THE NEW YORK JETS NOW HAVE OFFICIAL CHEERLEADERS! No, that's not one of them, that's the Spelling-Queen Fergie, who is a piece of ass in her own right.

Even the cheerleaders couldn't get it right yesterday, as they came on the field too early at one point and had to be told to get off before a play started. Yes, they were booed. Does that mean Jets fans hate the Cheerleaders? Fuck no!!!!! And most Jet fans don't hate Chad Pennington either. He is the QB of the Jets, like it or not. I'm sure whatever shitheads booed and/or cheered when he was injured are like most NY team fans, a bunch of drunk, stupid, cunty fucks who accept nothing less than a 16-0 season with 16 56-0 victories. They are lunatics. They are the same fans who boo A-Rod when he gets 3 HRs in his first three at-bats and Ks in his last. They have no clue about sports, loyalty, or what it means to play a game.

Regardless, we don't need people like Cunt Oberman judging Jets fans. We can take care of our own. I would like to believe a few fights broke out after people cheered and/or booed. Certainly there were thousands of real Jets fans at the game yesterday. I know in my section we were yelling at two stinkboxes wearing Tom Brady jerseys, so much so (not me as much as my insane buddy) that I doubt they will ever wear that jersey in New Jersey or New York again. Was it funny? I don't know, it was at the time. Was it mean? You bet your ass it was.

Regardless, the Jets season is not over, it's not time to bench Chad Pennington, (unless he is really injured and that would be the only reason) and Clemmens (or whatever the fuck his name is), should not be starting ahead of Chad. Chad is bona-fide leader who worked his ass off to get back to the Jets, and the job is his to lose after several shitty games, not a quarter. Let's not forget he was feeling pressure all day, while Tom Brady had enough time to have visitation with his new kid or bang a supermodel in the backfield before he threw a pass. (See my comments below on that issue).

The Jets weren't awful, but they have some things to work on. That being said, their schedule is pretty rough this year, so they better figure shit out quick or they will be 0-4 in a month. But alas, I still have faith in them, they are the fucking Jets for Christ's sake, and they are my favorite football team.
Go Jets!

Random Notes:

The fucking parking at Giants Stadium - it is an abomination!!!!!!!!!! I will never go to a game without a parking pass. It's not worth it not to. Or I will park somewhere and walk to the game. I breezed in and had no trouble parking with the parking pass (it is pre-paid for season-ticket holders only) and there were a lot of spots still available at game time. We had about 3 or 4 empty ones right near us, and we got to the Stadium at 11:30 am. Eventually most of them filled up but there were several open even as the helicopters flew over the stadium to start the game. The buses that transport people to office parking lots to park were old school buses, and you can't tailgate at the office parking lots. So you have to get on a color-coded bus to get to and from the stadium, and basically bring your cooler or whatever with you. I have no idea what people would do with their coolers when they go inside the stadium, unless they left them somewhere or met friends who got into the main lot and those friends kept the coolers for them. Insane. The lines to get on the buses reminded me of jews lining up waiting to be taken to the concentration camps. Ridiculous, sad and pathetic. Oh, and did I mention that it costs $25 to park in the satellite lots?

My advice - don't dare go to a game without a parking pass. They sell them on Ebay now, but for the Giant/Jets game they are running 140 bucks each!!!!!!!!!! I knew I should have bought them before the season started, because they were 30 bucks. I had no idea. I wish I had 20 of them, because that's a cool grand easy.

The Giants lost, which amuses me. Eli played pretty well, but their defense looks worse than the Jets. Fucking awful.

Fig's new favorite team won, (Denver) and Cutler played well, along with their new RB. I wish the Jets had the Broncos O line, because it is sick and has stretched open more holes than Ron Jeremy.

The Mets are kicking ass, maybe some of you want to visit our Mets blog as well. Go Petey!!!! Let's hope they kick the Braves' ass this week as well. Fucking cunts that they are. Losing to the Phillies was the best thing that could have happened to the Mets, because they turned it around and showed their resilience like the champs I hope they turn out to be.



Figs said...

The Broncos won in spite of Cutler, he made some plays that looked like Plummer, but he still displayed fearlessness in his cannon arm. He did not play great, or even really good.

Eli played like Peyton yesterday. The one pick was Burress falling down, ball was already gone. ESPN is saying he has a seperated shoulder. Fuck. Lets hope its just rumors. I mean, he came back in and directed another TD drive with a seperated shoulder? I don't think you can throw with a dislocated shoulder, can you?

He the real deal fella, it matters not if you face it.

Unruly said...

Chad is not the problem, I agree Fakehead. That whole thing this summer with their veteran guard (I cant remember his name right now) seems to be a mistake.

Chad had no time and Jones had no holes to run through.

Thank God it is still baseball season. And thank God for Fantasy Football if this is how the Jets are going to be this year.

But one thing the Mendham Coach told me after this weeks game is that "A loss is never as bad as you think and a win is never as good as you think."

Smell ya later1