Johnson is a dork. He is probably trying to parlay Jets memoriabilia into some sort of medicated wipe (which, by the way I would buy in a heartbeat).

At any rate, as far as this weekends game, the more I think about the more I am convincing myself that the Jets might just pull it off. Please take into consideration that I am indeed an unruly Jets fan.

Fakehead said...

Dude, you are not nuts if you think the Jetropolitans can pull this one off. I mean, the Colts were a little shaky last week, they beat the Giants, which means nothing, and Peyton is going to shit his white pants when Vilma or Kerry Rhodes, for that matter, comes out of nowhere and knocks the hell out of him. And who is the Colts' running back again? I don't think Eric Dickerson is still there. And I know Mr. James ain't there. Bring on the Colts!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

OK, as I have been saying...I am thinking we can actually win this game more and more as the game draws near. Now, here is my logic...

First of all...we are not bad. We have tons of quality players. Vilma, Ellis, Bryan Thomas, Kerry Rhodes, the Colemans, Van Offerman, etc. They are good.

And our offense is good too. Our line is starting to gel, even though they are young. Our QB is good, and Coles is obviously a rock but Crotchery is starting to really come along. We also have Tim Dwight on our team (at least I think he is on our team). So if that guy ever gets healthy we can have a return threat. McCerins is also not a bad guy to have in Mangini's system.

But beyond the players, we have a coach that seems to have his game plan together come game time. And the players are starting to believe in Mangini. And so are the fans.

With all of this taken into consideration...here is the biggest reason why I like the Jets in this game. The only team that has consistantly had Mannings number over the last 5 years has been the Pats, under coach Beledick. And Mangini was a part of all of those games.

Manning is 2-7 vs the Pats including two playoff loses. At times, the Pats made Manning look like flustered rookie.

The Star-Ledger reported that Mangini has been showing the Jets the tapes of all these games and all the different defense looks that flustered Manning.

Trust the Jets will be prepared for this game. I am sticking to my 13-10 prediction. It will be low scoring game. It would be higher but I am taking into consideration that Ted Nugent will miss at least 3 field goals.

Otherwise it would be 21-10.

Ok folks, I think that is it for me this week.

the hottest chick in the world said...

I love you Unruly Jets Fan!