Super Bowl Sunday Sonnetlike Scripture

Super Bowl Sunday, the greatest yet worst day of the year
knowing football is eight months away, I shed many a tear
I put on my (Eli) Manning jersey and cook the food
for we celebrate this departure as a pigskin-loving brood
Finalizing this 2006 season into the archives of NFL lore
with one Big Party in Miami, a city of glitz and glamour
Will Grossman play within himself and manage the game
or will Urlacher and the fearsome Bears D come up lame?
How the Colts Run D will play is as much a mystery
as the final marks on #18's punchcard into NFL History
Who will it be, Smith or Dungy?
'Dungy,' is what my gut tells me
and I don't care if either one of them is black
so long as King Kong disembarks Peyton's back
and the finest quarterback in NFL History is hoisting some glory
above his head, cementing certain a born-to-play-quarterback story

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone! And to all- a good offseason! Colts 31-29


Anonymous said...

That was good Over!

I say either Colts 34-13 or Bears 27-21. Hmmmmmmmm, I'll go with the Bears!!!!!!!!!

It does blow that we don't have football until August. Where does this leave us all?

Unruly said...

Good poem Overfarter. We have a lot of work to do this off season. I will be sending all three of you guys the game plan. We will be selling products and also developing a charity for donations for a christian school for the poor people in Kothapalomita, India. Who wants in charge of the charity? I say that is all you Fakehead. Bc we will be killing a dog every day it is not a success as motivation for you.

Over, you can assist your buddy faker. Me and McFly will be working hard on other issues. Mainly, trying to find sweat shop to produce our products. Fakehead, do you think your Christain Indian School would dupe as a sweat shop. Get back to me on that.

I have Big Plans my friends.

I Eat Paste said...


The Bears defense could not have sucked more. Yes. They did come up lame.

Grossman was terrible (like anyone expected different), but what happened to that growling defense they depended on?

eating crow jets fan said...

congrats Overfloater...you called it.

The Overfloater said...

As the immortal Flavor Flav would say, "Yyyeeeaaaaahhh, boyeeee!"

Unruly, forget your popularity on the blog and make the prediction that your gut tells you to. i know you won't admit it in front of other Jet fans, but you like the Colts and Peyton Manning. Let's just get it out there, accept your tongue-lashing from Fakehead and the sneering by Mookie, and admit you have better football sense than your Jets Fan allegiance will allow you to broadcast.