Payback Time

Back in 2002, Laveranues Coles became a star and he had a lot of help from Chad Pennington to get him there. Coles caught 89 passes from his young QB for 1,264 yards. It was a coming out party for him and it made the league look up and recognize him as a premier receiver. Since then he has eclipsed both the reception mark and the yardage of those receptions from 2002. He left the Jets for a big pay day in Washington...then he came home. Unfortunately for him and for Chad, due to a balky shoulder, they haven't been on the field together much.

Sunday in Nashville, just a Tennessee stroll from Chad's hometown in Noxville, Coles and Pennington will both appear on the field of battle again. It's not 2002. Hell, I'm sure as shit hoping it ain't 2005 again(notice the southern drawl). In 2006, it will take Coles and the other receivers of Justin McCareins, Tim Dwight and Jerricho Cotchery plus the new tight end Zach Hilton (click on Zach for a little last minute shopping care of Yahoo! Sports...he won't be the third option from the TE position by the end of the season) to shine Chad's star. Laveranues is a good friend of Pennington and I am sure he knows that it is going to be up to him to lay out for some balls, get smacked reaching for footballs thrown in the middle of the field, and stretch a whole bunch of six yard passes into ten or twenty yard gains. I'm sure he knows. He knows it's payback time.

"Tennessee, Tennesee, ain't no place I'd rather be. Baby, won't you carry me...back to Tennessee." - Grateful Dead

PS - (which is the way the alphabet would look without Q & R) - All the people who are making a big deal about the Jets switching to a defense that is predominantly a 3-4 should have to shampoo Kimo von Oelhoffen's crotch (I wanted to say Jerricho's crotchery but it just didn't make sense whilst speaking of the Jets defensive prowess). They have Kimo (who is incidentally wearing a Super Bowl ring earned with the Steelers last year), Vilma, Robertson, Thomas (who I think will breakout this year) and Ellis (43 1/2 career sacks)...all of them athletic enough to rush the passer which leads me to this warning. The Titans should beware as I don't care if it's Kerry Collins (racist) or Vince Young (not a racist as far as I know) in the QB position on Sunday...John Madden used to say to me when I played his video game, "Bam! Quarterback can't hold onto the ball that long!" and that still holds true to this day.

Happy First Football Sunday...Let me know how it goes as I'll be watching the Mets and Dodgers play a little game called baseball...What? Lets Go Mets? Yes?

Oh well, here we go again:


Jerricho Crotchery said...

This is bullshit! Kimo? Kimo!? The guy had 3.5 sacks last year...and he was on an excellent defensive team! I should air dry your crotch with my farts after you shower on game day.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Gaddy, I am right there with your appreciation of Coles. I have been following this guy since his Florida State days, where he got the shaft. LC come to the NFL with a huge chip on his shoulder bc his "friend" and former Heisman winner Peter Warrick had a phenominal senior season, where Coles was forced to sit out for something they were both involved in.

The story is basically, Warrick had a freind who worked at the Gap. They put a few shirts on the checkout counter and their girl pal at the counter bagged the clothes and didnt charge them. And I forget the gory details but it was something like it was Warrick who kept pushing the idea and Coles was not really into it. But Coles took the wrap.

And when he made that big splash in 2002 it was like a big FU to Warrick and Florida State.

Coles had spent that whole Senior year that he was supposed to be play, working out like a feind. He ran like a 4.02 fourty at the combine and Warrick ran like a pitiful 4.5 for a receiver.

Right now there is a bird sitting right outside the window staring at me so I am going to go because I am getting freaked out.

Seeya bitches.

Fakehead said...

You guys are so smart,I wish I was as smart as you two geniuses.