'Nuff Said

I take just a little pride in enduring months of ribbing and ridicule and sweating through it until the very day of the game. My jets friends were never going to let me live it down if the Jets pounded the Giants. I flew home specifically to back up my team.

And for 2.5 quarters me and Big Blue were deserving of every backhanded remark. It was one of those games where last year's teams would've folded it up and taken a mental vacation, going through the motions until the clock read 0:00. Chad Pennington was picking us apart with short and medium passing. The Jets defense scored a TD on a Brandon Jacobs fumble off his second freaking carry. The play-calling was atrocious; trying to out-duel a ball-control and efficient opponent like the Jets by passing on 1st down, running on 2nd down and forcing yourself into a passing 3rd down. Just when things were looking up, the Giants marched down the field on the opening drive for a TD, the Jets multi-faceted RB Leon Washington returned his second 98-yard kickoff return of the season for a TD.

Everything was going the Jets way.

Then, crafty veteran Sam Madison left his man shallow, watching Chad's eyes, and picked off a pass intended for the sideline. The Giants and their highly beleaguered and rudely and wrongly criticized QB (especially on THIS site), Eli Manning, moved down the field and Shockey caught a TD. Just as, I must point out, people watching the game were saying that the Shockster hasn't done anything this year (which they were right about). But you speak of the devil, and he appears.

Then, rookie 1st round selection- CB Aaron Ross made a huge interception just as Chad was answering with a Jets drive of his own, by picking off a pass at the end zone. The refs ruled he was down at the 2-yard line. Time for the Jets defense to make a play? A safety perhaps?

Nope. Big Blue's running crew was makin' green stew. Ward and Jacobs gave them a little breathing room and then - BAM!!!!!

Plaxico Burress, He of the Not Practice, caught a 6-yard pass, made a little move and then stiff-armed Jets CB Andre Dyson to the ground. Burress was about a foot from the sideline, just a little push and Plax would go out of bounds. But when a playmaking wide receiver who is over 6' 5" applies that llllllllloooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg stiff-arm to the crown of the DB's head (much like an older brother does to younger brother while the younger brother swings wildly but can't reach), unfortunately that DB is not getting much of a push at all.

If he can stay on the field, Plax is all over the pro Bowl. He has 7 TD's in 5 games. His career high was 10 last season.

G-men took control in the 4th quarter, Umenyiora collected his 7th sack of the season, and then Aaron Ross put the nail in the coffin. Intercepting the usually careful Pennington for a third time. And to add injury to insult, Ross returned it 43 yards for his first career touchdown.

The bright side is that the Jets offensive line played really good. The Giants bring the nastiest pass rush in the league at the moment. 1 sack. D'Brick did great. Strahan didn't do a goddamn thing. Vilma played a good game and rookie linebacker David Harris looked good too. Revis is the REAL DEAL and he did the best job on Plax than anyone had all year, for the 1st half anyway. The TD was not on Revis. Bright spots Jets fans. Leon and Thomas Jones will get more on track, especially if the D get get something going. They pressured Manning pretty good on Sunday, better than the Giants were pressuring Pennington anyway.


Unruly said...

Good game Figs. It just hurts that fucking Manning had a good game. Plexiglass is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Two more losses and I will be calling for Clemmens. That is an official call for me. Put it in the books.

Last of the Fakeheadians said...

Nice recap Figs. I will write my scatching critique on the Jets later in the week. How dare they do this to me?!

Plax has Pro Bowl written all over him. 7 TDs? Are you kidding me?

F the Giants anyway. I will win back my 20 bucks some day, (2011 I think is the next regular season matchup).