Jets 31 Dolphins Zip itty

opportunity hardly knocks louder than this.... Finish the Fins.
With a win today, the jets could move to 1-2, a necessary first step if they want to finish their first month of the 2007 NFL season at .500.

The Jets running game and defense need to get going, then they could pull a game out. Too bad about Justin Miller, one of the fastest guys in the NFL - gone for the year.

Well, GreeN Geo GillS, it shall all play out in a few...Gooooo Jets!!!!!!! Here is a Jon Vilma's cousin sifting through the battlefield in a few hours:


Unruly said...

Figs, way to guess the Jets final score!!!

You are starting to sound like a Jets fans. I think this blog is wearing on you.

fake yeah said...

Go Jets!
Chad is the fucking man!

T Jones with a great day, and you gotta love Leon! (Plus Cotchery, Coles and Baker (the TD Maker).

Fuck the Fins, bring on the whoevers next....'

Not to mention the Mets won and the fucking cunty Phillies lost! Great day for NY (even Yanks and Giants won, bfd)