Looks Like Gore is Full of Shit

See link in title for more on how much Al Gore cares about the environment...I am so sick of the hypocrites from the left. Say what you want about the conservatives. They are usually what they seem. These slimy bastards have you thinking they care but I know they most certainly do not...

Tell me does this picture make you think Hillary is from New York? If so, you are probably a spoon fed liberal who believes in Global Warming and that the War on Terror is a lie.

If not you realize that people like this hate America. They call FBI agents pigs with their ugly daughter in tow. They are the party of carpet bagging liars. How many states do the Kennedy's hail from in the north east that they have a senator in three of them??? All they represent is bad for America or did you think Hollywood has our best interests in mind? I hate the Yankees but I really loathe the Democrat party (yeah, I said "Democrat" party). If you want to live in a socialist country where we foot the bill for every lazy piece of crap who wants to do nothing, then vote Democrat. If not, vote for America & Vote Republican...and look at the real Hillary and laugh.


Mookie McFly said...


Listening to the Killers and wondering when UJF will get us the pictures for the new Mets Blog?

Is the game tomorrow even broadcast on WFAN or is it just on TV?

Anonymous said...

I doubt it's on the FAN, that's Mike and the Mad Dog's time slot. Are they going to give it up for a spring training game? Doubtful.

Dude, you are a crazy Republican.

Just so you know, all politicians are full of shit. They all lie, and they are all looking out for themselves and their next election. By that rationale, they are all a bunch of lying, hypocritical cunts and we shouldn't believe any of their "promises." I just hope they keep my kid from being drafted or my kid's kids from dying in the Tri-State Desert and/or Ocean and/or Glacier whatever the fuck is going to happen with this enviornment.

Anyway, about those Oscars ... We need more T and A in this blog, it's getting too serious. ha ha

Mookie McFly said...

Beyonce looks good...but she looked better in that Austin Powers movie. I think she's gotten work done. Perhaps J-Z paid to get her nizzle fersnizlled?

Mookie McFly said...

Oh, in UJF's baseball scenario, I found out that there is a last way for that run to not score with 2-3's, 2-2's & 2-1's

If all that is left is the single and the last guy hits a clean base hit but one of the runners makes a mistake and runs out of the base path you could complete the scenario.

Mookie McFly said...

And I'm not a crazy republican...I just play one on this Blog.

I actually tend to agree that all pols are bad but Dems are worse. It's that simple to me. All they really care about is getting seats whether it be in the Senate, the House or the White House. Plus they have a very skewed sense of history that really annoys me. They try to teach people that things happened backwards. For instance, if I say Viet Nam, you think Tricky Dick. But Viet Nam was actually JFK's war which was escalated under his successor LBJ. Yet, JFK is constantly glorified by the left and he really accomplished very little. If terrorism isn't a threat than what was Communism? A joke?

Seriosuly, my main goal with all this is just to make you guys see how warped the media is against Bush (for the left's purposes), how ignorant yet ever more powerful the left is becoming and why we should never let them have the White House. They are truly scary...their platform is hate. They hate Bush. It is all they will ever talk about...listen to them.

The Overfloater said...

Okay, I am an independent, voted for a Democrat once and it was one I was not at all excited about.

I think we should have secret military prisons in other countries. I say torture the terrorist fuck, plunge an ice pick into a pork chop before ramming it in their eye, smear a woman's menstration all over their faces, don't let them sit down for a month. Yet I want to hug every tree I see. I think it is none of my business if a woman wants an abortion, the world is way overpopulated already and I am for the death penalty, prisons are too fucking crowded. If they riot and stab and kill each other, it's just gangs doing work for police anyway.
I believe in evolution and think that war is man's natural state to cull the herds and ease the strain on the local resources.

Global warming and the ozone problem are REAL however. Just think back in our lifetimes alone, how the weather has changed, how the ocean's temperature has changed , how the ice caps are melting, how now sunblock is necessary. I've seen the thermal sattelite images over the course of years, I've seen the tests they have done, the research that discovered that chlorine molecules emitted from air conditioners, refrigerators and whatnot were not disintegrating on the atmosphere and the shift in technology to stop emitting that molecule that has helped the problem. Endangered species on their way to extinction due to deforestation (another reason we are not absorbing all the carbon emissions from factories and cars) and habitat loss. To borrow a kids analogy from the Lion King, but there is a 'web of life' and when we pull on one thread (or snip it as the case maybe) it is felt throughout the whole web.

All of that is elementary enough. Now I would like to discuss that VietNam example. JFK was elected President by the narrowest margin in history (up to that point) and he had many people in the establishment that were warriors from WWII and only listened to and respected Eisenhower. Rich Catholic kid Kennedy was intimidated by his Joint Chiefs of Staff, who really resented him for appointing a civilian in Robert MacNamara as the Sec of Defense. Curtis LeMay (Air Force)and Max Taylor (Army) were WWII generals and to them the war with the Russians started as soon as the Japs were nuked twice. And lets not forget the very busy CIA and the REAL most powerful person in America at the time, more powerful than all the politicians, business czars, war heroes etc.

J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI.

Kennedy was suckered into the Bay of Pigs by the CIA, and afterwards he threatened to smash the agency into a thousand pieces, well, that sure built bridges... But Kennedy realized after the Bay of Pigs that he couldn't trust the military or the CIA to give him information that was not tainted with their interests. They did not like reporting to a rich civilian playboy-type, even though Kennedy was a WWII vet who was shot down, rescued comrades and was the walking wounded ever since. Check this out:

Nat'l Security Memorandum No. 55, June 28, 1961.

"I expect the Joint Chiefs of Staff to present the military viewpoint in governmental councils in such a way as to assure that the military factors are clearly understood before decisions are reached... While I look to the Chiefs to present the military factor without reserve or hesitation, I regard them to be more than military men and expect their help in fitting military requirements into the over-all context of any situation, recognizing that the most difficult problem in Government is to combine all assets in a unified, effective pattern."

-John F. Kennedy

That basically told the Chiefs that they had to play ball with the Kennedys, with civilians, whom they saw as over their heads after dealing with the start of the Cold War right after 1945 and the race for control of most of the post-war world.

Then the Cuban Missle Crisis happened, which was probably Kennedy's finest hour. Without JFK sticking to his 'pacifist and weak' guns, the USA and Russia might have lobbed nukes at each other and none of us would have been born because NYC was target number 1B, after DC. The Chiefs completely fucking hated the way JFK handled that and completely fucking hated him henceforth. I belive that the Missle Crisis set the wheels in motion for his assassination.

Nat'l Security Memo No. 263, October 11, 1963.
In sum, went agaist Chiefs recommendation in an escalation of support and men to help South Vietnam. MacNamara and Kennedy were arriving to the conclusion that VietNam was a Civil War situation, ultimately unwinnable at too high a price for the American outcome. Kennedy directs the 1,000+ USA military advisors in Vietnam be withdrawn, but without a public announcement so that the US may save face. Boom, he was pretty much toast then.

LBJ played ball with big business and military contractors like Bell Helicopter (the lasting image of Vietnam is all the helicopters, no?). Once he saw JFK get his cap peeled, he played ball allright, lets not forget he was from Texas, where Kennedy was killed.

So LBJ fucked that all up, and the country was tearing itself apart with social unrest, anti-war, civil rights, demonstrations, riots. There were plenty of experts who could see that the more communism expanded the less likely it were to get things accomplished, too rigid of a social and economic life.

Nixon did a lot of good things, Endangered species act, EPA, consumer rights, opened up China to the US. But all he's remembered for is Watergate. Please, like other Presidents didn't misuse the FBI and CIA. It's like the whole crucifixion of Clinton for the blowjob. Please, Newt got busted right after for fucking his secretary. And to stop the whole countries business to impeach the Guy?! What a colossal and stupid waste of time and money. How do the Republicans escape blame for that whole fucking bullshit fiasco?

I guess my point is that each and every single politician pays a price to get where they are. They all have special interests, they all lie, cheat and steal. Its too bad politics are so devisive in this country, but we're all so geared towards competition and not cooperation.

Lastly, fuck welfare and all the baby-making factories. say what you want about Hispanics, they work hard. Now don't get me started on our other major minority group. Black immigrants work their asses off too, they don't share the same problems and violence and lethargy as their American bretheren.

Kennedy was rightly intimidated and was suckered into the Bay of Pigs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, history 101. I learned more from that comment then I did in 2.5 years at King's COllege (not saying much, that college is a joke).
Regardless, it's all very interesting. I swear when I become Mayor of my town, I will not lie, cheat and/or steal. I will, however, appoint my buddies Unruly and Mook as director of recreation and director of "partying" (respectively). And I may steal, a little. (ha ha, kidding).
The first thing before I run will be to delete this blog, with all my comments, postings, etc. Because as we all know, anything you say on the internet can be used against you in the court of public opinion.

Regardless, I agree with Mooks that the media is ridic and hates Bush and it has already made me sick, now I'm just used to it and I doubt everything I hear on the news. However, I think, for his own place in history's sake, Bush should leave the war against Iran for the next administration.

Anyway, I have to get to work, Fuck politics, I should have never mentioned it in my Oscar blog. A lesson learned.

Go Mets!

Unruly said...

Fakehead, if you run for Mayor I will be your running mate. Our slogan will be "Fuck the Opposition!"

Mookie, your pic is on its way. Sorry it is slow going but it will be worth the wait. I have it half completed. I just need to put the jersey on him. You will defately like it.

It is just like Mookie Wilson after he swung the bat with him all stretched out. Except it has the Stick Figure Trademark.

OK suckers, I will smell ya later.

Anonymous said...

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