I love my Ipod.

Seriously, I know this has nothing to do with sports, but I love my freaking Ipod. I know Mook is going to tell me that MP3 players are better or that all the Japanese kids own them so they are cooler or some other nonesense, but Apple really came through on this invention.
I just have a regular one (mini-Ipod, they don't even make them anymore) but it really helps me exercise. I don't need a fucking TV screen or to watch movies on the thing, that makes no sense to me. That is about all I have to say on this subject.
Regardless, I think this is Mook's imaginary girlfriend, Marissa Miller, listening to her fancy Ipod, which is apparently the size of her vag.
Sorry Unruly, just trying to keep people interested in our blog in the off-season with a little T and A.
Go Jets!


Mookie McFly said...

Ipods are evil.

Marissa Miller's vagina must therefore also be evil. I forgive her.

Imaginary or not, I am glad you are referring to her as my girlfriend. Don't tell my wife!

The Overfloater said...

I have an Ipod Shuffle. Small as hell but no screen. 240 songs and I'm in workout heaven, I second your point about it helping you exercise Faker.

Who the hell is George?
You must mean Ed from Westchester (who has a bad-ass pic on here from the resurfaced Mookster).

That chick is really hot, though truly the beach is one of the worst places to be with her like that. Did you read my bit about your 'brand of vigilante journalism' from a previous blog? Despite what will probably be a hefty fine from the Unruly Commissioner, you went ahead and pushed that envelope again.

Whats the Mets news from back there? I don't here sh#t besides Sportscenter. Pitching may be an issue as far as I can see. We really shoulda beat the Cards last year, the Tigers were cold as hell in the Series, I just remember that last inning when we got Beltran up and he struck out. Ooof, that sucked.

Uncle Charlies Nephew said...

we were there

we know

it hurt

unruly jets fan said...

Me likes that girl