Wown wown (that is supposed to be a fading trumpet sound)

Ok Jet fans, no reason not to be optimistic here. No need to make other plans on Sunday's. Don't give away your tickets. Stop cutting out eye holes in that paper bag.

Nope, just keep bending over because eventually it will hurt so bad it will feel good. And if you don't say, "thank you Mannenbaum, may I have another", it will keep hurting. So just go with the flow on this one.

Actually, I am not sure what to say, write or even do anymore regarding the Jets. I have been a Jets fan for 30 years now. I have been a Jet fan, longer that I have done anything else. Longer than I have been married. Longer than I went to school for. Longer than I had pubic hair.

So...what that hell do I do? I don't really have a salution. What is so frustrating is that you can't really blame Chad. The guy is the only thing we got going for us. But the fact that he doesn't have any velocity isn't helping.

I guess they should put in Clemmens only because, "why not?" But not for any other reason. Not because Chad is S**ting the perverbial bed. Because he is not. You only change the QB because, "Why not?"

So with that said, I will go back to bed and wait another 10 months before I can have anything Jet related to be excited about.

Smell ya later!


Figgythemick said...

Well, this time I would have to lay the blame at the D. The O did their job, the D couldn't get a timely sack, couldn't stop a running attack spearheaded by the Great Kenny Watson, couldn't penetrate or dominate what was widely regarded as the worst offensive line in the NFL. They got a mechanic at Right Tackle and the fat drummer from Pantera as the Left Guard.

That last INT which was returned for a Cincy TD- that looked like a miscommunication between Chad and the WR. Looked like Chad was throwing an Out to the sideline and the WR kept running up. Cincy DB was reading Chad's eyes and not watching the receiver, probably because he had deep help with the Safety.

It's too bad. Two desperate teams slugging it out and the jungle cat one. Go "fig"ure.

Fakehead said...

Man the fuck up dude, there are still 10 weeks of football left, and if Mangini gets fired and they start playing a different defensive scheme, then maybe the Jets will win again this year. ha ha