Eddie Vedder Isn't Canadian...But He Should Be

But he isn't from California either...He's from Chicago. In fairness to Figgy's assumption as to Vedder being from the Leftist Coast, he did slide out West twice during his lifetime. Once when his mother married the man whose seed created Vedder (after he was born and already in his teens) and later on in his life when he wanted to start his rock and or roll career. I am also of the opinion that every few years the Earth shifts and anything not tied down slides out west. So in fairness to my assumption as to Eddie being a Canadian, he is sort of a nimrod. He has fronted for such bands as My Morning Jacket (Canadian), chums around with Neil Young (also Canadian), and subsequently Neil was good friends with The Band (who had 4 Canadian members). In concert he likes to wax philosophical about current events but mainly about politics. Since Vedder is a high school drop out, I have to liken this kind of behavior to a gym teacher expounding on fusion vs.'s fission. It makes me sick when celebrities think we need to be taught by them about our world...our culture or lack there of...for this reason I am officially changing Eddie Vedder's name to Canadian Eddie Vedder. Hey, it's better than Wikipedia. In their synopsis of Pearl Jam's frontman's life, they have him pushing up daisies. I just think he's a communist. I don't want him dead or anything.

Well, I have finally come out of my writer's block...sure it had nothing to do with football but what can you say when the Jets said it all on the field. I know the Jets only beat Miami but it was a must win in what has always been a hostile environment for the Jets. Pennington played well enough to win. Will it be enough to beat Indy or the Pats? No, he needs to play better than he did as does the defense and the offense as a unit. But can we beat those two in the playoffs? I think the win against the Pats in Mass. showed us we can beat them. We lost to the Colts but we played them tough in their building. Plus since then the Colts have shown the league their achilles. They cannot defend the run. Cannot. When we played the Colts Cedric Houston wasn't getting the carries he will if & when we play them again. So all is good in Jets land...no complaints here. I even got some new Jets gear for Christmas just in time for the playoffs and that's something I didn't think that I'd see when the season started. January football, even if it's just one or two games, will be sweet.

So remember two things:

Eddie Vedder is now Canadian Eddie Vedder.


The Jets will partake in playoff football this year.



Unruly Jets Fan said...

Father Paddy makes some good comments. I heard the lead singer of From Good Homes is Canadian ( I know he is not, but I just want to see Gadfly go on a tirade).

At any rate, I got a Jets long sleve from my nephew Dyl. I got my other nephew a Vilma jersey. Everyone around me is got Jetified.

Smell ya.

Paddy O' Maolchathaigh said...

I got a couple of T-Shirts (both the T-Shirt stuffed in the hat variety)with a couple of hats (Green & White baby, represent). I also got a Jets winter cap so I can make it through this crisp & cold winter (I wore a T-shirt to work today!)

The best gifts I got though were from Mrs. O' Maolchathaigh. She got me a signed Jose Reyes rookie card, two pint glasses from the 1969 Championship & some Rheingold Costers with from the 60's with Mets skyline logo on them. I'm such a little kid still...I got far more pricey shit but my favorite stuff is the simplest. Actually I played in a cardboard box most of Christmas day and that's why I missed my post here!

FiggytheMick said...

Great blog, boyo.
Vedder was right about some stuff though. The Middle East oil is about the best bidder, and the euro is kicking the hell out of the dollar. So we had to secure that shit right? The euro doesn't work against bullets, tanks, special forces, unmanned aircraft, laser satellites and the like. Saddam would've done business with France and Germany and Russia sitting on the second largest oil reserve in the world, not given bin Laden a WMD. Vedder was right about reading between the lines and propogandist staements. And if he wasn't a dropout, would he have any rock star cred? My favorite singer Chris Cornell was the same (however Soundgarden's guitarist Kim Thayil has a PhD in philosophy from the Univ of Wash).

regardless, go jets

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

A couple of things...

The lead singer from Weezer graduated from Princeton. You don't need to be a quitter to be a rock star.

The UN and the semi-socialist countries you mentioned were all involved in the food for oil scam. Saddam was their puppet and all of it meant nothing to any of the idiots in this country. They don't even know their was a food for oil program...let alone a scandal. See ya' later Kofi "keep the kickbacks" Annan...scumbag.

Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction...we gave him months to move them across the border. Don't say it's not possible. How are so many Saudi's & Iranians moving across the border now to fight the fatwah? How are so many weapons still getting into Iraq when we are there? If Bush weren't such a middle of the road pussy, we would have caught them doing it. Instead we waited for the French, Russians, and Germans who were all in bed with Kofi and his food for oil scam to tell us that they didn't want to shut down their scam...or that they weren't for war (they weren't against war...just against being honorable). If Saddam didn't have WMD, then why did he keep the UN inspectors (dupes) from doing their required investigation. Either he was an evil idiot or an evil madman. Whatever the truth he's gonna hang and contrary to our media's popular belief, the Iraqi's will be better off.

I'm not saying you can't have an opinion if you are uneducated. I'm just saying I don't need to hear your politics when I pay $50 to hear you play music. I also don't want to hear Tom Cruise preach to me about the environment if I rent one of his movies. I don't want to see Sean Penn floating in the Delta telling me I should have "white guilt". I also think American celebrities who make the majority of their money entertaining Americans and travel to Iraq for PR stunts should have to salute our flag. If not the should be labeled treacherous cum swallowers and treated as enemies of our country. Simple as that...I don't care what they think. And if they don't support the government that was elected by it's people than they should stop working in this country. Yes, Hollywood is America despite what those leftist traitors want...

Remember when people supported the government elect? I don't but wouldn't it be a more prolific and pragmatic government if the people of this country realized that tearing it down in between every election is futile. It's a scary time to live but wouldn't it be less scary if we were united.

Contrary to popular belief, George Bush isn't Hitler. He's not the devil. The Islamo Facists are our enemy not Bush and right now Bush is our leader against them...The next president whether a democrat or republican will have to deal with the fact that these particular groups want a Medieval society. They want your mother and sister to be uneducated and cloistered. They want non-muslims to be extinct. By supporting these negative uneducated slobs in the entertainment industry who propegate misinformation (the only kind they are fed), we are only driving a wedge between ourselves. It's just what the Islamo Facists want us to do...

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

Figgy,I almost forgot the part that I agreed with you on...

Go Jets!

Jets 45 Raiders 11

FiggytheMick said...

Ahh, good points boyo. However, we see now that Vedder wasn't too far off of his initial outbursts. The Iraq conflict has become clear.

The euro is kicking the hell out of the dollar. Iraq has the second largest oil reserve in the world. I know all about the oil for food program, but when the US muscles other countries out of their energy markets, what do you think other countries are going to do? Experts have forseen the euro's take over for some time, I think the Bush people too Iraq because it had a weak army and tribal in-fighting, and a house divided cannot stand.
The miltary was just sitting around waiting to do something, and the euro can't negotiate with bullets, tanks, unmanned fighter drones and laser satellites. That is why France and Germany were so opposed to the war, that was their oil, baby! Now they have to do business with Russia and South America and Africa.

The Hitler analogy is only correct in the sense that both Bush and Hitler consolidated the power of their respective offices. Hitler shifted Germany from democracy to a dictatorship because Germany was in a national crisis the likes of which this country has never seen. Widespread starvation, unemployment, crime and hyperinflation devalued the German mark, so much so that bread cost a billion marks. France and England taxed Germany to the breaking point after World War I. They took over the German industries, wouldn't let them defend themselves and reveled while millions of Germans suffered and died. The Germans supported Hitler because they were impoverished. We, the USA, have no such excuse.

Times were great when Bush was elected. I was reading about all these experts looking at the steel beams from the WTC. They have heat signatures of thermite. They use that for demolition. Numerous firemen and policemen at the scene of 9/11 reported numerous explosions before the buildings tumbled like crumbling muffins, which structurally was impossible for those buildings. Bush's brother's company took over security for the WTC two months before the attacks. We had credible info that Al Qaeda was going to strike and how. If this info keeps panning out, the WTC was one of the greatest crimes in history, by Bush. We should hold his ass on trial for war crimes. Think of all the innocent Iraqis and US soldiers who have died needlessly, just so our gas prices wouldn't go through the roof while we attempted to legitamitely bid for Iraq's oil (which Saddam would never have sold to us anyway).

Hitler was sick from poison gas attacks and thus had a personal physician inject him in the mornings with what was called a multi-vitamin shot. Really it was amphetamines and explains his decision-making during the War. Bush is dry, his crimes are rational and untainted by any intoxicant other than the power of his office.

Go Jets

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

Yes, and we never walked on the moon.

Remember that it was Clinton who signed Haliburton up to rebuild Iraq when there was a war (yes I said "when" as even your buddy Billy knew it was eventual)...It wasn't a Republican. Does that mean Clinton was also guilty of war crimes?

Save your conspiracy theories for the irrational leftists out west. I don't buy it. Bush didn't enlist terrorists to fly into the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. The multiple explosions are consisten with multiple fuselage exploding. My Father in law flies Jets...he told me that there are usually several explosions depending on how much fuel a jet is carrying. The Jets (remember there were two of them) were full of fuel set to make trans Atalantic flights. Don't listen to everything you read on the internet.

I heard Bill Cosby & Oprah pressured Dave Chapelle into not going through with his last season...they felt the show was detrimental to blacks as a whole. Do you think this is true. If so then we are probably on different frequencies.

If you meet reality half way, you will see that even the hardest things to swallow aren't so complicated.

Hitler lost the war because he invaded Russia in winter not because of some mysterious ailment.

Go Jets!

FiggytheMick said...

Yeah, that's what I said about the buildings too. I was there, watching it live and I didn't see any implosions. However, I do believe Iraq was an energy move. Clinton did not invade the country, period. I could care less about what Halliburton was doing, I realize why they would be over there.
And he's not my buddy. I always voted for Ralph Nader, never voted for Clinton. But this whole thing is a giant mess of one presidents doing that we (my fellow generation) will be paying for it for decades. Plus the Religous Right sucks. One of the big leaders out here in Colorado Springs who railed on homosexuality admitted to being one.

Dave Chapelle's show was funny, but I see lots of kids imitating him. I think blacks need to all watch what they say, not entertainers. Robin Williams goes nuts but you don't see all white people imitating him. Yet all blacks imitate Chapelle. I don't know, but I am gonna say I'll side with Bill Cosby, I like him a lot. Its not really my issue though, I'm for the environment.
If people want to make fun of themselves or propogate negative stereotypes, then they are stupid. I don't walk around drinking myself silly and starting a brawl at every bar I go in, yet my name is McClure. Then again, figgythemick could be considered racist, but I don't think so, its a version of both my first and last names.

However, I still have the IRA brochure I found at your house when we were kids, Down with England! Did you know that the Irish sided with the Nazis in World War II? Hated the English and Jews and listened to the Pope (lets not talk about Italy's involvement or the complicity of the Catholic Church).

Anonymous said...

HOLY FUCK. START ANOTHER FUCKING POLITICAL ARGUMENT BLOG. I don't mind going off topic sometimes but it's too much with all this shit.

First of all. I like Pearl Jam and every stupid celebrity thinks they can expound their political/social etc. views on the public because they have a microphone in front of their face or a camera on them. They are stupid fucks, no question. But that won't stop them from doing it. Shit, I don't know how far Bruce Springsteen got in school (high school at best) but I didn't mind the "Vote for Change" concert because he was playing his music. (I will never say a bad thing about Bruce, except the song "57 Channels is annoying).
Regardless, the whole celebrity thing is insane. They become geniuses because they are famous. I wish they would just shut the fuck up and act and/or sing or do whatever it is they do.

Second, Rivers Como or whatever the fuck his name is graduated from Havard, not Princeton. Havard has the audacity to let every celebrity who wants to go there enroll. The fact that any celebrity graduates from Harvard means nothing to me. It makes the school look ridiculous if you ask me. Please, if I were famous, they would take me in heartbeat. Another question, is Harvard harder than regular colleges? Answer: no. You work, study, you do well, just like anywhere else. Fuck Harvard and the other Ivy league schools.

As for George Bush, I don't like the guy, I didn't vote for him, I actually voted for Mr. No-Personality, No-Stance Kerry whoe couldn't shoot fish in a barrell and lost. However, it is not George Bush's fault that 9-11 happened. Hindsight is 20/20. They got warnings all the time. The 9-11 didn't take 9 months to sort out, it took YEARS. That means it started during Clinton's term. It was our own stupidity and/or lack of security (flight lesssons without landing or taking off?; letting known terrorists come and go in our country as they wanted, etc.) that made 9-11 occurr.
George Bush isn't Hitler, and I doubt he is guilty of war crimes. If he is, it ain't just him, throw Rusmfeld, Cheney, Rice, and every other person who gave him advice or told him what to do.
As far as Iraq goes, we're fucked.
There is no question there will be a WW III in our lifetimes, if you ask me. Like I've said before, I hope my kid isn't drafted, but the state of the world is a disaster at this point, both politically and enviornmentally. We live in such a fucked up world, that terrorists will go so far as to take a school full of kids hostage and try to kill them all to prove a political point. Thank God that didn't happen in America, but still. Where is this world going? Bush or no Bush, if you believe in God, how much longer is going to give it before he decides to start over?

Anyway, at least we have things like the precious National Football League to take our minds off such things!
The Jets are going to win on Sunday and I'm having people over to watch the first round of the playoffs! Plus, I beat my buddy in our annual Jets/Giants better record bet and won 40 bucks!
I love those Jets!

Go Jets!

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

I apologize for getting off topic...The Jets will win this week so I was just stirring the pot.

But I have to get in my last two cents.

Clinton didn't invade Iraq. He stayed off shore by 100 miles and lobbed missiles at them...and why? Because he came on some fat girls drees and lied about it.

I have voted for Nader before...twice to be exact. And it was a wasted young man's vote. If you want a safe car vote for Ralph Nader. If you want to keep Islamo Facists out of your wife's uteris, vote Republican.

I was kidding about Chappelle but kids were way fucked in this country before he ever came along...

I am pro a United Ireland but anti IRA...Terrorism hurts everyone. Jerry Adams is a terrorist. Hopefully the kids from Ireland can straighten out the mess of their parents...

For that matter, hopefully our generation and future generations can straighten out our mess. I am so sick of the whole "Greatest Generation" thing. Hey Mr. Brokaw, if they were so great then why did their kids pick up the peace pipe, turn it on, tune it out and head for the border? Good obedient soldiers don't always make the best parents I guess...

Anyway, back to sports...I'd like to see Chad sitting in the second half with a lead. Give the kids Clemens get couple of snaps before the season is over.

Anyway, smell 'ya later.

FiggytheMick said...

Nice. Jets vs, Colts? By the sound of it the Colts D wouldn't want to play for Peyton anyway. He wished he could play both sides of the ball! He thinks he can control his side of the ball, but from our discussions we can derive that control is an illusion that we believe is reality only when misfortune is absent.
Imagine the great feeling of doing everything right; school, college, great job, promotions, you finally are a big shot with a corner office on the 100th floor of the WTC and you go to work one day, are on the phone, look out your window and there's a fucking plane coming at you...
But go Jets. Run the ball 60 times at the Colts with three running backs and 3 or 4 reverses, NEVER GO OUT OF BOUNDS to stop the clock.

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

Who knew? Sarcasm is indeed a compliment to wit afterall!!!

As for the Dolts, if we had twenty running backs we run for even more yards. They couldn't hit Shaq if he ran it up the middle with a familiar case of the gout. Seriously, I want them. I want to be the team that knocks them out this year. Why not? Someone does it every year right? Why not us? Besides, I think we haven't seen the best of Chad yet...I like that the Monday Night Football clowns insulted him. Fire him up...It's the kind of thing that might put a fire in his belly making him live up to all those early West Coast Offense/Montana comparisons.

First humiliate the Raiders...then invade Iran...err, I mean Indy!

Anonymous said...

I think the Jets have a shot at Indy or the Pats. The Ravens and Chargers scare me. Who else is left? The Jets can beat the Bengals, but that game is a toss up.

Go Jets!

FiggytheMick said...

Broncos, Fakehead, Broncos...