The Jetropolitans Need This Victory and Chad has to bring his "A Game"

There is no question in my mind that the Jets season could go one of two ways after this Sunday's game against the Pats. If they win, they will have a new sense of confidence and maybe, just maybe, they will get some swagger back that was missing all last season. If they lose, they may succumb to the critics who said they were going to suck all year. It's early in the season, but this could be a pivotal point for our guys in green.

Chad has played awful against the Pats in his three losses to them. Now, he is facing an even more uphill battle as the Jets' running game is well....pretty damn crappy at this point. If I were the Pats I would blitz the shit out of Chad and force him into mistakes. Chad to handle the blitzes, make good decisions, and of course hit his receivers. Basically, he has to play mistake-free.

Speaking of playing mistake-free, the Jets defense has to do the same. They can't afford to have Brady's passes hit their hands without picking them off. They need to put some damn pressure on Brady, and they need to find a way to stop the Pats' RBs.

Besides the tortured history between these two clubs, the Jets need to win because they haven't beat the Pats since fucking the Ford Administration (ok, it hasn't been that long but it seems like it has been forever). I would love to see the Jets beat them for that reason alone, but beating them would also make them look like a bunch of pussies for crying about the Dieon Branch deal. Finally, while I still am reserving judgment on Mangina, I don't like the fact that Bellicheck treated him so crappily when he found out that he was going to coach the Jets. There is no question that Bellicheck hates the Jets (as evidenced by his 10 minutes as the Jets coach before he quit). So, the Jets need to take this game personally and win the fucking thing, and shut the Pats' fans up and make Bellijerk look bad, having his "student" Mangina schooling him on the field.

Like I said, while it is early, this could be a make or break game for the Jets. I'm hoping they kick some Patriot ass this Sunday! Let's Go Jets!!!!!!!


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Jets line did a decent job last week in stopping the blitz. Except when they fucked up when Chad fumbled. But they just fucked up, its not like they got over powered.

If they blitz, that will open up a running game.

I just hope Chad's arm doesnt get fucked up again if he gets sacked a bunch of times.

Shea Gadfly said...

A young line and a big QB...if they give up a sack or two I think Chad can take it. But I would rather have a young line than the opposite. Anyway, Mangina should be able to use his knowledge of the Pat's "D" a little bit but I doubt Belli-chick didn't wrinkle it all up to confuse him. I'm pretty sure Mangina knows that too & will prepare for it. I'm not too scared of their offense but the defense can be tricky...wait and see I guess.