It's A Copycat League...

I think that a lot needs to be said about Ken Whisenhunt and the way the Arizona Cardinals have been competing (and winning) games. Insomuch as I think Mangini should glean a page or two out of his book. Hear me out on this one fellas,....

My hat is off to Whisenhunt's resourcefulness - anything goes in order to win games. We have all heard about the two-running back approach that was made popular by teams like the Denver Broncos. Now most teams in the NFL like to feature two running backs to share the load and/or create favorable matchups against the defense. Well, why the hell not do the same thing with your quarterbacks?

Arizona has won two big games in a row by subbing the accurate Kurt Warner for a sometimes struggling Matt Leinart. It seems that the Cardinals do this when they need to mount a comeback or have to play a timing-based passing offense. There is no one better for a three-step drop and throwing the ball to a spot, except maybe Peyton Manning, than former MVP Kurt Warner. He was the one who guided those great Rams teams (The Greatest Show On Turf) to back-to-back Super Bowls. Warner processes information faster than Leinart at this stage of their careers. It's smart football and has the Cardinals on their way to respectability.

We would think nothing of Mangini bringing in Leon Washington on a 3rd and 7 because he is speedier and shiftier than Thomas Jones, right? In fact, we would be yelling at the TV to do that if he didn't. Why the hell not do that with our QB's? What if Clemens were in there for that sideline route at the end of the Buffalo game that Bills cornerback McGee intercepted to seal their win? Chad cannot throw the hard sideline routes that were needed to advance the ball while stopping the clock. He can manage the hell out of the game, work the middle of the field and such things, but what would the harm be for Clemens to trot on out and heave a deep ball or two, zing a couple of out patterns to the sidelines or thread the needle on deep patterns against Cover 2.

It would also be beneficial in keeping opposing defenses on their heels. They would figure Clemens comes in for deep and sideline stuff, right? Bam! Tight end seam pattern right the middle. Chad's back in? Play close to the line. Laverneous pulls a hitch-and-go and Chad floats a 35-yarder as the safeties were all playing shallow versus Chad's weak arm.

Anyway, it's food for thought. The worst by-product of Whisenhunt's QB tinkering is that their 'franchise' QB is the young and struggling Leinart. And because Leinart was such the Golden Boy at USC where he was surrounded by top talent, he is not used to failing, struggling, getting clobbered and turning the ball over. His psyche is what's at stake here, and that's dangerous because Kurt Warner CANNOT be The Guy.

It technically is no longer Leinart's rookie year, but he probably only has 10 or so starts, it is going to take some time. He needs to stand in there and make a few mistakes, but the Cardinals aren't trying to hear that and Whisenhunt sure as hell doesn't give a crap. He didn't draft Leinart so I'm not sure if he is even in bed with him as his Q. The Cardinals and Whisenhunt want to win NOW.

Don't the Jets?

Just some food for thought. I know that the QB situation with the Jets is different, Chad's the cool veteran and Clemens is the young gun. And I'm not confident that this would be the way to produce some victories, but the Jets defense has been less than spectacular and the offense has been decent but not enough to win. But damn, Chad's arm really REALLY limits the Jets offense, especially the deep and sideline plays.


FAKEY said...

You are out of your fucking mind dude. I'm not one to judge, but you need to take a break from your rendevous with Mary Jane. Here's a question what is worth more, two shitty quarterbacks or one Tom Brady?

The Cards currently use the dumbest system in the world. A quarterback is a LEADER on the field. He is the general of the offense. He is the guy who says, "Let's put the women and children to bed and go looking for fucking dinner!" He is a guy the team should look up to.

You, as a Giants' fan, would not know or recognize such traits in a quarterback since they've all sucked since Phil Simms and Jeff Hostleter (sp).

Regardless, I agree that when the Jets are down by 6 and they are at their own 30 yard line with 2 seconds left, it's time to bring in Clemens to huck the ball as far as he can. Other than that, one QB should be rocking the box, that's it.

The Cards ain't going to amount to shit, not like the Jets are, but please, that's retarded. I say this because the two QBs, besides their experience, are pretty much the same. It's not like it's Vince Young and Kurt Warner, it's Kurt Warner and Leinart. The AZ coach should get some balls and use Warner full time, but he doesn't want to hurt AZ Ownership's feelings because they put a ton of cash on the pretty-boy who can't get it done in the NFL.

Interesting thought Figs, but I think the traditional approach works, kind of like it has for the past 100 years in football, or however long it's been played. Also, do you see Tom Brady and fucking old man Testerverde switching up in the middle of a game? No, because Brady is a GOOD Quarterback and doesn't blow, except when he blows Randy Moss because Brady is a fucking homo.

Unruly, get rid of Caymus' quote and put up bulletin board material per Figs' intelligent suggestion (unlike the two QB one). Here is some:

Eli Manning is a fucking homo.

Eli Manning couldn't lead a child molester to a playground during recess.

Jets 24
Giants 13

The Giants are gayer than pink shorts on a guy.

The Giants suck worse than the Mets.

Eli Manning is so gay he makes Jim McGreevey look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Plaxico Burros is so black he makes night look bright.

Jeremy Shockey would be better off trying to catch passes with his ass, because it is used to having balls bounce off it.


Figgythemick said...

I liked that Shockey one!

Tsk, tsk my Fakeheaded friend. Eli is proving he is the REAL DEAL. Shouldering the load and then some. This year's team is better than the last two with Tiki The Traitor Barber on it. Giants are set at QB for the next decade, J-E-T-S don't know who it'll be week-to-week and year-to-year.

I kind of agree that the two QB thing could be borderline dumb, but it was just a suggestion to throw out there. We're trying to generate ratings here at the Blog. Only a Giants fan would suggest such a thing, and one just did.

Faker, we need to carry that righteous rage in your writing in some statistical analysis.

Thanks for not saying that Hostetler sucked. You know how much he meant to me. I was calling for Simms' head for years. I can handle the Eli hate only because I know that you are wrong.

Figgs said...

Where is the Unruliest of All?

Unruly said...

I am right here Figs. I am sorry Fakehead, but I am in agreement with Figs here.

I love Pennington. I willed him to be drafted by the Jets (I never told you that before). I read some articles about him his senior year at Marshal and thought he would plug in good for the Jets. So I squinted my eyes as hard as I could and clenched my teeth until the Jets drafted him with their #1 pick.

But, the guy throws like Sissy Spisek. Seriously M.C. Klure throws much harder than him. Sure a QB has a complex job. But if he cannot connect then what good is it.

If we lose the next two games I want to see Clemmens in there. There I said it.