Kickers suck (unless you get a good one, and by that I mean Adam Vinateri).

It is highly unlikely the Jets will ever have a good kicker. They are just hard to come by. Nugent, a second round pick out of Ohio State, where he was Mr. Clutch, has not adjusted to the pros very well. His pathetic performance on Sunday painfully reminded us of that. My only question is, why do all kickers generally suck? It seems they have gotten worse over the years. Nobody makes a big field goal these days except for the Colts kicker now (former Pats). Having a great kicker is KEY. Knowing you can get to the 37 yard line when you are down by 1 or 2 with 10 seconds left and have a chance to win with a FG is a great feeling. The Jets do not have that. We have to worry about extra points.

But has Gang Green ever had a good kicker? I don't need to remind anyone at the Steeler playoff game, it still makes me angry. But to be frank, everytime I see a kicker take the field for the Jets I know there is 98% chance I will be angry, whether it is a pussy kickoff, a botched chip shot or a missed extra point. How fucking hard is it????? If that is all you do, fucking do it. Stop being a pussy and make the goddamn kicks!

Regardless, the lack of quality of Jets kickers was further evidenced last night when John Hall, now playing for the Redskins, shit the bed and missed a 40-something yarder last night after Mark Brunell drove the 'Skins within striking distance. Again, the offense does its job, only to watch in dispair as the kicker can't do the one thing he gets paid to do.

I still look forward to the day when I can see a kicker in a Jets uniform take the field and I can count the points before they kick. How long will I have to wait?


Unruly Jets Fan said...

What about Shane Graham, Neil Rackers and Josh Brown.

They are all very good kickers. And they all happen to be signed by other teams though. There is always something. At least the kicker we let the Redskins have isnt doing any better.

That's not like saying hey we let John Hall go and we got crap. Like its not bad as saying hey we could have drafted Emmett Smith but we took Blair Thomas instead.

Fakehead said...

Dude, Blair Thomas was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dick, why dont you reply to anybody elses blog? You should be sent down to the "Foez & Ho'z" section of this blog.

Fakehead said...

I replied to other people's blog, ok? Holy crap. It's bad enough I get my balls busted at home and at work, now I have to hear it on this website? F you anonymous.

Speaking of anonymous (and I know who you are and you know I'm only busting) that is the problem with the internet. Everyone can be anonymous and do all the creepy, vile, jerkoffy shit they do and hide behind their "anonymous" status. The internet is shield for all the pussies and lowlifes in this world.

Anyway, I'm not saying the commentor above is a pus or a lowlife, he probably has a point. I'll respond to some more blogs, after all, it is only us three who looks at this site.

Here is a question - who the hell are Brian Bassett, "Dumb Dolphin and Dumb Giant's" fan blogs? Why are they on this site?

Al Tooned Up said...

They are there to make it seem like we have friends...oh well, you guys know that aint true!

Dick, you are funny but do you see the irony in complaining when the Jets win? Plus you promised to be happy if the Jets won and the Giants lost. I hope this Nugent guy gets it together but more than likely Sean Landetta will be out kicker by the end of the season. Hopefully, Mangina has his number at the old folks home.

PS - I agree about anonymous posting as I went off on a dude the other day on a different site who was bashing the Mets for their hollow gesture (his/her opinion not mine) of wearing the NYPD,FDNY,OES,etc services caps on 9/11. If you don't have the balls to let people know who you are then you really don't have the right to an opinion. You don't have to give people your social security number...or even your real name for that matter...maybe an email or just your website would do...otherwise I will just assume that the person is a petterass and has no balls.

Fakehead said...

Ok, ok, I am happy the Jets won. Their kicking situation worries me, that's all. If we lose to the Pats by 2 points because the Nug misses a FG with 10 seconds left after Chad drives them 40 yards in 38 seconds then I'm going to go nutso.

Anyway, we are in "agreeance" about the anonymous nonesense. And F that guy, who is he to say the gesture is "hollow"? Why would it be hollow? Oh, I forgot, the Mets are just wearing those funny hats because the owners told them to. Please! It means something, even if it is just a reminder to people, it means something. F that guy.

Bruce from Bayside said...

Hey Mike & the Mad Dog: I think it is confusing when the Mets where hats that say FDNY. The last time they wore those hats I thought NY had a new team and they stole all the Mets players.

And I think you two are hollow.

Al'll Toon You Up said...

They wear hats...where's my hat? Who has my hat? Where am I?

I bet there are a lot of things that confuse you Curtis...oops I mean Bruce.

We're not hollow, we're shallow.

Now suck my balls.

PS - Since it's baseball season, you jamokes should really be spending more of your time next door...shouldn't you now?

bayside bruce said...

Toon, I'll watch the Mets, if Chad Pennington is playing for them. It is football season. I'll 'toon' into the Baseball come playoff's. You should too. The Mets will clinch in the next few days. You can take your eye off the ball for a few weeks and dedicate more time to writing blogs.

OK, beat it!

Shea Gadfly said...

I don't think there has been ten comments on any single post here so for the sake of ten comments, I'll say this:

If the Jets will win this weekend against NE Pats...people will give Billy Belly-chick the credit saying he taught Eric Mangina too well & that Bill Parcells taught him too well...Somewhere Al Groh will sit in a corner with a bottle of Boone's and cry.

PS - Look for my next post: Compensation for Tampering on the Deion Branch No Deal - A Jersey Girl & a Fifth Round Fantasy Footbal Pick

Fakehead said...

Honestly, I am way more concerned about the Mets than the Jets at this point. It's still baseball season, until that chilly October night in New York (pick your stadium) and Reyes throws the ball to Delgado, who catches it and starts running in the middle of the field to start the celebration. It can happen this year. It's the Metropolitans' year. Football will still be around in the middle of October. To quote a certain pesky fly, "Let's Go Mets"

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Well, for a bunch of Mets fans you did a good job of getting us up to a plus 10 post blog.

Good job. And dont get me wrong, Lets Go Mets!

My alter ego said...
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Fakehead said...

Do we get a bonus for getting up to a "plus 10 post blog?" If so, I would like my bonus paid in Euro.

Al Toon Doris's Harp any day said...

I'll take blow jobs from Doris if you will...it's her turn anyway right? Am I Friday or Thursday?

Shea Gadfly said...

I removed comment verification because I got sick of having to type things like:




when all I really want to do is call you two a couple of horn swagglers...that's just how I roll.

Shea Gadfly said...

Hey, bitches...Vote in the new poll and I'm not talking about pole you fruit loops.

Fakehead said...

I'm glad you got rid of that stupid fucking verification process. Fuck those fuckers.

bk said...

I really like your pole, and by that I mean dick.

Fakehead said...

Don't blasphemy me by using my so-called nickname you bastard!

Shea Gadfly said...

So you're the one and only Burger King, eh?

Well i guess that's better than being that SGM guy (AKA Sperm Gurgling Man).

Now cut the shit and let's try to keep it to football, sports, or jokes about other people before someone gets their feeling hurt.

I would have said feelings but I think that would be giving us flat out too much credit.

Back to football please.

Shea Gadfly said...

And stop posting anonymously...fruitcake

Anonymous said...

Dudes, you both should form an association called the Anal Bloggers of America.

I took down my post, which by the way was pretty damn funny and creative. Second, I don't have time to go to paint shop and put a fly in a picture and slice and dice shit like I do. But I do it because it is funny and takes my mind off the rest of crap going on in my life.

So I took down that post about Gadfly, which I am still pissed you guys didnt think was funny. But I am not going to stop posting anomonously. Only because when I post anomonously it is funny. It is meant to make you both laugh.

What happened to you two???

Fakehead said...

Dude, I thought your post was funny man! Put it back up. Since when can't you take a joke? Come on, put it back up ....

Unruly Jets Fan said...

sorry man, the damage is done. Pa...I mean Gadfly is Mr. Blog and we have to do what he says. Plus I already deleted it.

I can't take a joke since good old Gaddy got me addicted to blogs. Now nothing is funny anymore...unless it is in a blog.

Smell ya later