Pros vs. Joes - Maybe it's not a good idea.

Last night I was up watching TV and I came across "Pros vs. Joes" on Spike TV. It has three normal dudes face off against 4 former professional athletes in each of the athlete's sport.
Last night, Eric Dickerson was one of the "pros." Of course, with any stupid show, the "joes" are told to talk shit or they act cocky and the "pros" respond by talking shit and so on. So the challenge for the joes against ED was to tackle him. ED was to get a handoff and the joes had to stop him from going 20 yards and scoring. Well, 2 of the 3 joes couldn't touch him. However, the third JO knocked the shit out of ED, not once, but twice. The first time I think ED was actually surprised. However, the second time he tried to run the JO over and the JO laid him out. Then he stood over ED and talked shit.
My question is, does ED still need the money for this shit? Doesn't he make enough on his appearances and from signing shit? Why suit up in a stupid "Pros vs. Joes" uniform and get humiliated? It doesn't make sense to me. It cheapened him and sort of brought him down a notch in my book.
This show gets some good former athletes to appear for the challenges, Jerry Rice, Michael Irving, (who did well when I saw him), Tim Hardaway, Wade Boggs, and others. My question to them is, are they kidding themselves? If they win, big deal, they are facing nobodys. If they lose, they look like idiots. It makes it worse that the JOs get to talk shit and taunt them. Sure, they give it right back and win most of the time, but even losing once is embarrassing.
On the show I watched last night, Roy Jones Jr. boxed the JOs in one round and kicked their asses (they all got tired, one guy made it through the round without getting knocked down), some basketball player literally pushed and shoved them all to the ground to win a basketball rebounding challenge (if you ask me he cheated, I forget the pros's name) and then they had Vince Coleman, who looked awful, hit fly balls in an inexplicable challenge where the JOs had to catch a ball and throw it to a target. How is that a challenge for Vince? The sad part is, he couldn't even hit fly balls most of the time. Was that the only thing Vince could do? I do that for my baseball team. Either Vince's agent (I doubt he has one) was really smart or the show had some mercy and didn't want to totally humiliate him.
Regardless, while the show isn't too bad, I just think the athletes need to check themselves before they well... wreck themselves. It's not worth it. Keep the mystique and stay retired. The day Michael Jordan goes on that show is the day I stop worshiping him. I can see Eli Manning on there in about 2 years though. Him and Bernie Williams.
Go Mets. I still love you ED.


The Overfloater said...

Who is that a picture of, Joseph Addai? Oh wait, sorry I didn't see the glasses. Those look like the BK special.

I think that the athletes go on those type of shows for one reason, exposure of their past celebrity. It's as if they need to remind the world of who they were. The last time I think I heard Vince Coleman's name was when Faker and I were on the high school basketball team and we would commentate from the bench.

Yeah right, the Mannings don't do those types of things, unless it is the off-season Battle of the Gridiron Stars on ESPN, which I love. Keep making fun dude, when the Jets have a REAL schedule this year. we'll see. Giants had the hardest schedule in NFL this year and made the playoffs with horrendous coaching and a zillion injuries.

And the Jets got as far in the playoffs as the Giants did, didn't they?

I say we place wagers on the annual pre-season Giants-Jets showdown.

Here's a great parable for your respective work environments:

"When you have reached the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

By the way, his name is Michael Irvin, not Irving.

Fakehead said...

Whatever his cokehead name is, Irvin, Irving, Ervyn, who cares. (Nice though)

I will totally bet you on any Jets/Giants preseason matchup. Like I've said before, I bet my one buddy every year for the past 4 about the regular season records of the Jets/Giants, and this year I won 40 bucks. It was great.

Anyway, I am going to Cancun tomorrow, so I will not be around for commments/posts, etc. Don't think I've pulled an Anna Nicole, I'm just on vacation (not the permanent type, although you never know).

Later bitches.

Speaking of, I can't believe how these people feel so bad for Anna Nicole, now that she is dead. Meanwhile, they are just pissed because they can't read about her fucked up life anymore. I felt bad for AN when her son died, but I could care less that she is dead. (Let me clarify, it has no affect on me that she is dead). However, people should care about the fucking 3100+ US Soldiers that have died in Iraq, not about some two-bit golddigging drug addict. No offense to her, of course, I'm just making a point. Celebrity worship makes me so sick. What was she famous for again, besides her ginourmous tits?

Sorry, those comments don't belong on this post, I just shit the bed on that one, now everything will be about AN, not ED. Fuck me. I had to get it out before I went away.

unruly said...

The news people killed Anna Nicole. That and enough drugs to kill an elephant.

At anyrate, your blog reminds me of a story your former roomate from college told me (MO). He told me one night after college he was at some Italian Rest and who was there but non other than your main man Eric Dickerson.

They started rapping and laughing and drinking and low and behold they got the restaurant to lock the doors and they had a private party. Then I think they went to the diner (MO's posse and ED's posse) and had like chocolate chip pancakes and shit.

I wouldn't have beleived it either but MO had about 25 pictures of the night and sure enough there was ED arm and arm with a drunk MO.

Dude, for real, scouts honor on this story.

You got to cut these guys some slack FH. They are just people. They are not smarter or better than us. Let me ask you a question, if the TV producers called you and said, we are going to pay you $15,000 to appear on this show and do a mock trial with some white trash losers, would you do it? Of course you would. So would I. And so would Overfarter. Gadfly just jumped on the plane, some one has to go tell him that I was just talking hypothetically.

Smell youz some udder time