So, how's it going? How's the weather where you are? Got any good jokes? Hey, did you hear that A-Rod hit another dinger today? How about the Mets all but clinching the division? How's your bother? No, the retarded one. OK, lets switch the subject. Do you have any hobbies? Are you still considering going back to law school? You still dating Joanne? Nice haircut. Where do you get your teeth whitened?
OK...lets cut to the chase, it is going to be a long season. Lets just hope Chad is too hurt to play this week and we can begin the Kellen Clemmens era. I know we have bigger problems than Chad but lets have something to cheer this year.
Smell ya later...


coolworx said...

Long time Pats fan here (Schaefer Stadium's cold, aluminum, bench seats long)

I really don't understand why Jets' fans are blaming C.P. for this loss...

If anything, it's your defensive line that cost you the game. They couldn't put pressure on Brady, NOR could they stop the run.

Chad did nothing except put up a 140 QB rating.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about if you think the Jets' problems begin with Pennington. They actually belong with the coach and the G.M., one fucked with the team's trust and chemistry for the sake of 1m. So short-sighted it's beyond belief. Unless having a gaping hole in your O line is their idea of smart. Whatever you think of Kendall, he was a loyal soldier, a solid player and a team man. The Jets mgmt. and Mangini have shown their true colors and it's not not Jet green, it's business and money green. They got what they deserved. And the team and its fans got screwed again. Too bad. I had high hopes for this team. And I thought Mangini was the real deal. Turns out he just talks the talk.

From a true fan.

Figgythemick said...


The cheering when Pennington got hurt? Olberman skewered Jet fans for that on his bogus halftime segment on Sunday Night Football. Go G-men!

Hey, 1st game of the season. The Pats look every bit as scary as we thought....

George Muha said...

Yes, no doubt the Pats are very good. But the two posters above are right. Mangini had me believing last year but now I am so bumbed out.

I don't blame Chad at all. Although I wish he had more zip on the ball.

But what the fuck happened with Kendall? I tried to beleive in Mangini with that move. Or Tannenbaum. Or whoever.

I hope this is not the beginning of a long season for the JETS. If it is, I hope the get to draft Ray Rice.

Denver Figs said...

How can you sound like that? You sound like you are throwing in the towel. A lot of Super bowl winners have dropped the first game of the season. Se the Pats getting blasted to the Bills 31-0 on opening day in 2003. Only to close the season against Buffalo and the Pats won, yep, 31-0 on their way to a Super Bowl.

My point is, you looked at the Jets schedule in the offseason and optimism prevented you from seeing a bad start. But we know that may be an issue. As I have mentioned in an earler blog, the Jets very well could be 1-3 or 2-2 at the end of September, but that may not spell D-O-O-m for the J-E-T-S and here's why:

Pats/Colts and maybe Chargers and ravens are the cream of the NFL, AFC and their respective divisions. There are a few second tier teams like Cincy, Denver, the Jets, Chicago, Pitt that are good and then there is a drop-off to the rest. A 2-2 start could easily result in a 10-6 season, good enough to get to the playoffs.

And the Pats? Formidable indeed. But it is Week One, injuries, hard work and determination and a few lucky bounces of the ball and the Pats could be done for the year.

The most alarming thing right now is how the fans treated Pennington yesterday. I was very surprised, but I guess the local pulse is beating for the Kid Clemons.

The Pats shut down the running game, and Chad's not the guy to have to beat people exclusively through the air.

Chin up Jet fans.

fake never give up said...

Oh my fucking God.

First of all, who the cunt cares what the fuck Keith More Left Wing Than Fucking Michael Moore has to say about Jets fans. I was at the game and too drunk to even notice Chad was out of the game, but doesn't he have other shit to talk about.

I agree with the Pats fan, it wasn't Chad's fucking fault, the defense DIDN'T TOUCH BRADY. They didn't do anything, except get their asses handed to them. They should have been blitzing more, or something. It was awful to watch. Fucking Figs could have had 3 TDs yesterday with all the time that was offered. It was a joke. It's not even the secondary's fault, you can't cover WRs for 20 second, not in the NFL and not with Tom Brady at QB.

Chad has a shit arm, we all know that. But he is a leader. Clemmens? Fuck him, he can't lead shit and he's not ready. Talk to me if the Jets are 0-5 and Chad's numbers blow.

I also agree that the Oline is having some issues, and they need some experience in there. I think Mangold and D'Brick are okay, but they need a guard who can play. It's a problem.

Despite all that I though they played very good in the first half, and they were in it until the kickoff in the second half, which I missed because I was talking to Mooks in the causeway while he smoked a cigarette. Fucking cigarettes.