10 Thoughts about the Jets

So you were waiting 10 separate thoughts that come off the top of my head? Your in luck! After further ado, here you losers go...

1) Bin Laden has a new CD out. You can down load it off iTunes for .99 cents. In his tape he call so for Alkaida to retaliate against Pakistani president Mohamad Whogivesashit for being an ally of the U.S. I think I am going to have to go with Bin Laden on this one. I never really trusted that guy anyhow and as long is is trying to kill people outside the US has to count for something.

2) Wayne Cherbet came out today in the Newark Star Ledger that he has post partem depression after playing 10 seasons with the Jets. Wa wa wa...come on Wayne! You only played good on 3rd down and now we are supposed to feel sorry for you. How many rings did you bring us you baby!

3) I can't beleive the summer is over!

4) It is Fakehead's birthday! No idea how old he is but I feel bad I didn't get him a card because the S.O.B. always gets me a card. Hey Figgy the Mick, if you get him a card put my name on it please. I'll get your back someday somehow.

5) My new favorite writer is Joe Hofmann from the Daily Record. He covers High School football. And now I am totally involved Hofmann become my top resource for Morris County Football.

6) I am running out of things to talk about.

7) 2-0 Mendham faces 2-0 West Essex tonight. West Essex is favored by two touchdowns in both papers. But I think it will be tough, but Mendham does have the goods to get it done. I say they win by a point.

8) Mookie McFly has an awesome story about Fred Stubeaus and his brother Joe. I literally almost cried...but then I laughed and started calling Mookie blasfamist for ripping a picture of the Pope on SNL in the 90's. Some people say it was some bald woman singer, but I know it was Mookie. Sorry, I am struggling to come up with ideas.

9) A polish iron worker, working on a 18 story building is about to eat his lunch. But before he opens the bag he says to his co-worker. "If there is peanut butter and jelly one more time in my lunch box, I am going to jump off this building". Sure enough, it was PBJ and he jumped. At the funeral every one was whipering around his wife about how could she had made PBJ so many times that it just made him crazy. But she turned to the scoffers and politely said, "He made his own lunch."

10) Sorry, only 9 today. Smell ya later!


jet titties said...

what the fuck was that...definately not the titties making fun of Cherbet

George Muha said...

I know...I love Wayne. And I feel really bad about him. I wrote this blog keeping in mind that only two of my friends read it. I forgot that you lurk around here from time to time.

Also, my apologies to the Polish community.

fakester said...

You're a weirdo dude. Any writer for the daily record blows because that paper blows. But then again, you are writing for the Mendham Bee, so I don't what that says about you.

Kidding (about you)!

Goooooo Jets!!!!!! Chad will bring this one home on Sunday and the Jetropolitans will be 1-2 by Monday!

Not Unruly said...

Dude, you should write for the HP Hornets. That is your team. I dont think they have a writer. We can meet up at the last game of the season at HP under the lights. Then we can kiss.

Dan said...

Man Chrebet lived the dream! He proved that motivation can overcome genetics. He's the man!

But why is he now wussing out??!! Too many knocks to the head I guess.