The Jets Future Begins with Brad, NOT Chad.

Have you seen Brad Smith, the fourth round pick of the Jets? This former Missouri QB is spilling his talent all over the football field. Right now, on the unnofficial Jets roster he is listed as the number 4 receiver behind McCerins, Coles, Dwight and Crotchery. He should be the number 2 receiver with Crotchery in the 3rd spot and McCerins should be playing water boy but that is another blog.

At any rate, #16 flashes all over the field as a receiver, h-back, quarterback, running back, you name it! He makes Jets fans easily forget another #16. In college Brad Smith passed for 8,000 yards. Which is no small accomplishment. But add another 4,000 rushing yards and you are talking the only player in NCAA history to accomplish this feat.

The best part about this is he is a Jet. Although, Mantitties and Tannonballs have not accomplished anything yet, they seem to have done pretty well in the draft. Especially with this pick, which is a steal at round four.

However, there is also a negative, he is a Jet. His talent will go by the way side. Just like good old Jeff Blake who rode the pine as a 3rd string QB for five years before being let go and turning into a Top 5 quarterback in the league the following year.

However, I was pleasantly suprised by Mangini's tactic of putting Smith in at the end of the Eagles game. And I was even more impressed the way Smith responded. This kid has real talent. I think Clemens is below average at best. We should have drafted Cutler. But since we got Smith, why don't we put him in? I think as soon as Pennington slips, B. Smith is the man for the job.

Real Jets fans will remember Chris Burket back in the early nineties. This guy could have played any position on the field. He was just pure talent. And he was recognized by being the team MVP two years in a row in '91 and '92.

But anyhow, I just am not looking forward to watching such a great talent wasting away here in New York. I wish for his sake, someone like Pittsburgh should trade for him up because they would use his abilities.

OK, I am falling apart here. I hate being a Jets fan!


Fakehead said...

I agree that Brad Smith is a talent, let's hope they use him. Not only that, he is a nice guy as he gave my son an autograph when he know my kid didn't know he was (because my son was 6 months old) and the autograph was really for me.

Dolphin Hater said...

One time Eric Dickerson gave me an autograph. I thanked him and as he walked away I looked down at my autograph pad and to my disbelief was written, "I am a homosexual."

Fakehead said...

That was funny.

Al Tooned Up said...

Fourth Round picks playing against other late round picks shouldn't really impress you too much. I mean the guy hasn't ever even played against NFL caliber talent yet...I'm not saying he isn't good but your high hopes for this kid are a little lofty since the only action he has seen was against practice squad dummies.

If I played chess against a bunch of retards and won ten out of ten times that still wouldn't make me good at chess. Nothing against retards (I love those silly bastards) but I'd have to beat better competition to be considered good.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Toon, your comments were well thought and quite humorous.

However, Brad Smith is not a chess player and these back ups he is playing against are not retards. And who says later round picks are horrible?

If that was the case, how come your boy Chad, a 1st round pick, has a hard time winning against a 6th round pick in Tom Brady.

Maybe what you are really saying is Chad is a retard. And maybe that is why you love that silly little bastard.