We are Going All the Way this Year!!!

I told you at the top of my blog that something happens to me and all Jets fans as soon as the season starts. We turn from feeling like being a Jets fan is like having the plague to thinking we are going all the way this year. Winning today is the worst thing that could happen to me. Because now I have so many hopes for the season. I mean did you see the defense play today. They had a few costly penalties late in the game but besides that the Jets D looked great. And Pennington looked like the Pennington of 2003 except with more confidence. He looked fabulous. He has that Montana-esk touch back that made me buy his Jersey in 2003. Crotchery looked like the receiver that Herm Edwards gwacked about last year.

Even the call playing was a nice change of pace. I mean, being a Jets fan you just get so used three and out. If they don't score in three downs, then you just except that it is time to punt. I loved that long pass to Coles. That was a great play call. And it looks like Dyson is picking up right where Ty Law left off with his pick off ability.

Now I realize that we just beat the Titans who are the youngest team in the league. But this is a good warm up for the Jets. I am just going to relish this win. I can't remember the last time we were undefeated.

PS: Here is a shout out to all the people effected by the 9/11 attacks. Keep it real.


Shea Gadfly said...

I told you Coles would pay Chad back...grat win, but take it one Sunday at a time.

Curtis O. said...

That you did gadfly, that you did. Chad looked pretty damn good. Forget all those comments I said about "Brad, not Chad". Or at least put that on hold.

And your right it was a great win. Or as you say "grat win".

Fakehead said...

Jets rule, yeah!