The 12th Man will be Key to This Weeks Victory

The 12th man will be key to this weeks victory against the New England Patriots. We will need fans like Captain Jet, Fireman Ed, the big boobed lady with the posters, Hard Hat Kenny from the upper tier and regular fans like you and me.

The Pats didn't have a great game last week. They finished strong but they showed weakness. Their passing game was a bit suspect. Plus this week they are without their defensive signal caller, Teddy Bruschi. The biggest thing that goes in our favor is the Pats just lost their All-Pro wide receiver, Dione Branch to the Seahawks.

Not only did they lose Branch but Patriot ownership wouldn't pay their former Superbowl MVP the top dollar he most definitely deserved. I would think that sends a message to the rest of the team that "you can get our franchise as many Superbowl Rings as you can, but don't expect us to reward you you. All you are are indentured servants to us."

I am really, they should have paid Branch. I really think the Pats lost out on that one. And I really do think it will effect the team.

And that is another reason why I think our fans attending this week's game can really make a big splash into the psyche of Pats players. I mean they come in, thinking their organization is suspect to begin with. Then they see 80,000 crazy people chanting J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets coming off an awesome week one victory. These fans are going to be amped up! There is a lot of hope in the eyes of the Jets fans. I mean, two weeks ago, we didn't know who the QB would be because I don't know one person who thought Chad would bounce back. But bounce back he did.

Jet fans, we need the Meadowlands rocking Sunday afternoon. We are counting on you. We need it deafening!!!


Fakehead said...

That blog is all over the place. Is it about Branch or the fans? Regardless, how about these apples:
The fucking jerkoff Pats coach is a jerkoff and they are suing the Jets for messing around with the Branch deal. I don't think Branch was that great, but I wish he was on the Jets. Either way, the Pats have made this game personal and for that, they need to get their asses kicked.
Let's hope Gang Green can pull this one out, because the Pats have their number and Chad has played awful against them (0-3 with I think 1 TD and 7 INTs) so it's time show something.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Sorry Dick, I happen to have a job and I had two ideas on my mind and didnt have time for two blogs.

At any rate, Chad is going to have to have another solid performance. I say, they can get away with 212 yards, 2 TD's and 1 pick. But if he wants to do more. The Pats passing game is very suspect. However, they do have a rather studly running game. Malroney is good. And so is Dillon of course.

PS: I have always hated the term "Gang Green" as referenced to the Jets. I dont know why. Any callers have that feeling?

Fakehead said...

I thought GF put that blog up about himself. I was very confused. Either way, it was funny.

Anyway, as for Gang Green, it is a stupid term, but what other nicknames do they have for the Jets? "The Green Turds" the Bombers? The "Fast Planes" What else can you call the Jets? It's not even like Jets is short for something, like the Jetropolitans. I just use "Gang Green" sometimes for literary effect, instead of having to keep saying "The Jets" in my blogs.

Blog this bitch.

Fakehead said...
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Fakehead said...

Hey unruly, I like how you end your blog by speaking to the thousands of Jets fans who come to this site and read this blog religiously. I just wanted to know, what color is the sky in Dreamland?

Unruly Jets Fan said...

The sky is black and there are little like spacemen who are wearing Jets helmets and they are always cooking chicken parmesean. They are nourished by smelling my parmesean farts. It is called the cycle of life.

At any rate, Dick I hear ya on the Gang Green thing. I was just say, I never liked it. I dont have another name. But I do like the Metropolians. I just asked the spacemen and they like it too.

Shea Gadfly said...

We should be able to come up with a clever nickname (come on there's three of us) and google bomb it so it becomes part of popular nomeclature. How about something that plays off the fact that they play in New Jersey...

The JJ's (Jersey Jets)
Green Jerseys
The Jersey Fresh
The Brunswick Bombers

Okay those suck but you get my drift...

Go Jets!

Fakehead said...

I agree with gf, let's get this thing found so it's not just us. You do it unruly, it's your baby.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I think the Jetropolitains might actually be it. The NY Jetroplitians. I can just hear Steve Sommers saying it right now. Whaat do you guys think. I think it should be in all our blogs for now on.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

We can Google Bomb it and make it part of our Euro-culture.

Gaddy, you light the google bomb.

Fakey, you use your .esq skillz and patent that bitch.

I'll start telling all the hoes and bitches that there are three new pimps on the scene...yeah boyee!