K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Retard, when I say "retard" I mean Jets fans who call up WFAN)

For some professions its all about "Closing the Deal." For others its about "Chasing the Ambulance!" And still others its about "Buying out low level mobster operations and making one huge Sanitary Company!" For the Jets its about "Winning". Although, I was never too sure about his coaching abilities, former skipper Herm Edwards famously announced, "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME." That folks is all it is about.

We did what we went to accomplish up in Buffalo. We might have wanted to execute every play perfectly. We probably could have played the run much better. We definately could have played more consistantly. Certain players should have stepped up more than they did. But guess what? WE WON!!!

I am completely disgusted with sports radio and the baffoons who call up and talk about how Mangini is a weirdo, or Willis McGahey ran all over us, or we still haven't found our running game. Guess what again? Mangini is peculiar, Willis McGahey will run all over our defense every game we play the Bills until he retires and we won't find our running game this year. And by the way, what do commentators mean when they say, "The Jets still haven't found their running game yet!"?

Regardless, it appears the Jets are not going to find a running game anytime this year. That is not the point. The point is we as Jets fans have to keep it simple. When I say keep it simple I mean, all we have to do is win. Not win pretty. Or win by dominating. Just win. We are 2-1. Thats 2 wins, 1 loss. That's all that counts in the standings.

Next week we face Peyton Manning and the Colts. And guess what even more? Yes, we are going to have to contain Manning and his passing game. And yes, we are going to have our hands full with Dwight Freeney and that whole Colts defensive front. But in the end, we only need to win.

I know it is early, but this is going to be my only post for the week so I am going to make my prediction. The New York Jetropolitans 13-The Baltimore Colts 10. Jets win!


Fakehead said...

I agree that the only thing that matters is wins. However, the Jets need to find their running game, and quick. Chad can't do it by himself. In addition, the Jets need to step it up on defense. Fortunately, the Colts running game isn't that great. That being said, we are playing Peyton Manning.

With regard to you prediction Unruly, I think you are off the mark. I would be surprised if the Jets pull this one out. I hope that they do, but there ain't no way the Colts are only scoring 10. It's too early for me to predict at this point, but I unfortunately think the Colts may win this one, and they may score 30 something points in the process. But who knows, I have always been a pesimest. (Sp?)

Shea Gadfly said...

Pessimist...Be an optimist though, as I think Unwooly might be right about the outcome. The Jets defense is better than the improved Indy "D" and I like the Jets offense to gun with Peyd-a-ton. I think a score of 31-28 favoring the Jets is in order. The Dolts haven't seen our man Leon Washington yet either...I like our chances on our own turf. Hopefully it's cold, rainy and windy this Sunday. Let's give Manning an indication of what a real NY team does when they have homefield advantage. Our secondary won't have balls bouncing all over their chests, hands and faces. We're not gay. We're not Giants.

RW McQuarters said...

I hope you are right sir. As for the Giants, they blow, and so do their fans. Ha ha ha. Outcoached bunch of pussies - that is my description for the Blue Crew, aka the Gay Crew. (Ok, maybe that wasn't the best).

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I am sticking with the Jets. I put that score up there in case someone is betting on this game. When betting on the Jets, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do the opposite of what logic says to do.

Here's how it will breakdown. Manning will throw an early TD.
Then they will score a field goal on the very next possession. The Jets will score a field goal right before the half Then they will get a fourth quarter TD and then they will kick a field goal for good measure at the very end.

If I am right, you both owe me $5000.00.

It seems that in the first three games that the Jets coaching staff has let the opposng offense to show their game plan in the first quarter. Then the Jets adjust the rest of the game. So I am sticking with a 13-10 showdown in the swamp.

PS: Thanks God this isnt a Giants Blog. Sorry RW, but your team has some serious issues.

Shea Gadfly said...

Big Blew (me)!

How big an idiot is Shockey...first of all I can't understand why Giant fans like this guy. He's a pretty boy (pretty much goes with being a Hurricane) who is always popping off. It's not like he's Mark Bavaro...Mark Bavaro had real injuries and went out and played. Maybe Shockey should stop his private work out sessions and make it to training camp on time...then he won't give pussy blocks and limp around missing throws that hit him squarely. All talent in the world gives you all the talent in the world but it doesn't mean you are good...especially since there's dozens of guys in the NFL who have as much if not more talent...and they usually have a better work ethic and listen to their coaches. If I was a Giants fan, I'd be giving him the Arod treatment and asking that he be suspended. it's the same thing every year with this ass hole...

But luckily I am not a Giant fan...their ship is crashing. Eli can't stop throwing two or three huge interceptions a game. I'm not even sure that they will be a playoff team this year and all the experts had them going to the Superbowl? Did I miss something or didn't they get their asses handed to them in the playoffs last year? And if Strahan is so great (the best linebacker ever?) tell me one play he has ever made that won them a game? Was it the one where the Packers let him break the sack record?

Whatever you can about the Jets, Giants fans can say...when we suck we usually suck but when we are good we are usually good. The Giants have had so many teams that woulda, coulda, & shoulda but didn't and I think this is one of those teams.

Fakehead said...

I couldn't agree more with GF's comment, except that I like Shockey. Yes, maybe he is a pussy with the injuries, but I love guys who say what they want to say. Even if it pisses their coaches off. And I say this because none of those players are on the Jets, so it doesn't destroy their morale or make a mockery of their team. Sure, Coles made a few comments about "that guy" Mangini, but nothing too bad. Why? Because the Jets try to keep it together and settle problems in-house.

That is why the Giants are going to shit the bed this year and I am going to win my annual bet with my Giants fan buddy when I thought for sure I was going to lose it. Oh yeah, and Eli, like Peyton, will NEVER, EVER WIN THE SUPER BOWL. Write that down bitches. Never.

Regardless, who do I start on my fantasy team, Leon Washington or the back up for the Seahawks, Maurice Morris? As you can see, my RB situation is almost as bad as the Jets'.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I would go with Morris. Although, the USA Today said the Jets are going to work in Leon more into the offensive game plan after his 47 year Barry Sanders immitation last Sunday. So perhaps you should start Leon. Although, you do have a weak selection there.

I hope Leon Washington's role gets expanded as the season goes on.

Ed in Westchester said...

Hope you don't mind, but I have added your blog to my links page. Nice to find a Jets blog out there.
Good stuff.

Shea Gadfly said...

Thanks Ed...seen you at Metstradamus. We happen to be Mets fans also...