Jim McGreevey is a fraud and a joke, and something something about the Jets...

I don't know if you all have noticed, but the ex-governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey, just came out with a book entitled "The Confession" about how he was the first gay governor in the United States and how it took so much courage for him to come out of the closet and confess that he was a "Gay American." This guy should be beaten within an inch of his life. I'm not saying that because he is gay. I could care less how many guys he bangs, it's none of my concern. I'm saying it because he DID NOT resign because he was gay, he resigned because he was corrupt and allowed corruption to run rampant in New Jersey's government. He saw the writing on the wall and he pussied out and blamed his resignation on being gay. He never, for one second, was the head of this State while being openly gay. He just called it quits and then he has the balls to say he was the first openly-gay Governor in the US? That is horseshit.

Why does it bother me so much? Well, I (and I'm now ashamed to admit this) voted for the asshole because he was the lesser of two evils that year. Now, he is trying to make a buck based on the fact that he was gay and, according to him, leading such a tortured life while in the closet and trying to run the State. Please!!!!! The truth of the matter is, everyone knew the guy was a homosexual (including his wife, so don't feel bad for her, she had other boyfriends and she is a pathetic joke as well) and the State Police used to have to turn away drag queens from the Governor's mansion when they came calling without invitations. This guy used to go to rest areas and have relations with guys!!!! His big thing was going to AC and using the sauna areas of the gyms to have midnight rendezvous with his lovers!!!!!! There was no question that he was gay!!!! But you know what, he was ashamed and tried to hide it! He went so far as to have a kid to prove he was not gay!!!!!!!!! (That is the biggest problem I have with him, but I'll get to that). So now he wants to try and say that he was an openly gay governor????? It is complete and total bullshit. He is a joke, a fraud and a loser. Let's not forget that he has a child up in Canda that he NEVER paid child support for and who hopefully never finds out who his dad really is. The guy is a scumbag loser, and to be honest he gives "Gay Americans" a bad name. The worst part is, I would have not have had any problem whatsoever if he campaigned as a gay candidate. He was too much of a pussy to do so, but now he is on his way to "redemption" and "grace" by "confessing" his past and coming out of the closet. Please. Do us all a favor and go back into the closet, and by closet I mean jump off a fucking bridge. (Even though that doesn't make a lick of sense).
You know who suffers as a result of "The Confession" and it publicity? Number 1: The Great State of New Jersey, further looking like a joke that it has already become, with its corrupt government and so on. Number 2: McGreevey's new kid, he may as well start on Prozac and hire a full-time therapist if he expects to survive to age 12. You know is the big winner here? I don't know, but maybe it is the man himself, Jim McGreevey!!!! He gets all sorts of publicity, lives in a mansion with his lover and tries to make himself look like America's biggest victim. And he is going to sell those books!!!!!!!! I wonder who will play him in the movie? I could only imagine.

Anyway, the Jets are awesome and should win next week against Buffalo. Rumor is the Bills have a bunch of Jim McGreeveys on their squad.

Beat it.


Hulkamaniac said...

Didnt Hulk Hogan actually come up with that phrase first, and Im pretty sure he even recorded a hit single with it as the title.

I am a gay American,Fight for the rights of every man,
I am a gay American, fight for what's gay, fight for your way!
When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside,
ya' gotta take a stand, it don't help to hide,
Well, you hurt my friends, and you hurt my pride,
I gotta be a man; I can't let it slide,
I am a gay American, Fight for the rights of every man,
I am a gay American, fight for what's gay, fight for your way!
I feel strong about right and wrong,
And I like my Israeli hog to be very long,
I got something deep inside of me, and k-y is the thing that keeps us free,
I am a gay American, Fight for the rights of every man,
I am a gay American, fight for what's gay, fight for your gay!

Excellent post, McGreevey is/was a major scumbag, but Im afraid you are wrong..the Jets will lose.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

McGreevey is a loser no doubt. Your post also highlights the other sorry fact that our country has become as currupt as McGreevey in that the American People embrace and salute this jackoff.

Its guys like McGreevey that give our country a bad name. It's hard to bash the president of Iran when we hail McGreevey for basically being currupt, abandoning his wife and child and no even acknoledging Canadian child. Who cares that he is gay. I could have told you that ten years ago when I had sex with him (did I say that out loud?).

At any rate, McGreevey is a Pathetic American, who happens to be gay.

The Jets, have a good chance of being 2-1. The Hulkster is either a true Jet fan who doubts every game, or a Giants fan.

Fakehead said...

My son, who is only almost a year old, got me an awesome Jets helmet snack bowl for my birthday. It is officially the best present I have ever gotten, ever. (That is, unless I get my personalized Mets jersey I asked for as well). I cannot wait to bust it out at a tailgate, chips and salsa are on me!!!!! It's huge!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

He sounds like he bleeds Jet green. Would your son be interested in being a contributing writer to this blog. It just so happens that 1 year is the minimum age requirement to be a blogger on this site.

Fakehead said...

I'll have to talk to his agent first.

Shea Gadfly said...

Hulk is a Giant fan but forgive him because he is also a good Mets fan...

McGroovey wanted to rename the Garden State Parkway, the Hershey Highway!

"Little known "fact": It was Jim McGreevey's idea that both the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike would pass through Woodbridge. Why? He wanted to go both ways! OH!"

The both ways joke is from a post my brother did on one of his blogs regarding McGroovey: NJ DMV Vernacular: Rear end accidents renamed "McGreeveys"

See it here:


Shea Gadfly said...

Hey Faker Head He-Man, I thought your B-day was tomorrow...Is it today?