Chad Rolls to Buffalo!!!

The 1-1 New York Jets continue their season this week to face the 1-1 Buffalo Bills. This will be a big game for the Jetropolotians as they could really use a division win, especially after losing to division rival New England last week.

The Jets will have their handsful with Buffalo's solid run game led by former Miami Hurricane, Willis McGahey. McGahey is in his fourth season and coming off of back to back 1,000 yard rushing seasons. The Jets front four and linebacking crew will have their handsful with him all day.

Buffalo has scored early in their first two games. The Jets have allowed early points in both of their games. Plus the Jets have gone of to slow starts scoring wise in both of their first two games. New York has to correct this because playing catch up will only wear the team down.

The Bills defense is very solid as well, led by Takeo Spikes the former Bangle. Anyway you cut it, this will be no easy task for the New York Jetroplitans. However, this is a division game and a must win. The way Miami is playing and New Englands off the field issues, their is no solid front runner. The division is up for grabs.

So, Mr. Chad Pennington will need to take his reserged confidence and lead the Jetropolitans to a "W". They say a solid running game is what wins games. Well, we dont have one. Kevan Barlow is playing but has back spasms. Blaylock seems to have heart but just seems too small or something. He just doesnt get it done.

So we are going to have to rely on old faithful. And by old faithful I mean, steroids and cocain. No just kidding, by old faithful I mean Chad Pennington and defense. A few weapons are emerging for Chad such as Jerrico Crotchery and Brad Smith. And Coles is as solid as ever (Coles in my opinion is emerging as the best Jets receiver ever, sorry Al).

Our defense is looking great to, I must say. Our corners are playing great. Vilma and the linebackers are looking good too. And the Ellis is looking like the DE we drafted him to be. He is making us say, "Abraham who?" (Who by the way is injured again down in Atlanta...you know he ain't coming back until he 100% healthy, even if that is next year...pussy).

So your honor, to sum up this case (that is for you Fakehead) the New York Jets will have their hands full this weekend against their cross state rivals. I think it will be a tough game, but if the Jets can keep it close and not let the Bills get off to an early start, then they can take this one home.

My prediction, Jets 23 - Bills 20.


Shea Gadfly said...

There is a guy at work who calls me McGahey...I hate clever people.

Anyway, the Jets have never played well in Ralph Kramden stadium. They rarely play well in Buffalo...I'm not sure if this is just recently or has it always been that way? Regardless, I think they need to win this game too but it will probably be a tougher job than last week being that we are on the road this time. Dillon and Maroney pretty much ran the ball whenever and however they wanted last week. McGahey is a terror so the Jets better have a better plan than they did last week. I thought Mangina's specialty was defense? Perhaps they should try to stop the run? *Note sarcasm*

The only upside is that Losman has been pretty shaky and if they can get some pressure than they should be able to stop the passing game and make them run the ball...but like I said they have to have a game plan because the Bills go three deep with McGahee, Thomas & Williams...all three are better backs than what we put on field.

Our only real chance might involve criminal activity...I say we kidnap their geriatric GM, Mr. Marv Leavy...we pick his brain (using Patriot act tactics mind you) and relay the information directly to Curtis Martin...Curtis will bash Mangina over the head with Kevan Barlow's ego. From there he will patrol the sidelines and lead the team to victory. It's our only real chance.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

McGahey, I like that name for you. I wish your name was Mulennington.

At any rate, I think you're right, the biggest downfall is they are playing at Ralph Kramdmen Stadium.

Shea Gadfly said...

Correction on that...apparently it has been renamed simply Wilson Stadium after that guy on Tim the Tool man Taylor's show.

Al Tooned Up said...

I always thought it was Third Reich Stadium?

Fakehead said...

Dudes - The Jets are going to win because while the Bills will get over 180 yards rushing on Sunday, their QB still blows. That means the Jets win, 27-21.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Wilson was also the name of the soccer ball Tom Hanks talked to on that island.

At any rate, there are two sure things this weekend:

a) The Jets will win.
b) Gadfly and Fakehead will have gay sex with Jim McGreevy.

On that note, McGreevey was on Larry King last night. That guy is way out there. He has bigger issues than being gay.

Larry King was actually asking good questions and McGreevey kept talking about how excited he is to be gay. It was actually quite bizzare.

the ghoul said...

"What happens at wakes stays at wakes!"

Fakehead said...


Unruly Jets Fan said...

I was just as close...if we put our scores together we'd guess the correct score.