Why These Authors Need To Go 'Around The Horn'

The ESPN show 'Around the Horn' is a daytime sports columnist roundtable, with reporters tuning in via satellite from around the country. It is a pretty good show actually, upbeat and funny. Each columnist naturally has their own personality and quirks. They score points based on journalistic tidbits, awarded by an emcee. Consider the parallels to the J-E-T-S Blog Blog Blog!

We have the commissioner, the 'emcee' of sorts, in a Jets fan so unruly that he had to create a blog to rally the green masses. A level-headed fellow with Puritan values, only cussing while peer pressured by his vulgar co-host. The Unruly Jets Fan is a cautious predicator, carefully considering his various political stances he must take before posting a blog. He is a provocative journalist, unafraid as a white man to tackle issues as racism.

Mookie McFly is the intellectual compass needle. Well versed by a New Jersey Catholic basic and higher education, McFly is certainly well-read, reminding the audience of the Beat writer movement.

The Overfloating Figgythemick is the weird one, reporting via satellite from Denver, Colorado. he is important for those conversation generating weird points, but good football sense.

Fakehead is the ratings booster. People will tune in to see what he says next. If we don't have to bleep him it would be great. But it would be funny with all those bleeps too. I'm the bald one, but Fakehead captures what I call the "George Costanza' factor. Though Seinfeld was great, George held that show together, Jerry always got to play off of him. George's morality made for some of the best plot lines, like the time when he had space for sleeping under his desk at work built by Jerry's carpenter. He pulls the chair in after him and to anyone looking in it appears George isn't there. Steinbrenner comes in, yada, yada, yada, you all know how it ends, but I digress...Fakehead also captures the public's rage and outrage, that is why he was destined to be a lawyer, and a blogger.

I'll pitch the idea to ESPN for 15 million dollars and we'll split it 4 ways. But you will all have to come out here to get it. And if you've ever seen The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, that is mostly what it would be like trying to get it. You guys need to go Western for a little while.


Mookie McFly said...

Did you notice the music player I added to the blog Figgy? I have to upload some music but I'm getting there. I like music. It helps with the digestion.

Oh and one more thing...that whole thing about there being two types of people in the world. Bullshit, I ain't even wearing any spurs!

The Overfloater said...

I like the music player. Pretty good.
put some Boss up there. Or soundgarden.

Give me a Giants jersey, I'm the token Giants fan mixed in with Jets fans. Though it appears we are all Mets fans so that will make for fine blogging in the Spring. UJF, You know how to get in touch with our old friend M.A.? I might want to say hi to him on my Jersey trip after Europe. Right now golf is looking like Wednesday April 11th. Make it happen, buddy.

Anonymous said...

I'm in for golf. Get Mooks out there as well.

I love the fact that you compare me to a fat, balding bastard Unruly. You just make my fucking day.

I wish I could be Elane, then I would fuck myself.

The Overfloater said...

That was Overfloaters comment. And if you read it carefully you get all the credit.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry Over, I thought to myself, "Damn, Unruly must have read "Hooked on Phonics" because the grammer was pretty good in that posting. (Joshing ya UR!)

I was only kidding about comparing me to Constanza, in a few years I am going to look like him anyway (minus the glasses thanks to surgery). And I know it was meant to be a good thing, so I'm totally kidding.

unruly said...

I like the fact that fakehead is guy guy who everyone is waiting to hear what he says. ONe time Caymus (the pats fan) sent me a private email and said that fakehead was "nuts".

fuck you guys about my grammer.

Mookie McFly said...

I will work on the Bruce but it is sort of complicated. You have to convert each song into a web url and then upload it to this hosting site. Most of my songs are in WMA (windows media information) and they have to be in MP3 format so I am working on converting them. Plus they only allow you to upload 250 KB for free. You can pay $14.95 for the year and have almost unlimited storage space but I'm not willing to spend that kind of money until UJF ponies up on the pics he's supposed to give me for the new Mets site we're going to start...LETS GO METS!!!

money bags unruly said...

I will pony up the pics. Trust me my freind, there will be a time when money wont be an object for all of us. And it will be cause of htis blog.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO! A Mets blog? I'm so down with that! Count me in.