Monday's Monologue

Ah, Sweet Victory!

Despite the fact it was a shoot out with the lowly Dolphins doesn't diminish the win. The Fins are deadly division foes and never a gimmie game.

Here are five things we can take away from the contest:
1) - Chad Pennington has answered the call yet again. Another Comeback-Player-of-the-Year performance by Mr. Game Manager. Everything about Chad just told me that the Jets would win the game, despite whatever fireworks occurred - his body language, the fire he played with. He knew they would win the game too. I thought the icing on the cake was his QB sneak touchdown run. Just look at the guy. No quarterback shy of Brett Favre had more fun out there on Sunday, not even the McNabbapalooza they had in Philly.

2) - Statistics can lie and Special Teams can win games/Leon the 3rd-down phenom.That's not a real sentence and this is a tangental point, nonetheless, the Jets are a middle-to-bottom-of-the-pack team according to the numbers. Just look at last year. And yesterday, without that TD on Special Teams by Leon the Phenom , the Jets would have lost the game. More importantly, I think there needs to be a mandatory Leon appearance every third down, even in short yardage. He is the change of pace guy and the last one the defenses want to see in the 4th quarter after having Thomas Jones run into them all day. I think they should do a minimum of three either screen of passes in the flat to Mr. Washington per game.

3) - Thomas Jones is the thunder to the Jets attack and through him the whole offense, defense and complexion of the game resides within the Jets control. Ball control. Smashmouth. Between the Tackles. Slobberknocker. All buzzwords associated with TJ's game. Or at least they should be. The man will find a crease and give you 3.5 to 4 yards on 1st and 2nd downs. Chad's short-passing acuity and Leon's shiftiness can take it from there. Move the chains. Chew the clock. Win the game.

4) - This Ronnie Brown guy is the real deal. The pundits all talk about the way new Dolphin head coach Cam Cameron is going to awaken Ronnie Brown's slumping game. After all, didn't Cameron give LDT his wings in San Diego for all those years? Yesterday's game was the first hints of that. Man, Brown is going to be good and a pain in the Jets' ass for a while. After watching the game my suggestion would be to play a nickel package against the Fins, deploying instead of your third best cornerback your backup safety on Ronnie Brown. The thinking is that the extra speed of the safety over a linebacker and the extra muscle over the cornerback is the ideal match to tie Brown up until help arrives.

5) - The Jets displayed that same spirit they had last year:

G!-U!-T!-S!!! Guts, Guts, Guts!

There may be more talented teams, but these guys in green are gamers, they believe they have the edge in being more prepared than the other team, so that when it gets close the J-E-T-S are never out of it (provided they are within one score).

As for me, my esteemed Editor-In-Chief remarked that I was starting to sound like Jets fan the other day. The simple truth is that, being a lifelong Giant fan, I never had anything against them, so why would I not like them? It's not like its a rivalry or anything, the two teams are in separate conferences so they don't collide much, only for an annual pre-season match-up that is more for convenience's sake than anything. But because I have allegiance to who I have allegiance to, I have to write this piece in Big Bad Ass Blue!
And I just love football. If I lived in Arizona I would pick up stuff and root for the Cardinals. I guess the reason that Jets fans hate Giants fans is because they got our hand-me-downs. Instead of your older brother's pants you got Bill Parcells.

Oh, and you're welcome.


fake retard said...

The Jets rule, the Fins and Giants drool.

Seriously though, it was a great game, and Chad got a standing "O" when he ran onto the field in the first quarter, their way of apologizing for their awful behavior in Game 1.

I agree most of Fig's points about the Jets (and to a certain extent, Ronnie Brown, but I will always like Ricky Pothead Williams better) but I will never like the Giants. I was watching the the Giants game on Sunday and I almost fell asleep it was so boring. Everything about their team and division is boring. But anyway, that's neither hear nor there.

I'm sure Denver is crying today, stupid Broncos. I had to drop the Denver kicker because I'm afraid that they aren't going to score enough points. I was pissed when they went for it on 4th and 1 and didn't kick the field goal. They didn't even get the first though! What was the coach thinking on that play?

Go Jets, and Go Mets!!!!!!

The ghost and the fakeness said...

Oh my God, I spelled "here" wrong, I'm getting like Unruly. ha ha, kidding!

Unruly, who is that girl you put on the Mets website?

Figgythemick said...

Fake, you are hopeless. How is a game in which one team comes back from two TD's in the 2nd half by scoring 21 unanswered and then preserving the win with a four down goal line stand?
What the hell qualifies as exciting football?

I'm still waiting for a good reason why you hate the Giants. That was unanswered.

superfake said...

I guess the bottom line is I just don't care about the Giants and I dislike 75% of their fan base. Something about them just bothers me. (Not you of course).

That is the best answer you will get from me. Sorry.

George Muha said...

Figs, thanks for keeping your articles up to date and very thoughtful.

It was a great win. The Fins defense is no slouch.

Ronnie Brown is the real deal. I had him last year for Fantasy and he is good.

Also, it is good to see Tommy Jones getting some blocks so we can see what he can do. He is definately a work horse.

Chad did great too. I will always wish he can throw harder but it is just not happening.