Lets Face It, We Need a New QB

I love Chad. How could anyone not. But he is just not getting it done.

I am sorry, but I cannot deal with his inconsistent play. He turns the ball over too many times. He looks like a retarded deer when he runs with the ball. He throws the ball like I do with my left hand.

We need someone who can throw different passes than a little dinker to the running back or a lob pass to the side line.

Last weekend, Favre was throwing his passes to Donald Driver like he was trying to throw it through his chest. When Chad first game up from college, he did have some zip on the ball. We need a QB who has a little bit of that.

I think Chad is done. He has had two shoulder surgeries on his throwing shoulder. He should really just hang it up and be a QB coach on this staff.

I don't know if Clemens is the man either. He reminds me of Brooks Bollinger a little. And although I liked Brooksie, he just is not an NFL franchise QB. But I hope Clemens is the man. We wasted a 2nd rounder on him. Hopefully he is a Tom Brady or a Tony Romo sitting in the wings.

Games like yesterday's Bills game just depress me. I know this whole season is a bit of a pleasant surprise. And if we lose every game from here on out, it is still a success given what we had when we came into this season.

However, we need to think of the future. We have some great cogs on our roster. Guys like Nick Mangold, D'Brickashaw, Jerrico Crotchery, Kerry Rhodes, Jon Vilma and Bryan Thomas are the solid players we can build upon. Now we need a general at the helm. We need a RB too, dont get me wrong. But we need a QB, and Chad is not it.

It pains me to write something like this about Chad, it really does. But my patience has worn out. So keep your eyes open on the Free Agent Market and listen to see if Mel Kiper thinks there are any good college QB's coming up. Chad's head is officially on my chopping block!


FiggytheMick said...

I think that there are some good points made here, but people need to recognize how beat up Chad is. His throwing arm is being held together with spit and duct tape.
There might be some decent free agents this year if you don't want a rookie. How about Drew Bledsoe or Jake Plummer? Byron Leftwich or David Garrard might be moving. Sway Damon Huard to leave KC? Get Favre out of Green Bay?

I don't see the Jets getting either Brady Quinn or Troy Smith. Not sure how Troy Smith would do as a pro QB either.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

I would take David Garrard. Leftwich is always banged up. But Leftwich would probably be the guy available between the two. Forget Favre. Bledsoe would not last one game with the NY Media.

Jake the Snake is too shakey. We need a solid guy, like your boy Jay Cutler. I knew he was good but I am not complaining with the two lineman we picked up instead of a qb.

Chris Wenke looked pretty good yesterday. He threw for over 400 yards. But he also threw 3 picks.

Anyhow, keep your eyes open.

Fakehead said...

WHOA!!!!!!!! What the hell is going on? Yes, when Chad sucks the Jets lose, but get rid of him? Sure, he isn't have his best year, but his shoulders have been operated on and he is lucky to be playing. He is a leader and has other intangibles that make him a good Jet and he should be the starting QB. I agree that when he sucks, he really blows. There is no question about that, but the D let us down too. McGayhee ran all over them, puked, and ran over them some more.

The Jets do not need a free agent QB, they ALL BLOW!!!!!!!!!!! I would Chad over any one of the idiots mentioned above. Fucking Drew Bledsoe? I would rather have fucking Tim Couch. Jake Plummer? He is done! Bret Farve? Have you seen him play in the past 3 years, he is fucking a shell of his former self and he is 80 years old. Chris Wenke? The guys is awful and couldn't lead a bunch of kids to recess. What about Mark Brunnel? He is so good he can't even keep the starting job in Washington. Hey, I have an idea, let's bring back Troy Aikmen! Or better yet, Joe Namath himself! Wheel his drunk ass out on the field. That would be brillant!

Let's face it, the Jets just wasted a draft pick on Clemmens or whatever the fuck his name is. He is suppossedly the next Jet QB. The Jets will never get Brady Quinn and Troy Smith will not make it in the NFL, trust me. He is no Vince Young.

The Jets need to stick with Chad for the rest of the year, then figure out what they are going to do. They should keep Chad on the team to groom the next QB. Tell him he isn't the starter at the end of the year so he could focus on training his replacement, Chad will know his place and the it will benefit everyone.

Keep Chad in, this year is a win-win for the Jets, hopefully they finish with more wins than the Giants so I win forty bucks, but I'll take a winning record.

I'll tell you right now, Miami is going to beat them. They should win the other two games though.

Go Jets!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

You ended up saying exactly what I was saying so dont give me this "Whoa" talk.

Why waste the cap room and the QB spot. Let Chad be a QB coach. He is done, face it. I dont want to come to terms with it either. I loved Kenny O'Brien when he was so washed up it wasnt funny. And I paid the emotional price.

At least now, if Chad is still the starter five years from now, throwing 3 picks a game, I can say "I told you so."

I will stick with Chad this year, but Chad either better learn to throw a bullet pass in the off season or off with his head.

Caymus67 said...

Good teams find a way to win big games. After the Patriots embarassing shut out loss to the Fins, the Jets had a huge opportunity. What Caymus sees is a Jets team that is on the rise, but you have a mediocre QB. Chad will NEVER take you to the Super Bowl, so it's time to find someone who can.

Anonymous said...

Ack, get rid of Chad? For a FA? I agree with Fakehead, the alternatives suck.
As for Clemens, methinks it's a tad early to say he is not the answer.
Chad will be the starter next year. Clemens will be the #2. Then in 2008, Clemens steps in. Chad will be the backup, remember, he is cheap with his new deal.
Oh, and if we had a running game this year, Chad would not have to be relied on so much. That is where the focus in the draft this year needs to be.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Fair enough Ed. It is just sickening watching Chad throw these lob passes to the side line. I hope Clemens can throw the ball harder.