Just a few (dozen) notes

Boy, football is already making news. Soon, the draft and free agency will whet all our appetites for the 2007 season. The exact dates of next years games haven't been set yet but my source inside the NFL released to me the opponents of all the teams in the 2007 season. The fiesty Jets finished 10-6 and along came the harder schedule. Next year the AFC East plays the AFC Central and NFC East. Yikes, good luck repeating that record. Though, in a quirky circumstance, the Giants will host the Jets, yet its a home game for both teams. THAT is a game we should somehow go to, I need to come back to Jersey for that, whenever it is. But I digress,...

The Jets play the following teams at HOME:
Buffalo, Miami, New England,
Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Philly and Washington

And these are the AWAY opponents:
Buffalo, Miami, New England,
Baltimore, Cincinatti, Tennessee,
Dallas, New York Giants

The home games look pretty good, if you can win all but one home game and go 4-4 on the road you'll be in the playoffs again. But man, that's a tough road schedule. Baltimore, Cincy, Dallas and New England are going to be rough. Maybe Buffalo too, if they play there late in the season with that weather. The Giants game will be rowdy, but there will be just as many Giants fans so its not a real away game.

The Boys in Blue have a decidedly EASIER schedule after floundering to an 8-8 finish after a 6-2 start. Despite showing life in their tight playoff loss to the Eagles, the G-men have a good chance to go 10-6, provided they make the right moves with free agency and the draft. My wish list is down to OT Leonard Davis and maybe a running back, then draft all depth this year, and CB.

Giants HOME games:
Dallas, Philly, Washington,
Green Bay, Minnesota, San Fran, New England, New York Jets

Giants AWAY games:
Dallas, Philly, Washington,
Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Buffalo, Miami (in England Oct. 28th)

I would take the NFC West over the AFC Central any day. I would hope for a strong 12-4 from that schedule but I'm going to play it realistic and say 10-6. It all depends on offensive line and running back additions. I think Tiki's absence is going to be felt big-time. I would like the Giants to go to a Tom Brady/New England attack and spread the field with Plax, Toomer, Shockey, Carter and Sinorice Moss. Three and four receiver sets and then run between the tackles (especially if we get Leonard Davis or Max Starks). Short passes and steady runs of Jacobs and a yet unknown back.

Before you GangGreeners get too steamed I will discuss non-Giants related things now.

There is a good deal of new coaches appearing in the 2007 season as well, which generally bodes well for the teams with stability at the coaching positions. My predictions:

The Dallas Cowboys hired Wade Phillips as their new head coach. Wade is a defensive-minded coach, the son of legendary NFL coach Bum Phillips and expert at the 3-4 defense which Dallas employs. I think this was a solid hire for the Cowboys, I don't see their defense dropping off much. I think the offense will be a different story though. I think Terry Glenn is disgruntled. Romo is decent and Jason Witten will challenge Shockey and Algae Crumpler big-time for the Pro Bowl next year as NFC tight end. Romo loves throwing to Witten and he has great hands.
TO will destroy this team though, I don't think Phillips has the size of personality and iron grip of control the way Parcells did. Terry Glenn's body language looked bad, if he wants out he will be gobbled up, the best 'possession' receiver in the NFL in my opinion.
Cowboys take a step back, 9-7.

The Atlanta Falcons went out on a real limb and hired a college coach, sneaking Bobby Petrino out of Louisville. Something smells like the Falcons could put together a good season with their soft strength of schedule next season, despite knowing whether or not Petrino can command the respect and get the execution from a very talented team. Mike Vick is always capable of getting 8 wins by himself a season, can the rest of the team (especially the receivers) win another six when Vick can't do it alone?
I think the Falcons go something like 6-10 with an early-season swoon as they get adjusted.

What is wrong with Arizona? I think firing Denny Green was a mistake, though they got a good football guy in Ken Whisenhunt from Pittsburgh. The Cardinals were one or two good offensive linemen from being consistently competitive. If they can get a run game the Cards are dangerous in their division. And you know that a Cowher guy like Whisenhunt knows how to run the ball. I think, finally, Arizona gets that 9-7, 10-6 season this year. Seattle and St. Louis are looking older, though the 49'ers are an up-and-coming force as well. First round patsies if they make the playoffs though.

In Miami, Cam Cameron is a good choice. He is in a tough division though with Belichick, Belichick desciple Mangini, and Dick Jauron in Buffalo. Plus, the Dolphins have a hell of a lot of questions at quarterback, offensive line and with that aging but still stout defense. I see a scrappy 7-9.

Oh my God, Oakland. Lane Kiffin? He looked like was gonna barf at his press conference. Could they surprise people? They have a top-tier defense actually and a great Defensive Coordinator in Rob Ryan. But if they can't run the ball...and at times last year that offensive line looked horrendous, and quarterback? If the Raiders were smart they would trade their draft pick for more picks and pick up someone savvy via free agency, Jeff Garcia, Jake Plummer, etc. If not, and they pick that kid from LSU at quarterback it could be a 3 or 4 win season for Oakland again.

I thought Pittsburgh was kind of foolish by not hiring from within with guys like Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm waiting in the wings. I think they got a good guy who will work hard in Mike Tomlin from Minnesota. But he will be new to the head coaching position and their will be speed bumps along the way. He is inheriting a good, solid team though so if he coaches to his players system and strengths and doesn't try to re-invent the wheel the Steelers could vie for Division contention again in 2007. Man, the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals, that is a tough division to win. Steelers go 10-6, relying on a good defense and offensive leaders Hines Ward, Ben Roethlisberger and Willie Parker.

San Diego. What a team to walk in on. It actually has shades of the Dallas teams he coached on with Jimmy Johnson when the Cowboys were the Dynasty of the 90's. LT is without peer, Turner will develop the gamer Phillip Rivers and the corps of solid wideouts. Great O and D lines. If Turner can show some leadership the Chargers shouldn't take much of a step back, but somewhat because their schedule will be tough, 11-5.


Unruly Hermit Crab said...

the G-men have a cush schedule. It drives me crazy with the coach turn over. I do not know how teams expect coaches to do their thing in one year.

And I think these successful college coaches are crazy to leave their college jobs. I know they go for the money but the money will come if they stay put. Bobby Petrino was doing very well in Louisville and his starting QB decided to remain for another season (who would have been one of the top QB's in the NFL draft).

The Jets have a real schedule this year. Mangini will have a real test a head of him.

I think the Raiders will suck this year.

The Overfloater said...

I don't know what college coaches are thjinking either, sometimes. Petrino would hardly have to lift a finger to recruit, L'ville became pretty much a national contender in College football.

All the pressure, the media scrutiny, the mercenary players, why would anyone leave college for the NFL. Oh yeah, millions of dollars. Something needs to be said about quality of life. I mean, if you make a couple hundred grand at a major D-1 school, you are cranking out good recruits and competitive teams, you probably never need to pay for a meal or an oil change or any of that stuff in your college town, etc, etc. The frickin' sea parts for you everywhere you go.

Like Steve Spurrier, he is the single best example of this. A living god at Florida, a ground up doormat with the Washington Redskins. Though as a Giant fan I was loving it. I am a huge Dan Snyder fan, everything he tries next-to-never works.

I'm drooling for the NFL Network's coverage of the Scouting Combine this weekend. It's going to be a long off-season. Every little blip in the paper about the NFL is what I have to look forward to until August. I will watch the Combine and put together my own scouting reports, I would normally just be looking for the Giants and the Broncos, but now I am looking for the J-E-T-S Blog Blog Blog. F the Broncos, Shanahan never does a great job in the draft except for recently. So now I just scout for the NY teams.

unruly said...

I am looking forward to the scouting combine too. I hate this time of year. There is nothing going on in sports so anything having to do with football is exciting.

fakehaed said...

Baseball will be here soon. Speaking of, what the hell happened to Mooks and the "Subway Serial" blog? It's gone and a porn site is in its place. Bizzare. Are they joking around or did I miss something?

Mookie McFly said...

No joke...we are specifically a porn site now.

Actually my bro deleted the blog and I am starting a new one that should be up by the weekend. However before I could even use the address it was gone. It's pretty funny that it says Gay Rusty Staub though!

Are you kidding me UJ & OF? I admit last week was a little slow but the NBA is back and college basketball is at it's peak right now. I'd rather drink poop than watch guys run into plush equipment, run around cones or catch balls in a bubble. Yhe whole NFL combine thing is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Just read about it...but to actually watch it??? Are you guys serious???

Georgetown plays Pitt this weekend...these are the two top teams in the Big East who are currently in a deadlock for first place. If I even hear that you watched the NFL Network in February, I will drive to your houses and smack you with a newspaper that has David Wright on the cover smacking Jimmy Rollins with a newspaper. I'm not kidding, I'll do it, I swear.

Unruly said...

yeah, there is College hoops but if you are not in it from the beginning or if you college does not have a team on TV (a la CCM), you have a hard time rooting for schools.

In other news, can you beleive Antonella blew it last night? Her song was so New Jersey too (Areosmith).

Smell ya bitches

fakehead said...

You're gay for watching AI last night George! I was watching Friday Night Lights when she was singing, but I heard she shit the bed. Oh well.
My wife doesn't want me to watch with her anymore because all I do is berate the singers, the way they look, etc. There is no point to watching if I can't partake in those fun activities.
I fucking hate work this week, by the wya.

The Overfloater said...

Faker, golf April 11th. If you can swing it.

Anonymous said...

I may have a trial starting 4/9, but who knows. I definitely want to play. Did I mention I never played golf (except for once) before?

Unruly Jets Fan said...

that is ok, just tell your client to settle. It doesnt matter that yo0u never played before. I played a lot in the last few years and I still suc,