You call yourselves Jets fans?????????

A Giants fan is the one keeping the Jets blog moving along. What, Fakehead is too depressed about the Mets?

The Unruly Jet Fan is too busy providing for his family and moonlighting as the Mendham football beat reporter. What's next, he changes his name to the Menacing Mendham Minuteman Maniac?

I'm just going to start writing Giants blogs here, I could go on for hours about that. Since I'm all alone in here, why not? .....So, Eli Manning is panning out nicely now that Phillip Rivers is no longer the golden b.........................


The assasination of Fakehead by the Coward Eli Manning said...

I singlehandely keep the Mets blog afloat. It is me and Mr. Accountable with the occassional comment. Sometimes I think Mr. A is my alter ego and I just don't remember starting blogs or saying weird and creepy shit. I don't know, maybe he is.

Anyway, yes, I am depressed bout the Mets, but I still have faith (See Mets blog for new post and feel free to comment on same). I am finding it very hard to concentrate on the Jets when the Mets are in such peril. But I've got clearance this Sunday to sit down and watch, for the first time this season, the entire game. I am looking forward to it. I am debating whether or not to start Thomas Jones this week over LaMont Jordan, but I think Jones is going to break out this week. Mangina has to give him more carries late in the game, as that is when Jonsey gets going.

I never thought Philip Rivers was that good, who did? They get rid of Drew Brees, but he blows this year, so who knows. Fucking Brees better pick it up, or my FF team is going to go down the shitter.

Go Jets and Go Mets...

Faked Up said...

I can't wait for Jets/Giants, it is going to be fun whether we go or just play football and watch the game at my house. Figs, are you leaving on Sunday or Monday? DOn't even say Sunday.

Beat it

F.I.G.S. said...

Monday. My cousin Greg dropped out of football Sunday morning, he's flying to Michigan.

The gfame will be fun regardless, looking forward to a relaxing Jersey weekend. Going to AC on Saturday with my mom and grandma. Best part is I can walk to your house from my mom's.

Mets are unbelievable. Never seen a team with a look of panic on their faces like this....

George Muha said...

I never thought Rivers was that good...but I would take Ben Roth over either of them any day.

At any rate...what is happening to the Mets?

You need to print a topless hcick on your blog again to get them inspired..

Butch Cassidy and The Fakehead Kid said...

Honestly, I think you're right Geo. I may have to do that. Check it out - mets blog whatever .c om it is

unrules said...

Dude, fakehead you are a real blogger now. I think you blog more than you do anything else (ie work).

unruly said...


Tell me this doesn't look like Fakehead. And he does live right on the madison border...very interesting.

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