New York suddenly has its quarterbacks going down like flies.

#10 must look like a target to opposing defenses. I present an image from Sunday's debacle to the not-loaded-enough-so-they-have-to-cheat-and-steal-signals New England Patriots, be warned that this is a graphic image and those of you who have weak sporting stomachs may want to avert your eyes for this part of the blog.

One of the NFL's gutsiest players limping off the field.

Chad's twisting leg looked nasty on replays. His heroism for trying to get off the field quickly, as to not cause his team to take a time-out? Cheering from the crowd that went crazy from Clemmens as soon as he trotted in to take a few snaps. Berman was really giving it to the Jet fans in the numerous postgame and Monday night coverage shows, at one point remarking that his producers were telling him and Tom Jackson to lay off the Jet fans but they wanted to remind the fans cheering that they were better than that.

DOH! A reprimand from the King!

Chad's injury is tough in one important way: he's one of the best game managers in the business. Composure can't be taught, like leadership. Clemmens may have a live arm, but putting him in there against the Patriots would have been like leaving an infant for the wolves. Clemmens may get the snaps for a few weeks any way.

On the other side, there are so many conflicting reports about Manning's injury. I don't know if ESPN is tabloidding it up because it's Week 1 and it means viewers tuning in for injury reports the next couple of days or what. ESPN says separated shoulder, which is real BAD, and then the Giants and Eli himself say it is just a bruise that is sore, which isn't so bad.

The Giants game was awesome because of the scoring. But the were mauling each other out there, Cowboys D-line stud Jason Fergusen (remember him Jets fans?) tore his triceps and he's gone for the year. (I wonder if Ray Lewis did the same thing for the Ravens in last night's Ravens/Bengals game?) Osi and Jacobs are week-to-week injuries, I expect them back by October the latest.

If we need to go with Jared Lornezen we are in deep shit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all freaking week. I know you guys hate the Giants, but f-off I write enough on here to sneak in a thing or two, after all we're partners, right? (New stadium)


fakeballs said...

First, I agree that Chad is the man, as my previous post with hot Fergie indicated.

Second, Clemens is not ready, and he will get destroyed if he plays against the Ravens.

Third, I respect Berman much more than Keith Overcunt or whatever that guy's name is (who used to be on ESPN but now is some liberal fuck who thinks he is above everyone and anyone, fuck him, he is a pussy).

Fourth, the Giants, they are going to be terrible this year. Whether or not Manning is injured, and I think it's lame they aren't saying, they are going to suck. They have no defense, at all. Manning may be okay, but it's only one game, he may be like Eli Manning (shitting the bed in pressure spots, etc.). If you have J-Slob or J-Blob or whatever they call that big fucker who is the No. 2 QB in there the Giants are toast. Anthony Wright blows too (trust me, we know). What about Byron Leftwich? He is out there and available, and I read that he has the same agent as Eli. If Eli is out for a while, they better pick up Byron.

I can't believe I am talking so much about the Giants on the Jets blog.

Has anyone looked at the Mets blog lately? I know, not much to see. Fucking Unruly doens't even comment there anymore.


Gooooooo Jets! Gooooooo Mets!

Figgythemick said...

20 dollars says Giants have better record than the Jets. Giants are on their way up, J-men on the way down from playoff contention in the AFC.

Unruly said...

First off, how do you tear your tricept muscle?

Secondly, I think Lorenzen will do better than Manning. Lorenzen is the size of Strahan and can throw. I really think that guy is a man amounst boyz. I would love for him to get a chance to prove it.

And thirdly and most importantly, I heard Phil Simms on the FAN this summer talking about Chad. He could not say enough good things about his game managing skills. He couldn't stop saying how patient he was. He actually said it 100 times on the Sunday telecast as well.

Chad is something we cannot live without.

We also need a an offensive line. I would be willing to trade a high draft pick for one.

fake dead said...

Another reason to hate Bellicunt, he probably cheats!!!!!!!!!! Fucking loser. I hope he dies of cancer. Just kidding (but I already know I'm going to die of cancer one day so I can say it).

Figgythemick said...

Guys, please preserve what football credibility that you have left. Lorenzen is not better than Manning, and if you think so, well, then you deserve to be a Jets fan all your life.

Chad is a great game manager, but the best thing Phil Simms was good at was taking sacks and making the Giants punt.

Everyone make through the Survival pool of Week 1?

fakeblah said...

For the record, I said J-Slob blows.

Second, I died in Survivor already and I am livid about it. I also talked my wife out of picking Dallas and she is dead too. Amazing, she knows more than I do about football.

Finally, Bellicunt is fucking loser and somebody should do a post about that. I'm posted out, Unruly should do it.

Go Mets! Even though they got smoked last night.