All Jets and Mets fans had a terrible weekend. There isn't much to say, except how the fuck did the Mets let the playoffs get away and why can't the Jets get to the opposing team's quarterback.
I'll focus on the Jets and vent my frustrations about the Mets on that blog.
Edwards had enough time to read "War and Peace" while sitting back in the pocket, or at least an US Weekly. The Jets can't sack a quarterback if their lives depended on it. It's ridiculous. They need to put some pressure on, and they were trying to, that's the worst part. Chad played pretty well except for two bad throws. He's still the leader of the team and I don't want to see Clemens unless the Jets are 3-9 and the season is pretty much over. Why is Thomas Jones only getting the ball 12 times? Not only is that fucking my fantasy football team over, but it is taking away a chance to win the ball game. Mix it up Mangina! Jones only gets better as the game goes on!
Regardless, Sundays like the previous one make me want to stop rooting for sports teams all together. I already have enough disappointment in my life. And my fucking fantasy football team lost as well. Thank God for my kid and my dog.
Go Jets, big game next Sunday, we'll have to do a separate post on that!


Giants Figs said...

Yeah, pass rush is a big problem, especially for next week - Giant O line playing great right now.

Admit it, you are nervous as hell about this game. That Giant D might go for 13 sacks this week!

Sorry buddies, I have been a dutiful wanna-be Jets fan for a year now on this blog, unfortunately, THIS WEEK it is all about Big Blue!!!!!!

I hope I don't get so excited watching the game that I start re-enacting sacks in the house, chasing BK around, jumping over his couchesd and shit trying to tackle him in his house. I'll try to hold him down so Geo and Phin can get some good shots in. Oh yeah, and my Giants fan cousin Andrew too.

Woo hoo! Go G-men!!! Woo hooo!!!!

Mets are deplorable and don't even deserve any future mention un til baseball rolls around again next year. Period, end of story.

Some cool guy said... said...

Fuck the Mets. No one there knows the goddamn Heimlich maneuver? I'm rooting for the damn Rockies (great fucking game last night) and even the Yankees in the American League (fuck Boston).

On to football and basketball, I should have a good team out here this year. A full year for Iverson and Melo, plus Nene, Camby and a healthy Kenyon (Psycho) Martin.

Gooooooo Giants!!!

Unruly said...

I am rooting for the Rockies too. And thank God for Fantasy Football once again.

Figgythemick said...

Fakehead, we need a new quote of the week. Give us one.
We also need to bulletin board material once a week about whatever team the Jets are playing that week.

Unruler, I will bring my notes to the Board Meeting in Jersey, on the lawn of the Jets corporate offices in Florham Park. Naturally.

Anonymous said...

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