My humble take on the Oscars ...

Well, another Oscars Award Show has come and gone. And no, unfortunately my fav girl Beynoce didn't get nominated. However, her larger (and I would say less talented) co-star, Jennifer Hudson not only got nominated but won the damn thing. I have not seen the movie "Dreamgirls" and since I am a movie fan (albeit mainly a rental one now) I definitely want to check it out to see what all the fuss is about. My only question is, where does Hudson go from here? Are there that many roles for a chubby african-american women who can sing? She ain't Whoppie, and that isn't saying much, trust me. (The Associate, anyone? or that ridic movie where she coaches the Knicks?)

Regardless, I think Beyonce must be pissed, because she is hot, an aspiring actress, and the girl can sing. At least she has 'Hova to keep her warm at nights. (Am I gay or what? I'm just trying to be hip).

Anyway, I'm glad Martin Scorsese finally won best director, he deserved it for Goodfellas but hey, they gave one to him. I liked "The Departed" but it wasn't his best movie. Everyone in the Departed, save the female lead, was pretty damn good. I like Alec Baldwin as a supporting character. (Check out "30 Rock" just for him, it's actually worth it).

Babel didn't win much, and I don't think it deserved to. I rented it last week and the stories that linked everyone were complete bullshit. I liked most of the performances, (the Japanese girl's character was annoying, was it because she was a deaf mute or was it because she had a very hairy vag? Not sure, either way I'm an asshole), but the standout for me was the Mexican nanny, who seemed to capture the desperation the picture was trying to demonstrate with all of the characters. I like Brad Pitt as an actor and I thought he was good in Babel. Although nothing beats his roles in "True Romance," "Kalifornia" and "Fight Club", but I digress.

Helen Mirren always seems to win, her or that other Brit Dame Judy Dench. They own the Oscars. Kate Winslet seems to keep it real, and I like that about her. Penelope Cruz still hasn't learned the English language, and it's fucking annoying. I have no problem with her being from another country, but she should stick to movies where she speaks her native tongue. It works out for her (oscar nom for "Volver").
I think Leo should have been nominated for "The Departed" and who the hell even saw "Blood Diamond." The only reason why I know about "conflict diamonds" is because of Kanye West, but anyway. I haven't seen the "Last King of Scotland" but I'm sure Forrest kicks ass. I can't wait for "The Shield" to start again. I bet they are shooting their loads now that their guest star has a fucking Oscar under his belt. I guess the Academy missed Chiklis' turn as the stone guy in the "Fantastic Four." Ohhhh, are people mad at me because I don't know the stone guy's real name? Well, it doesn't bother me, because I'm doing an Oscar blog and I didn't see half of the fucking movies that were nominated.

Speaking of movies I didn't see, "An Inconvenient Truth" won, and Al Gore looked pretty pleased with himself. He seems to take great pleasure that the world is being destroyed and he can say "I told you so" to all those people who weren't listening to him. Good for you, Al. There is talk of him being nominated for a Nobel Prize. My question is, would people love him as much if he were president? I doubt it. It's a tough gig, somebody is always going to hate you. Unfortunately, the current prez is going to take us into WW III when he starts fucking with Iran, but that's a topic for another blog, again, I digress.

I was surprised that Eddie Murphy didn't win the Oscar for best supporting actor, he seemed to be a shoe-in. I thought Alan Arkin was great in "Little Miss Sunshine" (as was that movie) and maybe they gave it to him for sticking around in the biz so long. I also heard that the Academy was upset with Eddie because some of his recent movies or material or something was homophobic. Kind of a bullshit reason to fuck the guy over. I mean, I'm not homophobic or against gays, but aren't they looking at the performance? I mean, they fucking love Roman Polanski, and he fucking raped a little girl.

Anyway, I thought "Borat" deserved the Oscar for best screenplay, but alas, it was not meant to be. I just wanted to see Sasha's speech.

I don't have much else, except I guess I have to see a bunch of movies, including "Pan's Labyrinth". It looks pretty interesting.

Oh yes, over the weekend I rented "World Trade Center" and "United 93" off of Cablevision. I thought they were both well done. I was actually more impressed with "United 93." It was a powerful flick. WTC was nicely done, especially coming from a guy who likes to stir shit up (O. Stone) but United just felt, ... I don't know. I mean, I cried at the end of United 93, and I only cry at certain movies, most of them being sports-related (not Rudy, but put on the end of Field of Dreams and I'm going to start choking up).
So, I guess my recommendation is to see United 93. It was nominated for Best Director. It made me proud to be an American and it also demonstrated how everyday people could be heroes. There were a lot of heroes that awful day. But anyway, I'm not going to end this blog on a down note.

If you didn't see the Oscar show, I suggest you find the song Will Ferrell (i.e., Unruly's spitting image and personality), Jack Black and John C. O'Reilly did about comedians at Oscar time, it was hilarious!!! I'm sure it's on Youtube or whatever. Robert Downey Jr. had some self-deprecating humor which I like to see in celebrities as well. As far as Ellen's hosting went, she was like a PG version, but it was fine. The show was way too long and I don't understand how they can't just speed it up, but whatever.

Finally, I really wish Hollywood would make some better sports movies. I know they are all formulaic by nature, but that doesn't mean they can't be good! I can't remember the last good sports movie I saw. (And I'm talking since 2000). 61* was great. I really liked "Any Given Sunday" too. Other than that, you have to go old school Hoosiers, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, etc. Hopefully next year some sports movies will get nominated for an Oscar (Right.... like anyone on the Academy has ever had a hot dog and a beer in Shea Stadium!!!!! or even Dodger Stadium for that matter).

Anyway, speaking of sports, Go Mets! First spring training game this Wednesday! And this just in...El Duque admits that he maybe is a little older than 40! I guess he lost his birth information when he came over on the raft! I'm so pleased this is our No. 2! We don't need anymore starters, we have Chan Ho Suck and some other old guy! (No, not Glavine, he is determined and focused to have a good 300 win season, and I like that).


Unruly Jets Fan said...

I have got to get going right now so I will comment more later. I only scanned your blog but I scanned enough that I definately want to read it more thoroughly. Especially about the part when you are crying.

This is like Must Read Blog (ala Must See TV). I can't wait to read it.

The Overfloater said...

Boy, Faker, your wife has got you watching some lousy TV. All those shows like American Idol and the Oscars? Man, I would be out trimming the lawn with scissors before watching that.

Anyway, a Couple of comments:

Like Britney's new haircut, I'll shave her head for her next time

I like Brad Pitts' roles in all those movies, but let's not forget his turn in Twelve Monkeys! He was friggin' great in that movie. Bruce Willis, Madeline Stowe, great cast and movie. Also, Spy Game.

The Stone Guy is Benjamin Grimm AKA The Thing.

I have long felt that Unruly is Will Ferrel's stunt double. If I didn't know any better I thought that it was Unruly jogging naked down the street in Old School.

Sports movies: Best sports movie ever: Major League!
Glory Road was okay, Friday Night Lights get honorable mention.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit Over, you are soooo right!
I fucking loved Friday Night Lights, I can't believe I forgot that one, considering I watch the fucking TV show now. Major League was aweome, there is no question about that, but again, old school.
Friday Night Lights is seriously, one of my favorite movies.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I liked 12 Monkeys too.

And I like watching the Oscars, my wife doesn't make me watch it. American Idol is another story, but I am so critical it annoys her and I think she is going to ban me from watching that soon.

Mookie McFly said...

We Are Marshall looked good but I didn't see it. You can't get much of a better premise for a story than that...Nothing formulaic about a plane crash that kills a whole team.

I did watch about ten minutes of the Oscars and it happened to be when Gore's team won (does anyone realize he didn't make the movie?)...that was enough for me to turn it off. But before I did I saw that old WOP win the lifetime achievement award. Clint Eastwood must have learned to speak Italian doing all those spaghetti westerns. That was pretty cool and the guy kept his comments brief and non-political. And he didn't even win the popular vote.

PS - Gore is a dope, global warming is a dupe, and the uber-liberals in Hollywoodless can kiss that place between my balls and my ass. OF course, I won't shower for a month before they do...

Anonymous said...

Dude, come on, global warming is for real. Do you really think all the shit we put in the air hasn't done something to fuck it up?

You're a funny guy though Mooks, and I don't mean like you're a clown to amuse me, I just mean you are funny.

I just read my blog again, and I have to tell you, I wrote it like people besides you three read it. I'm so lame.

The Overfloater said...

There are many readers we don't know about. Denial springs eternal for those who don't want to admit global warming.

Global warming has always existed. The misconception is that we (humans) are the ONLY cause. Well, before humans mostly it was gas released from the earth (volcanoes and such) or collisions with heavenly bodies that changed the climate in the past.

The 20th Century's carbon consumption was through the roof however, and (as far as we know) this is the first time a species has accelerated that global warming process, in turn the planet responds by the changing ocean temperatures which then spew colder weather. Even before the 20th Century scientists had estimated that we were about 30,000 years overdue for another Ice Age. What constitutes an Ice Age? That is when all the water on the planet freezes from the poles on down (or up), the equator all along the earth is devoid of water and moisture at that point. Thus the glaciers formed New Jersey and most of the northern half of the US.

Al Gore is just the 'face' of the issue, though I think they can pick a better face. Just like you invented the Internet, right Al?

2008 Republican platform:

Ignore the environment, invade Iran, hasten the next great planetary extinction and call it 'judgement day'. I find it interesting that Republicans are against abortion, you would think they would require it of all non-white women.

Mookie McFly said...

First off I am a clown...

Secondly, the Republicans only have to sit back and watch the Dems implode. Hillary will attack Obama with lies and specualtion (she is a Clinton afterall) and Obama will try to do the same. The only thing Dems do is hate Bush. No solutions to any problems, they always resort to party politics instead of facing any real issues...they create issues like global warming because the real ones are too tough for them. For instance, if global warming is such a big issue, why didn't Gore try to do anything about it when he was vice president of the United States for eight fucking years...eight fucking years!!! Me thinks he doth protest too much for someone who had power. Perhaps this is really all he is concerned about?

Just a sidenote to your last "judgemental" remark OF, but not all Republicans are against abortion. Many just don't feel the government has to be involved in every person's nook and cranny. I say no law on it is a good law. It isn't a political issue. It's a moral issue. But leave it to a Dem to take things down to the last common denominator.

Iran is ready to attack us (they are supplying Syria, Lebanon, and all the terrorists groups (i.e. Hezbollah, Hamas,etc)...you want judgement day, vote Democrat. They'll just wait until we are attacked again and then they'll blame Bush (again, even though their president didn't do anything about it while he was president...for eight fucking years!!!). Mark my words...Democrats don't even vote. Your last presidential candidate had the worst record for voting in the whole Senate and that says a lot about not caring in my opinion.

Anyway, lets go Mets...even if some of their fan base are sheep to the media. What? I still love ya guys!

Coop said...

Mookie McFly - I am a democrat and I have to agree with you on the point of Hillary and Obama bringing down the party with their in-fighting. You would think that two people who hate GW as much as they do would try to find common ground to at least get *one* good liberal in the White House.

As far as those who want to attack the US -- you have a half-truth. yes the dems would blame Bush but that's because IT IS HIS FAULT. Oh and Dick Cheney too. *Sorry I thought you were a deer*

I do like your stance on reproductive rights. Continue...

Mookie McFly said...

Don't look up Coop...I bash the Dems. Just don't take me seriously like the rest of the guys around here.

I see you over at Ed's sometimes...We are actually working on a Mets things so take a look back soon for a link. Anyway, I laughed at your "it's all Bush's fault" response. Not because it was funny but because I have come to expect it as the only answer Dems have for pretty much everything under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about the Oscars you fucks?

Coop said...

Hey Mookie - didn't you know that Hurricane Katrina was Bush's fault? (That was a joke) Yeah I saw you bashing dems and it's all good. You have to understand, I am the only liberal in a family full of Barry Goldwaters. My dad = Archie Bunker Me + Gloria Steinem

I am also starting a Mets blog about a week before the season opener, so I will link you guys (J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS) once I am up and running.

Mookie McFly said...

Thanks Coop, we'll do the same...

Oh whatever FH, I think it's sham that Scorsese won for a film (Departed) that some foreigner made like two years ago...although I liked the movie.

Other than that what do you want me to say? All heil Hollywood? Come on...while I love movies, I think it's lame that an industry gives awards to itself. Plus, I saw some idiot, I think it was Seinfled saying that he gets ripped off at the concession stands? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't hailing Hollywood by any stretch, just commenting on it all. I hate celebrities and all of the bullshit that comes along with it as much as you do. But I like movies, what can I say? It's called, "escapism". I enjoy getting away from reality the legal way every once and a while, especially when my job blows cock, which it has been doing since I got back from vacation.

The Overfloater said...

I guess the Kyoto Protocol was nothing. Too bad the Congress and Senate refused to ratify it too because it would've cost a few dollars to reduce our emissions.

We cut back big-time on our greenhouse gasses in the 90's. Look it up. I don't know why I'm defending Gore cause I never was a big fan, but he tried to walk his walk, he was way overshadowed by Bubba, though. And what, pray tell, can a VP do about anything? He only votes when there is a tie, he has no policy leverage. Gore toted the Green tag for the Clinton Administration.

Departed was good, but nowhere near Scorcese's best. Goodfellas, Casino, Gangs of New York - all were better than Departed, though I liked it a lot.

Go Mets!!!!

Unruly said...

Holy shit Fakehead, you created quite a stir with this blog. It got very political.

Global warming is true. I have one question for Mookie and Coop, if Global Warming were true then why the fuck is it so cold out these days? And if it does bad as Al Gore says it is going to, I am just going to move into the International Space Station. I hear they have a residential wing.

As for the best sports movie, I think the best one I have seen lately is the one with Clint Eastwood and Hillary Swank. I balled like a little bitch as the end of that one. Like a little bitch.

As for Will Farrell, I think that is funny you guys think I remind you of him. That guy cracks me up just looking at him.

I am out.

Shake and Bake!

The Overfloater said...

Thank you, Baby Jesus in the lightblue swaddling clothes, with the tiniest nip of frost on your newborn nose.