DRAFT FEVER: Unruly's Mock Draft

We are only two months away from the NFL draft. Jet fans should be excited as Gang Green can improve their team right away if they draft smartly because they have three picks in the first two rounds. As of today, the Jets have one pick in the first round at the 25 spot, and will be drafting twice in the second round with the 38th and the 57th pick.

There are a lot of experts chiming in and guru's performing mock draft's so I figured I'd jump in the action. It is almost impossible to pick but I actually have a good track record in prospecting good Jets and willing the Jets to actually pick them.

Back in the day, when Laverneas Coles was sitting out his senior season, I read an article about him in ESPN magazine. In that publication it talked about how he and then Florida State teamate Warrick Dunn got in trouble for taking clothes at a GAP store. The story described how a fellow schoolmate worked there and handed the clothes to them. Turns out that Warrick was involved in the scam, Coles was only in the car and they got caught. Warrick got off with a slap since he was the star and Coles was suspended for his senior year. In this article it talked about how Coles was so pissed and he was training like a mad man in hopes to make a splash in the scouting reports. And he ran a 4.2 fourty, turning all sorts of heads at the combine. At any rate, I wanted Coles so bad to be a Jet and I did the Jedi Mind Trick on Parcells and he ended up drafting him. I did the same for Pennington.

I think there are some good prospects the will be available around our picks so sit back Jet Fans and enjoy the next few paragraphs.

FIRST ROUND: PICK NUMBER ONE(25): First, with pick number 25 the New York Jets pick Duane Jarrett, Wide Receiver, USC. (Crazy Jet fans in the crowd go nuts) I think Jarrett might still be available at the 25 spot. If he is, I think the Jets must pick him up. He is 6'5" and lightning fast. The Jets need a good, big receiver. They can't pass on him if he is still there. If he is gone then I think the Jets go with Jarvis Moss, DE from Florida. Another guy who is too good to pass up. I know we need a defenive lineman, but since a stud like this is around you have to pick him up.

SECOND ROUND: PICK NUMBER TWO(38): I see the Jets picking up Marcus McCauley, CB from Fresno State. The younger brother of Home Alone's McCauly Caulken, McCauley is getting fabulous props from scouting reports. The only down side is he played the practically division 1A Fresno State. Another guy who I would actually would prefer is Ben Grubbs, OG from Auburn. Our guards are suspect if not old. So he would be a great addition to sandwich between D'Brick and Mangold. Plus he is already destined for greatness in the NFL with his name alone, Ben Grubbs.

SECOND ROUND: PICK NUMBER THREE(57): Here's where it gets a little interesting as there are quite a few hot picks available at this point. I gather the Jets would go for a running back. Michael Bush, RB from Louisville is still available here. He is pretty big and a bruiser type back and I hear he is the younger brother of last year's Hiesman Winner, Reggie. I actually like him. Or, Heisman winner Troy Smith, QB from Ohio State is still available. Remeber, when drafting, you always pick the best available player not neccessarily who you need. Another guy who is still available and who I think could immediately help the Jets is Brian Leonard, FB from Rutgers. He was only a FB this past year, to complement stud second year back Ray Rice. But Leonard could actually play RB. The Jets could put him right away at RB to go along with Leon Washington. And when we get a real RB, Leonard could move over the FB.

LATER ROUND PICKS: I also like the TE from Rutgers, Clarke Harris. He is 6'6" is a great blocker and has very soft hands.

I would really like the Jets to pick up Alan Branch, DT from Michigan but the only way we do that is if we sell some picks to move up. I don't see us doing that and I hope we don't. NFL teams are starting to cut people to free up some cap space. So we can fill that need in FA...hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Let's clarify ... It was Peter Warrick, not Warrick Dunn, involved in the incident at Florida State. Careful whose names you drag through the mud.

The Overfloater said...

Thank you, factchecker. See Unruly, there are readers out there, they just don't want to reveal themselves.

I think the Jets go for D-line, especially the interior. I like Mangini's mindset if he does, he is building out from the two lines. He solidified the o-line with last years draft. You can get some okay free agents to play guard and get by okay becuase the gaurds rely so much on what the tackle does.

If you can't get Branch from Michigan (See Overfloater blog, Dec. 15,2006) you should go for Quentin or Moses. DT should be the priority. Run the ball and stop the run = playoffs again next year.

Unruly said...

Thanks anomyonous! Let me clarify, it was Peter Warrick, not Warrick Dunn.

As for you Overfarter, I am with you, but I don't think you can leave a far superior player on the board. We did that a few years ago by picking Duane Robertson in with the fourth pick overall. Although he might have been the best DL at the time, he was not the best overall pick.

We took Duane Robertson while Troy Palamalu, Willis McGahee and Larry Johnson were still on the board. We can thank Herm for that one.

No doubt that we need a DL but not at the sacrafice of leaving other top players on the board. Who would you rather have on your team right now, Duane Robertson or Larry Johnon?

That is what I thought.

The Overfloater said...

What about Free Agents? The best of what's out there:

Michael Turner SD
Dom Rhodes IND
Chris Brown TEN

Max Starks PIT
Leonard Davis ARZ

(please Giants please pick up one of these guys)

Freeney! IND
Jared Allen KC

L. Briggs! CHI (go G-men go)
Cato June IND (a system phenom)
Adalius Thomas! BAL

Nate Clements BUF
Assante Samuel! NE (go G-men go)

Aside from those guys that I want on the Giants next year, who do you like for the Jets? How much money is there for you guys? I think Ike Reese dumped Arrington, Emmons and Pettigout so they could make a splash with a big FA or two. The Giants got money, they should just pay the fines later and win now. I want Davis (good temperment for the bruising NFC East), Briggs (please please) or Samuel. 2 out of 3 would be nice. Hell, one would be good.

Both NY teams need a go-to guy at RB though. Tiki's departure is going to hurt. Hopefully we have a shit schedule finishing at 8-8.

unruly said...

Over, Over, Over, Over, Over (a la Tom Cruise on Today's Matt Lauer), you need to listen to me. The Jets have tons of cap room. Assante Samual is the top guy for the corner. But if he is looking to make $7 million this year forget him. That is too big of a cap hit. He can play on the Cardinals and finnish in December. However, if he wants 4-5 million, that is a different story.

None of those FA RB's turn me on. The G-men really need an OL. They should spend all their money on OL. They have a big young back. I think in two years he will be injury prone but I think he can get the job done.

Personally, I think if the Giants want to be successful they should bench Manning and let Lorenzo start the season. The guy is big and he is actually really good. But they deal with sucking for another year so that is why the G-men piss me off.

jet titties said...

my titties are getting excited about this years draft. Me thinks the Jets will trade up for a bigger prospect.

The Overfloater said...

Unruler, I think the Giants really piss you off because you are accustomed to them having good seasons and Super Bowl championships.
If the Jets were the only New York team, it would be them.

Turns out that Leon Hess had ties to Nazi Germany. Does the Odessa File ring any bells, the secret submarines that snuck prominent and rich Nazis to South America in 1945?

Seriously though, I think the Jets should go for Troy Smith. The kid is a winner and plays with a confidence like Vince Young. Drew Brees does pretty good at 6 feet and Troy Smith has the athleticism and speed to convert a lot of first downs than the similarly-sized Brees does. He probably isn't dumb either, you want to talk about value and not pass up the better player for the positional need. It's time you Jets fans think about that. F wide receivers, very seldom do WRs live up to first round pick. Keyshawn? TO went in the later rounds, Rod Smith undrafted, JERRY RICE, Marvin Harrison and on and on. Jarret will be a good player, but he's not a first rounder for Gang Green with a fairly reliable tandem of wideouts with the late-Bro Bowler Lav Coles and the emerging Cothcery already. I say trade the 25 pick or take Troy Smith if he's still there. RB? Truthfully, I would pursue Turner, the only reason he sits is because he's behind LT.

Julius Jones might not make it in Dallas. Marion Barber is a bad-ass down there. Can't figure out what's going on with his bad-ass brother Thomas in Chicago, is he a free agent or not?

There's a bunch of good D linemen in the draft too, so the Jets could go with one of those if they are available. What does Mangini think? He'll probably surprise everyone, the Belichick school.

The Overfloater said...

Good blog, by the way Unruly. Just re-read it. Let Mookie go. Free Mookie!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Over, thanks for the props about the blog. A lot of mock drafts have Troy Smith going late in the second round. I don't know enough about him to get that excited. But he does seem to have that drive that you get from Flutie Flakes.

Also, excellent point about the receivers.

A lot of Jet fans are talking about this Turner kid. I didn't know he was good enough to give a 1st round pick for. I will need to do some due dilligence.

By the way, I got my hair cut yesterday and after the fact, the girl said to me, "when you first got here, your hair was so unruly." I told her, "Exactly". Then we had sex.

This story is true except for the having sex part.

Anonymous said...

Fakey's back and I want Thomas Jones and Samuel. Of course, the Jets aren't getting either of those two guys.

As for the draft, we need defense, not another receiver. The Jets cannot stop the run and it kills them. They need to stop the damn run or bolster their pass defense for the inevitable play actions that will result out of their non-run stoppage.

Regardless, I need a vacation from my vacation. I think I'm going to quit my job and just hang out all day. It's way better than working. And how long do you think it will take before the bank takes my house? I figure I have a year, then I'll declare bankruptcy, then whatever. It will be spring of '08 before my family and I are on the streets. I'll just move in with Unruly.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

your welcome to stay with me my fine freakled friend. I think you can stay in your house longer. Hey, your a lawyer, I know their are a lot of rights for sqatters.

In other news, how was the islands? Did you bring Fakehead Jr? Did Mrs. Fakehead enjoy herself. OK, smell ya later.

The Overfloater said...

Welcome back Fakehead!

Sorry we had to post that papparazzi picture of you and your wife in the previous blog. Now your secret identity is revealed.

We are looking forward to your blogging about Our Neighbor To The South.

Anonymous said...

I will try to blog soon, but I am swamped at work. The boy came to Mexico, he loved it. It was a good time.

I'll post soon.

Anonymous said...