The Disgrace!

There are two kinds of Jets fans. No, check that. There is one kind of Jets fans...and then there are idiots who are retarded and should not be operating any kind of heavy equipment.

There is rumblings all over forums, blogs and talk radio shows would are calling for Coach Mangini to start Kellen Clemmens for the rest of the season over Chad Pennington. These "Jets fans" are basing this call on yesterday afternoon's fourth quarter.

Granted, Clemmens looked good. And he has got a talented arm. But he is young, inexperienced and not in the position to do anything for us this year. Putting him in will be throwing away the season.

We are 0-2. Big crap! We also played the best two defenses in the league back to back. I am not willing to watch Kellen Clemmens take his lumps while going 3-13.

Chad gives us the best shot. I don't care if he can't throw like Elway. He is smart, patient and knows how to win. We are a young team. Chad will be playing another 6-8 years in this league.

These "fans" are embarrassing our team. We have a new regime that blows away anything we have had in a while. Herm was all lip service. These guys have principals for the good of the team. We need to ride them out. We don't need to be calling for Chad's head in the middle of a game while he is lying on the ground in pain.

That is not how a true Jets fan works. Our team needs us to support and back them up. Clemmens will get his due. Just let nature take its course.



Not Figs said...

Survival of the fittest IS nature taking its course. I think you should throw the young arm out there, he did just as well as Pennington but he will make a few more mistakes.

If this were Nature, Clemens would have killed Chad by now, taken his wife and murdered his children to make the Ms. Penninton go into heat again.

Fuck Fakehead and his dissing Eli Manning, he's mad cause the G-men have the better QB. Plus, he changes his team every 7 years.

fakeilicious said...

How dare you? First of all, if "George Muha" made a post that must mean he has tickets to the Jets/Giants game. Second, fuck Eli, Chad is better than him!!!!! Who has more wins? More playoff wins? Fuck Eli, he blows and he can't even get some yards for Shockey, who is on my FF team.

Third, I agree with George, Chad is the man and should start. The season will be lost if the Jets start Clemens. That being said, if they decide to start Clemens, then I'm going to support the guy because Mangini knows better than I do. It's like "Any Given Sunday" except I don't think Kellen is as good an actor as Jamie Foxx is.

By the way, this isn't fucking nature, it's the civilized world. Any comparisons to "nature" are dumb. Life is about who you know and your experiences.

Go Jets.

Unruly said...

I asked him and he is trying to see if he will get them. I should know by tomorrow.

I took a bullet for those tickets if we get them. You both owe me.

fakes said...

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Unrules said...

Dude, you are one fucking funny guy.