The guy is the face of our franchise. He is doing more than his part. He is a true leader and a real NFL quarterback. He can win in this league. These are all reasons the Jets should trade Chad Pennington. Go on without us Chad! Save yourself.

We are pathetic and need to just realize we are "rebuilding". We have Clemmens. Lets just allow Clemmens to have his day. Lets not waste any more of Chad's time and health.

He can go with dignity and we could probably get a nice second and/or third rounder for him.


FIGS said...

I don't know about that. I thinka 3rd rounder TOPS would be what you get. Trade him to AZ or CAR. He is a very limited QB and his value is not great.

I think its time for Clemns though. Those unifoprms were beyond horrendous.

fake fucking a said...

First, the uniforms weren't that bad, they looked like the Rams uniforms without the horn.

Second, I don't think it's worth it to trade Chad. Maybe bench him and have him teach Clemens the rest of the year. The season is pretty much shot, not like that matters, the fucking Pats are totally winning the Super Bowl this year.

Watch the GMen shit the bed tonight and lose.

At least Thomas Jones got involved. Laverous had an awful game. I'm more pissed about my fantasy squad, I had Jones and Westbrook, and neither of those bastards scored!!!! I lost by 9 points!


Go Jets (said with a sigh).

Figgythemick said...

Good suggestion Fakehead. I can def see the value of retaining Chad. he could really help Clemens in the film room and on the sideline.

I am feeling the same way about teh G-men. It is a total trap game. I can see the Giants turn the ball over and beat themselves. That's what last year's team would do, lets see how they respond tonight.

Anybody ever watch Monday Night Countdown? It rules. Parcells is god, I hang on his every move. I wish he would come on out to Denver to coach, but the people here are so stupid that they will stick with Shanahan even though he lost his edge years ago. he too content and he doesn't work hard enough. Do you think Belichick goes out to eat 5 times a week? Herm Edwards even? Pathetic. Worst playcaller in the NFL (aside from last year's Off Coordinator John Hufnagel).

Cutler was a good move, Champ bailey and Dre Bly, but other than that....

Go Rockies!!! Do you guys realize that I will be having a WORLD SERIES less than a mile from my house! Its stumbling distance!!!! I cant wait to go, never thought Id ever go to a World Series game....

Tom Brady is going down this weekend. Why, you ask? Crazy as it sounds, jason Taylor and the Miami D is Brady's achilles heel. Look at Brady's stats vs Miami and then the rest of the league. Weird. I'm going out on a limb and predicting the upset. Of course, I'll probably fall off that limb and fall into the river only to be carried over Niagara Falls, but thats okay.

L:ets talk about politics for a second. The prez race is heating up. I want to ask a question about a canbdidate's character and why it is so overblown. Who would you vote for:

Candidate A is an alcoholic, chain smoker and womanizer, always cheating on his wife who was actually his cousin.

Candidate B is a boozer as well, often drinking 2 fifths of brandy and scotch per day, chronic cigar smoker, can't hold any personal relationships and is cantankerous to all his colleagues.

Candidate C is a moral man, never drinks, never fools around with women, a strict vegetarian and totally and completely dedictaed solely to his job to make a better life for his fellow countrymen.

Who is the best candidate? Who would you vote for? Candidate C right?

Well, Candidate A was Franklin Roosevelt. Widely considered the second best Prez besides Abe Lincoln.

Candidate B was Winston Churchill who completely organized and saved England in WW II.

Candidate C was Adolph Hitler.

Kind of makes you question the character importance and a good reason why I think Rudy Guiliani would be a good Prez despite his personal shortcomings. I wouldn't want to be a terrorist with him in there.

fake fucking head said...

I would have voted for the drunks before you gave the answer away. Probably FDR. I don't like unhappy drunks who are mean to their co-workers.

I don't care about character, but I'd be surprised if a D doesn't win. Of course, the Ds are hoping the country is ready for an afro-american or a cunt to be president. I don't know if it is. I could care less about the black or woman thing, but HC is a lame-ass.

Regardless, I don't watch any countdown shows. I could care less what some former or current or whatever fucking player, coach, etc. has to say about a game before the game is played. Just play the fucking game. The Pats may go undefeated this year, by the way.

As for coaches, dude, let the guy go out to fucking eat! A man's gotta eat, don't he? Fuck Bellicunt, I hope he chokes on a chicken bone while he's watching film eating alone at Gillette Stadium at 2 am. Fuck him and fuck him.

Go Jets!

NJ papers calling for Chad to sit, I'm almost in agreement.

As for the Rockies, it's a fucking joke that they are in the WS, but I hope they win it for their sake. You better go to watch, because the rest of America could care less about the Rockies (at least demographic money-making wise). Make sure the stadium is sold out when you go man, and report about it on the Mets blog or Overfloater.

Beat it

Ed in Westchester said...

Maybe Herm will take Chad.

I'm just gonna have to get used to cheering for someone named "Clemens".

Won't be easy.

Figgythemick said...

How can you, baseball purist and fan extraordinnaire, call winning 20 out of 21 games a joke. Your lack of reverance for history is a joke.

Dan said...

It is time for Chadly to move on.

Figgythemick said...

Rockies World Series. Crazy. 7-0 in the postseason.

Oh yeah, the Giants beat the trap game too.

fakey said...

I agree about the Clemens thing. The thought of it makes me sick. At least it is football and not baseball, so my "NO CLEMENS" rule still applies to football.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Sorry, i have been completely nuts with my work/family/writing/etc.

Good to see Ed back in the mix. I recruited Dan from the High School blog scene. He actually played four years football with MHS and graduated in 1993 just like us. So I played him four years. Isn't that a small world.

Ok, now back to the Jets. This season is a debacle. I felt this way about Mangini this time last year. I know it is only his second year but I am thinking why dont we get someone like Bill Cowher, or Joe Torre...he needs a job.

At any rate, I also started a Iron Hills Conference Blog. Fake, you may want to contribute since your nephs will be in the scene soon. I have it in HP colors but that is as far as I go in supporting that dump.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

sorry, the blog is http://ironhills.blogspot.com.

fake trade but it's real said...

Oh Jesus, another fucking blog. Unruly, you are insane. Can you fucking please respond to my fucking trade offer in FF? Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Fakehead is a tool...he should be called Fuckhead...

fuckhead said...

I know who anonymous is and I kind of like the name "Fuckhead" Either way it is appropriate.

Goooo oJets!!!

Anonymous said...

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