Let's deal with the most pressing issue. Where the fuck is Shea Gadfly? Sure, he has time to work, go to the motherland and put the occassional posting on his other great blog, but where for art thou on this blog, Gadflyeo? And I'm sure he has to spend time working for the man and earning a living, but really now, what is more important than this Jets blog? I can't write good blogs. All of the sudden Unruly is getting serious and talking about racism in America, I mean, what the hell is going on?

Regardless, the Jetropolitans have a huge game this week against their bitter division rival, Buffalo. Thankfully, it's home. This game is a must win. It will give the Jets more credibility (they still aren't getting their props, maybe because they don't have much of a running game and their running defense is suspect) and perhaps solidify their chances of making the playoffs. Only Minnesota, Miami and Oakland are left after Buffalo. The Jets should and can win all of those games. There is no question they have an easy schedule, but that doesn't mean they won't do something in the playoffs. Shit, crazier things have happened.

I have faith in Kerry, Chad, Jericho and whatever RB starts next week. (I don't even have to comment on Coles, the guy is solid every week). As far as the Bills go, Gore is tough and ran all over the Jets last time they played, and Losman is spotty, but you never know. Lee Evans has become a threat and their defense isn't too bad. Speaking of defense, I hope the Jets can make some tackles and play like they did last week in Green Bay. If they do, the Bills are not winning.

My prediction:
Jets 24, Bills 20

Let's Go Jets!!!!!!!


Shea Gadfly said...

I have been around...I'm still trying to get over that humbling beating that SPC took from SHU. I just don't understand it. FDU beat SHU by five points...then we lost to FDU by five points. The we lose to SHU by 20?!? Who is this Eugene Harvey kid and how come he had to hit his stride against SPC...he was named Big East rookie of the week by the way (I'm his newest and biggest fan!)

The Jets will win this weekend if they play the defense they played last week,,,simple as that really. Both teams have improved a great deal since their last meeting so you never know. I like your call except I am going to go lower as I think the Bills defense is much better than the Packers and their O-fence is pretty even with NY. The Jets can't run & the Bills can't throw (wow if only we could mix them like chocolate and peanut butter? "Hey your running game got meshed in so nicely with my passing game?" Mmmm, peanut butter). Anyway, I like the Jets 17-14 (go Ted Nugent).

Fakehead said...

As usual, you make me laugh Mr. Gadfly.

You are probably right. I think my predictions are always in the 20 somethings.

I forgot about our wager. It wasn't really fair though, SHU should have won. Maybe we'll make another wager as the season goes on so you can win your cash back.

Anyway, Go Jets!

Caymus67 said...

Ask the Unruly how his fantasy football team is doing? Bills 27 Jets 24.

Fakehead said...

Unruly, don't tell me your FF team is pulling a NY Giants? My FF team, by the way, is 9-4 and looking to clinch a 4 seed in the playoffs with a win this week. And my team is awful, but other teams shit the bed when they play me. It's very interesting. I of course didn't play Cotchery the last two weeks, and he did awesome. I'm thinking I won't start him this week either, just so he plays great and the Jets win!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Slow down! Who the hell is Gore on the Bills??? Doesn't he play for the 49'rs. Willis Mulcahy is the running back for the Bills. And he is good. Fakehead, you are all confused with your FF league.

The Bills scare me a bit. But a win will put us in a good position to win the division. Miami could possibly beat the Pats.

I can't even beleive we are talking about winning the division. I would love to win the division just to see Caymus vomit Jet green all over his living room.

Shea, you did dissapear man. What is up with that? Glad to have you back though

jet titties said...

You guys are racists!

Jets 9 - Bills 6

Fakehead said...

Oh yeah, I got my Univ. of Miami RBs confused. McGayhee, right?

I used to love the University of Miami, but now I think it's time to devout my fanhood to another college. Most people like the colleges they attended.

So, out of the schools I attended, I can choose Maryland, Rutgers or Kings. Fuck Kings and everyone there. I have to admit that I was rooting for Rutgers against West Virgina. Strictly for NJ purposes, mind you. And, I have to eat crow because the coach is staying and not taking the Miami job, so I have to give him credit (at least this year). I always root for Maryland when they play.

So, I guess my new favorite college football team is Maryland, and now I won't root against Rutgers, but I still hate them.

Wow, that was totally off the subject.

Go Jets!

Fakehead said...

Some great comments on the race issue. Unruly, you should bring up race more often. It's the funniest blog yet.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Thank you for the comments about my racism blog. And that means a lot coming from a negro.

You should root for Rutgers. Who cares if you had a long commute. Plus MD has been blowing this year and Seton Hall Law school hasn't been to a bowl game in like 10 years.

At least your school doesn't sound like a jail. When I say I went to County, a lot of people think I was in prison for 2.5 years. It sort of was. But I sqeaked out of that prison by being on the deans list 3 out of 5 semesters. Too bad it takes normal people 4 semesters!

OK, so hear we go...Willis Mulcahy vs. the Jets. LETS GO JETS!!!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

The Star Ledger refers to Mangini as "The Penquin" now. I think that is pretty funny.

Shea Gadfly said...

I don't know about race but since everyone hates someone, I have chosen to hate migrant workers. They are stealing all the good fruit picking jobs from hard working Americans.

I also hate the Giants, Rangers, Knicks, St.John's, Syracuse, Yankees (with all my heart) and stupid people who aren't attractive. Oh, and I forgot to mention handicapped people who aren't well endowed.


FiggytheMick said...

Hey fakehead, maybe if you wore a different head to Rutgers, maybe you would've had a better time. Rutgers is totally worthy of rooting for. Not only because they have NJ suddenly in national conversations about college football, but because it is an awesome school.
The people were definitely great. I had changing friends every semester, and the urban (e.g. ghetto) experience was formative to the college mind. You learned real-life lessons there too. If you were able to resist peer pressure you could learn first hand what serious drugs do to regular people. I got to peel some hot chicks life apart like an orange in cinversation while she was wasted on heroin. I had tried something called mescalin but it must have been weak.

the parties were great too. Total deathtrap fire hazards, of course, but really fun. You had great hip-hop parties, rock parties, club parties, hippie parties, sports parties. Alcohol and weed aplenty. The rest of that stuff is for the after-school- special people.

Classes were challenging, lots of girls, cool girls. Lots of hook-ups, neverending changing faces, you never had to party with the same people more than a few times. You didn't need to get involved with greek life. Good student organizations, good paper, easy access to train station to NYC or Philly, great off-campus housing,

The list goes on and on. I was very excited to see college football come to Jersey, ESPN crews and all, and for such a great school, too. Never forget my graduation there, either. Still love going back to pay tribute.

In a fitting metaphor of what the football program was like when I was there: I went to the home-opener in 1996, smuggled beers in my pant legs, before the game a couple of parachuters are coming down into the stadium. One guy gets down perfect, the other one goes into a wild spin about 200 feet up. He lands at about 40mph on the ground, spinning sideways and he bounced like a kid's rubber ball. The whole stadium was like, "OOOOOOHHHH!". The guy tries to get up but can't. There's an abulance on the field taking away a guy with two broken legs before the kickoff even happened.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Yo yo, lets keep the home grown talk off line.

Fakehead said...

Here comes the Blog Nazi again, trying to censor us!

It reminds me of this time when I was doing heroin and this guy tried to take my stash and I slashed his throat and left him for dead. That was pretty funny at the time, but then I thought about it and felt bad, because the guy had just won the lottery and I stole all his money. But then, I felt better because he was dead and he didn't need the money anyway.

Merry Christmas!

Shea Gadfly said...

That's funny because it reminded me of this time I was fucking a guy in the ass. And the guy reaches around and grabs my sack. Well, of course, I'm thinking, "what is this guy gay?"

True story...

My college didn't have a Division A football team and yet I still found a way to do illegal narcotics and date rape girls. Huh, date rape right? You know I would've never gotten laid if it weren't for date rape.

Anyway, I'll deny everything I just said if ever pressed for more information...except for that part about fucking the guy in the ass, eh Unruly. How can one deny such a beautiful moment?

Peace out Suckaz...look for a new post tomorrow:

Things You Can Use To Do Nitrous If Your Cracker Breaks & Why The Jets Need To Draft More Australian Guys

FiggytheMick said...

Let's stop defiling Unruly's family-friendly blog. He might actually type in front of his youngsters, unlike Fakehead who undoubtedly taps away snickering and muffled swearing in the wee hours of the morning when not a soul stirs. The last time I read a rant like that article about going to the Jets-Chicago game was Mein Kamph. Just kidding.

I think D-1 schools are good because there is so much culture and information available that you can go to and adopt ways of different lifestyles. I really wish I utilized the study abroad program. I remember sitting in a professor's office and reading the pamphlets while he was on a phone call. I wanted to go to Africa (for some reason, I think I wanted to see an elephant and lion) and the guy encouraged me and I totally didn't even consider it. I could've put it together AND got the credit. Dropped THAT ball. But at least I didn't wind up in Somalia with those Black Hawk Down mothereffers. Or witness a genocide. Might've made a reservation at Hotel Rwanda.
Moving to another state was dramatic in itself. I had a huge culture shock when I got to Colorado. Vastly different than NJ, people in NJ are FAR superior and the schools ABSOLUTELY BLOW AWAY the schools here. College kids who couldn't even have the right letters capitalized. Come on! I would see such atrocious spelling, punctuation, structure and the most limited vocabularies. I felt like the reincarnation of Ms. Ryan. (The 2nd grade one, not the 4th)

Only then did I see that though crowded and unsightly, Jersey produces quality people. I did all things as everyone around me did them, I was a product of my environment. The Jersey way of moving, talking, working either made curious or offended nearly everyone I met. These people talked s...l...o...w. They go one 4-minute sentances that just wander. You ask them a question and you wonder if they forgot what they were thinking about they take so long to respond. It is a maddening thing.

And Jesus Christ, they drive slow in the LEFT LANE!!!!!!! They don't get 'the passing lane' philosophy. There are no cops, or hardly any, and you can speed like a mothereffer.

It is some kind of beautiful though. The land is dramatic and awe-inspiring. It is more sunny here than Florida, no rain. Winter is usually in the 50's with lots of sun. Spring is when snow comes and you can get buried. I've seen 6 feet of snow. But it melts in 2 days because the sun comes right back out. Not like the East Coast that winds up with black plowed nastiness that hangs around for a few weeks. POWDER, never knew what they meant until I coasted through a big bank of that stuff. Like a cloud. Thought about Silver Surfer, the comic.

BUT,...everyone shoots each other, they go off the deep end. Guns are everywhere. We need to take over, make our lifestyle in this scenic location. Come on out!

I want to change my name to counter Unruly. I will now be the the 'Unruler'.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Sorry bro, you are stuck with Figger the Negro.

Yeah, people outside of NJ are all weird. People think NJ people are all obnoxioux and such. But we are not, we just cut through the pleasantries bc we know it is all bullshit. People in New England are similar to NJ too, despite the fact that Caymus lives up there. They get it.

If you go to OH and ask for directions you have to "how are you doing" for ten minutes. In Jersey you just say, "Where can I get some home grown." and the bloke will just tell you.

Smell you later negros.

Fakehead said...

You crack me up unruly.

Interesting perspective Figgy. NJ rocks, but it ain't the only great state in the Union. Every state has some good and bad qualities, except DE, it only has bad qualities.