The Inevitable Catches Up

Finally and fittingly, the Indianapolis Colts are Super Bowl Champions. Having the best quarterback in the game (if not of all time) and one of the best coaches in the league, it is good to see the Colts get all the analysts of their backs by sealing up a dominating Super Bowl victory. It seemed strange to think that a team as good as the Colts had never made it to the Super Bowl. We are so accustomed to them as a regular-season juggernaut and when the playoffs come around the wheels just come off. But the Colts were definitely handling the Super Bowl like a regular season game.

I did not panic when Chicago's Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. To me, it was the splash in the face with cold water for the Colts, they seemed to wake up after that and say, 'Okay, this is for real.' Then of course the Colts pobed deep on their first offensive series which wound up as an interception for Chicago. At that point I was yelling at the screen, 'Run the ball and complete short passes and screens so that the safeties will play closer to the line of scrimmage!' and 'Take what they give you!'

It seemed that Tony Dungy and Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore heard me, because the Colts didn't wait till halftime to make adjustments, they did it right then and there and never looked back. Addai and Rhodes were key, and I actually thought that maybe Rhodes would get the MVP. And because Addai and Rhodes were having some success, sure enough the Chicago safeties came up and Peyton found Reggie Wayne on a 55-yard bomb. That touchdown toss to Wayne really demonstrated how big and strong Peyton is. With 300-pound DT Tank Johnson hanging on to his waist, Peyton stood tall and gunned the pass which found Wayne all by his lonesome beyond the Chicago safeties.

The first half was very sloppy by both teams, but that went to show that the conditions were not favoring the outside-playing Bears, the dome-home Colts were ready to play in anything. It became apparent in the second quarter that Chicago QB Rex Grossman was going to have one of those days. Two fumbled snaps, two interceptions, two sacks, little time to generate an offensive rythym. The Colts played it perfect, staying inbounds and featuring the running backs. You could tell by halftime that the vaunted Bears D was tired.

Chicago had the best defense in the NFL this season, but this seemed to me a bit of the syndrome Mike Tyson suffered from when he was a young, dangerous heavyweight. He couldn't get anyone to go more than two rounds with him before he knocked them out, conversely he wasn't in shape for a long fight. Same thing happened to the Bears. The Bears surrendered a league-low 250 yards per game. Probably also I would say it was rare for opposing offenses to run more than 50 plays at them in a game. The Colts had almost that total by halftime, finishing the game with 81 offensive plays to Chicago's 48. Staying inbounds kept the clock running and put the pressure squarely on Grossman to get the Bears back in it by throwing.

This is the exact situation the Colts D is built for. They want you to pass, the secondary does not get beat deep and the speedy front four just pin their ears back and go for the QB. Grossman and the Bears coaching staff did not seem experienced enough to go away from their gameplan, the Bears needed to stay committed to the run game, Thomas Jones was having some success early on. Then of course they brought in Cedric Benson but he went out after one play to get his vaginal juices drained and did not return. Moose Muhammad made some nice catches, but the rest of the receivers disappeared. I was thinking that the Bears would do a decent draw play or a shovel pass to take advantage of the penetrating pursuit by the Colts' Freeney and Mathis off the ends. But alas, no.

From halftime on, I knew the Colts had it in the bag if they just didn't give the ball back to Chicago. Sure enough, the Colts tightened up their attack while the Bears fell apart. You could just see in the body language of the Bears that their bread-and-butter, the defense, was spent.
My suspicions these last few weeks were that the top 4 seeds in the AFC (San Diego, Baltimore, Colts and Pats) would beat the Bears 8 out of 10 times. From watching the Super Bowl, I would contend that as an accurate statement. And, as it usually is, the AFC Championship game was way better, we should just anoint the winner of that game every year as Super Bowl Champion.

Now we head into the long off-season, desperately scouring the Sports pages looking for any blurb related to the NFL in any way. Free agency and the draft will restoke our football fires, driving us to a football-mad frenzy by August and training camps. Word is that Peyton's brother Eli was with him in the Championship locker room. Soak it all up young fella, here's hoping it instills in you a fervent desire to experience the same thing with the New York Giants.


The Overfloater said...

Shut up about Eli and the Giants. Chad Pennigton was clipping his toenails in West Virginia while his Big Apple QB counterpart was experiencing first-hand the thrill of winning the Super Bowl. Here's hoping it inspires him to reach the same plateau. Took his brother almost 10 years to get there, eli's only been in the league for four.

Fakehead said...

Why so defensive Over, are you angry that I was going to say that Eli celebrating with his brother in the locker room is the closest he will EVER get to a Super Bowl? And that Eli is gay for doing so? And that Eli will be the 2nd string on some lame team 3 years from now, if he's not bagging groceries? Fine, I won't say that.

Anyway, I agree with you assessment Over, the Bears D was tired and I think they shit the bed. Rex isn't all to blame. The Colts pretty much dominated. It was a game until the end of the third quarter. Rex fucking sucked. He is awful and he should be bagging groceries (if he's lucky) next year. I was hoping Lovie would throw in Griese in the third quarter, but I could see why he didn't. I'm glad Hester ran one back, I'm surprised the Colts kicked it to him in the first place. To be honest, I was glad that Vinateri hit some FGs, because I didn't want Bill Bellijerk to feel vindicated for getting rid of him.

Regardless, somebody hit Peyton as he threw that pass, nobody was hanging on to him as he threw it. The guy was wipe open, but I have to give Peyton, it was good looking out on that play.

Finally, you cannot say that Peyton Manning is anywhere near the greatest QB of all time. Did you forget how good Joe Montana was???? Let's not jump ahead of ourselves here. Let Peyton win 2 more SBs, then we can compare him to Tom Brady. (I know that one got you angry Over).

Lastly, I want Thomas Jones on the fucking Jets next year!!!!!!!!! Why not? He is huge and he's got some moves.

Fakehead said...

Oh yeah, I'm surprised it was raining so much. My guess is Miami will get boycotted for a couple of years for hosting the Super Bowl. How dare it rain during the game? Fucking NFL probably thinks it has one over on God, but last night God said "Fuck you" to the NFL.

I was pleased to see all the rich motherfuckers get soaking wet in the pouring rain. Most of them probably left, those pussies. A normal person can't afford to go to the Super Bowl, but for many of the fans at the game it was the only game of live football they've ever seen. So I hope those fuckers get sick, maybe it will deter them from ever trying to go to a football game again. I'm just jealous by the way. But the only Super Bowl I ever want to go to is one with the Jets in it. Same for the World Series, I would only go to see the Mets. Unless, for some insane reason, God punishes me with a son who is a Yankees fan. (Of course, the Mets brainwashing has already begun).

The Overfloater said...

All that crap you said about Eli, given your track record and karma, only assures that one day he will hoist the same trophy. Go ahead, keep it up, we got at least 10 more years of Eli Manning and I will be smiling ear-to-ear when you have to eat a gigantic shit sandwich.
Thomas Jones is going top the Giants, Big Brother always trumps Little Brother. Or, the Giants are Jon DiLauri and the Jets are Matt DiLauri.

About the joke, Faker, IT'S A JOKE! It was funny! The dog liked it!

I got one you will like:

Back when Yankee pitcher hit that building while in his plane, you now how they knew immediately it wasn't A-Rod in the plane?

He hit something.

the artist formally known as unruly said...

I like Thomas Jones too. His brother, Julius from Dallas is good.

Fakehead, I heard you loved the half time show. I heard you made your kid and wife sit in silence so you could watch Prince do his thing.

As for Thomas Jones, is he a FA?

Overfloater, dude, you can jump on the Colts Banwagon all you want. I am just happy you are posting on this blog.

Oversmoker said...

Uh, I've been driving this here bandwagon since 1998. Mite bit lonely, I should have lots of company in a short time.

Please include "I love Oversmoker" shirts in the sweat shop Jets Blog catalog.

Unruly reminds people said...

Well, Mr. Overfarter, since you have been tracking the career of your gay lover for so long I can gather you must know the history. And when I say history you must know that I am talking about Peyton was this close to being a beloved Jet. Yes, if you all remember back in 1997 the Jets had their eye on a Peyton Manning who was forcing the sports world to hold its breath while he decided weather or not to come out of college.

As you all remember, he ended up staying. However, if he did not, Parcells was sitting their with his mouth wide open all set to blow young Petyon. However, Peyton decided to stay in college another year and the rest is history. I dont blame the guy, but think about what would have happened if he did come out then. Parcells would have stayed longer and half the country would be Jet fans.

The Overfloater said...

if that had come to fruition, you and the whole Jets Nation would have lined outside Giants Stadium with your mouths open. First in line would be that Jets Firefighter guy, he would have sounded like this, "J - E - T - S, Jets, Jets, mmmppph-gurgle-slurp-mmmphh!"

And you would all be telling me, led by the Fakest of Heads, how great Peyton is and how he will roller skate into the Hall-of-Fame with ALL the records and at least one championship. Greatest quarterback of all time, period.

Thankfully Parcells coached the Jets because that made me like them. That did not work, however, with the Cowboys. Hey, what does the NFL and Brokeback Mountain have in common? -Gay Cowboys

Anonymous said...

Who are Jon and Matt DiLauri???