Jets Playoff Hopes...

Courtesie of Yahoo Answers:

The loss to Buffalo derailed the Jets' plans to make it to the playoffs this year. While they are not mathematically eliminanted, the plug is about to be pulled. I will assume that they will not catch NE for the divison lead. Fighting for the final two playoff spots, they have two teams ahead of them in record, and two teams tied with them for the same record. Of these four teams they own the tiebreaker only against KC (better conference record). Jacksonville has a one game lead and has beaten the Jets already this year, so essentaily the Jags have a two game lead with three to play. Barring a complete meltdown from NE and assuming the Jags are in, the Jets need to win out and hope that Denver and Cinncy don't make it to 10-6. Denver and Cinncy both play in week 16, so this makes it even more challanging for the Jets. Denver needs go 2-1, Cinncy needs to go 1-2, and/or the Jags need to go 0-3.Also if NE goes 10-6 (1-2) or 9-7 (0-3) and the Jets win out, the Jets will win the East.

First of all, thank you to the person who did that work. I was trying to figure it out on my own and had the Jets winning their division. But that was the good olde Jets fan in me trying to will a playoff birth for my Jets. Sometimes I think the NFL powers that be rely on this blog for their processes and procedures. So in my delusional Jets fan mind, I think that if they rely on this blog to see who is in the playoffs then I could put the Jets as having home field advantage all the way through the playoffs and they would beleive it. I was going to have them playing the Raiders every week of the playoffs and then having them playing the Raiders in the Superbowl.

Ok sorry, now back to reality. The Jets are in a weird spot right now. They basically need to do their part and win all of their games here on out. That is all they can control so they need to focus on what they can control.

As for all the other scenarios, lets put that in a Higher Powers hands. So lets say a prayer, "Baby Jesus, if it be your will, please let the players and coaches from the Jags, Cheifs, Broncos and Bengels get sick and lose all of their remaining three games. Perhaps a good way would have them eat at Taco Bell and get E-Coli that way nobody would know you were involved. And Baby Jesus, it if be your will, perhaps you can turn Chad Pennington into a young Brett Favre or Joe Montana. 1989 Montana would do or 1995 Favre would be nice. And if you are bringing back 1989 Montana would it be at all possible if you could bring back 1983 Joe Klecko and 1985 Mark Gastinau. And perhaps after we win the Superbowl, Baby Jesus, could you arrange to have a Death Match between 1985 Gastinau and 1977 Rocky Balboa at Madison Square Garden and donate all the proceeds to the Unruly Jets Fan Fun for Retarded People? Please make the check out to Unruly Jets Fan, I will make sure it gets to the right place. Thank you baby Jesus!"

Listen Jets fans. We have a lot to be grateful this season with the way the Jets have exceeded all of our expectations. So lets not get too crazy if the Jets don't make it to the playoffs. AND LETS GO NUTS IF THEY DO!!!

We need to go into it one game at a time. Next up, Minnasota. Now lets buckle down and go into the land of 50 lakes and fuck some shit up!!!

Jets 31 - Mini-Assholes 10

Write it down!!!!


Caymus67 said...

It's been a good year for the Jets. You have something to build for next year. But let's face it, the playoffs are not in the cards. You need to focus on improving the skill positions and your woeful run defense. As a lifetime Red Sox fan, you will appreciate the phrase "maybe next year".

FiggytheMick said...

Good Lord! Don't invoke the Red Sox while talking about the Jets! Are you trying to spread around another century-long championship curse? What if that shit is contagious? Or only appears when mentioned by name, like "Beetlejuice".
Get ahold of yourself man and change your name to Camby23, good old UMASS alum. And try not to drive like a Masshole.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

The only reason the Red Sox had a 100 year curse was bc that was punnishment for trading away Babe Ruth. The Jets have made some bone head moves in our day but nothing warrenting a curse like the Red Sox got.

But back to football. No doubt we are building and we have quite a few holes to fill. But if we make the playoffs in the process, all the better.

jet titties said...

Caymus is right. It has been a good year for the Jets. It has been a long time that it looked like we are on to something. Mangini and Shottenheimer seems to have some sort of a plan.

They've at least have intriqued Jets fans. I hope they do some smart off season things. However, if they do stupid things like pick up an aging Warren Sapp or something, I will turn on this regime in a heart beat.

But I dont see that happening though. I am very encouraged by this season, even if they lose the next three. Which they wont.

FiggytheMick said...

Tittie twist the Jets? What kind of loyalty is that?

Two words for you Jets fans: Blair Thomas

Mark Gastineua is doing well....in Rikers Island.

My favorite Jet of all time? Al Toon or Mickey Shuler who used to have to help block Lawrence Taylor in the annual Jets/Giants match-up.

I heard that Jets fans rubbed a recently-finished bottle of Jack Daniels and a Man-genie came out. Wearing his man thong,..backwards

Fakehead said...

Somebody get Miggy away from his computer, he is a madman with the comments/blogs. (Kidding, the more, the better).
The Jets MAY make the playoffs, but if they don't, it's okay. I think they are in okay shape, they need a RB and a QB though. I'm still not sold on defensive scheme either.

Regardless, Go Jets tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Figgy, you are a little late with some of your comments. We already did our favorite all time Jets. Mine is Jeff Lageman. Fakeheads is Jim McMahon and Shea Gadfly's is Pat Leahy.

We also wore out the whole Blair Thomas debacle for the first two months of this blog's exsistance.