As Flavor Flav Would Have Dropped It

Daily and nightly I turn in football addiction to the Jets blog
after a toke on a dirty Gatorade and perhaps a sip of grog
and tune my mind to all and any things sports related
and especially that departing pigskin we have so consecrated
that it has displaced Sweet Baby Jesus on holy Sundays,
our last refuge of manly, vicarious thrill and skill before Mondays
hit with all the cold reality of another Colorado blizzard,
we swallow boss back-talk as a chicken does stones in its gizzard

So drudge along, ye grindstone nosers at beginning of the week
and as much you want to, you can't 3 months ahead take a peek
at the masterful madness of Mangini in the draft war room
or what high-excitement free agents you all soon hope to swoon

And as the training camp approaches with the heat of the summer
the hope and promise of the 2007 season doth percolate over

So long NFL, thanks for the multitude of the 2006 season
through the long exile of baseball, you know what we be needin'


unruly said...

This blog is sort of doth percolate over. Me and the Fly will be making some major adjustments to this blog in the next three months.

Is there anything you guys would like to see on this blog. Some of our thoughts are a "forum", more cartoons and of course Jets Products.

Let me know your thoughts. I want to be on all cylinders by the time the draft comes. By the way, I will need a beat reporter to go to training camp this summer. Faker, thanks for volunteering. It makes the most sense since you live in the same town. I think a weekly column would suffice.

Give me some more feedback on what you guys want to see here.

The Overfloater said...

I want a Giants jersey damnit.

Put A Jets helmet up again too.

don't click here said...

You should give Over a Giants Jersey.

I want you to sell all sorts of Jets stuff, Jets Vacumn cleaners, Jets Cars, Jets Dildos, everything.

I'm kidding about the cars, that's ridiculous.

I think we should up the T and A portion of this blog, that will surely get us some advertisers. Maybe we can do a special section, "Tits of the Week" or something. Or maybe instead of training camp reports, I could go to the local strip clubs and report back on those. How much lap dances cost, what place waters down their drinks, what strippers offer "extras" during a lap dance, how the wings are, etc.

Seriously though, I can't start my training camp reports until 2009, right? I can't remember when the facility will be up and running, but I'll be there, trust me.

Go Jets!

unruly said...

Yeah, your right. I think it is 2008 but not sure. I was just hoping you would agree then you would have to drive to Hofstra every week.

Anyhow, I actually just bought a domain name called www.justnyjets.com. I will be building a website with the help of certain Irish Lepracan. Although, he does not know he is building it yet.

OK, smell ya later.