A few years back when Jim Mora Sr. was asked about his playoff chances during a dismal season he created one of the most famous playoff time sound bites in reacting with an aggravated, "PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?"

At the beginning of the season, one of my die hard Jet fan friends announced to me that if the Jets make it to the playoffs it would be a good year. I mimicked Mora and told my friend that we would be lucky to win 5 games. A sentiment that most level headed Jet fans shared. But guess what Jet fans? My hopeful friend must have had a premonition.

Believe it or not, the playoffs are looming for our beloved. We obviously need a few things to happen and need a little help from some friends/foes around the league. But here are some quick scenarios for you to keep in mind so you can root for and against different teams in upcoming weeks in an effort to make our Jets playoff hopes greater

The best thing for the Jets is to make it into one of the two Wild Card spots, which it looks like 4 teams are fighting for them right now. The Jets, Bengals, Jaguars and Broncos are vying for the Wild Card. The Jets are probably sitting the best spot out of any of them.

New York Jets: The Jets are 8-6 and have two games left. They play a 6-8 Miami team and a 2-12 Raider team. If we win those two games, we should be in the playoffs. However, a few losses amongst the following teams would only help.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are currently 8-5, and have won the last 4 in a row. However, they face Indianapolis tonight. Then they play Denver and finish up with Baltimore. In my opinion, if the Bengals get past Indy tonight they are going to be the team we need to root against more than anyone. Denver and Baltimore are not doing so hot these days. The Bengals are hitting their stride a little bit and could very well win the next three.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The fact that the Titans caught them with their pants down this weekend was huge for the Jets. However, I hope karma doesn't work against us on with Jacksonville, since we forgot to show up when we played them earlier this week.

Denver Broncos: Figgy's team is currently 8-6 as well. However, they have their hands full against Cinci and Al Gore and the San Francisco 69ers. What we really need the Broncos to do is beat the Bengals and then lose to San Fran. They are starting a rookie QB and have the chips stacked against them the most out of any of these Wild Card contenders.

What we really need to focus on our side of the street. And that means we need to win this weekend against Miami, in Miami.

This will not be an easy task. I predict a low scoring game. Lets hope Mangini's game plan includes shutting down the run and confusing blitz packages against Ron Farrington.

Jets 16 - Dolphins 10


FiggytheMick said...

Yes Unruly, the Jets are in better standing. However, the Broncos looked nasty yesterday. I don't know if you saw the game or not, Cutler threw 65 yards in the air like it was 20. He has a CANNON. He's settling down nicely too. Accurate and poised. Cincy has the worst pass defense in the NFL, and they lose a player a week to an arrest.

I think the Broncos have the easier schedule down the stretch. Cincy will be tough but Champ and Co. should play well against them.

Hopefully, the Jets will have a game plan against the dangerous Fish. I wouldn't want to play Miami. But the weather might be better there than in Jersey. And it would be nice if at least ONE out of the three NY teams made the playoffs.

The goddamn motherfucking pussy shithead whiner baby entitled asshole cocksuckin' ass-lickin' dog-shit-eating New York motherfucking Giants shit all over themselves AGAIN this weekend. We need a personality transplant and therapy for bed-shitting. Forget all the injuries, the Giants are sad and weak, they have a few bad apples.

Fuck faggot-ass Jeremy shockey and fuck Plax Buress. They think they are so great and give everyone shit. Then they get their opportunity to save the day and they drop the fucking ball or give up on their route or turn the wrong fucking way. Fuck both of them in the ass, nose, mouth, ears and eye sockets. Accorsi needs to ship their good-for-nothing asses to a secret CIA prison in Derka-Derka, chain them to a floor in a room where they can enither sit nor stand, feed them pig mucous only for 17 years and then ween them off of that good stuff by feeding them orangutan shit that has been in the tropical sun fermenting for 10 hours.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

There, there my Giant Fan Friend. I am sorry, but your team is in trouble. Eli gets worse every week. He really reminds me of Dave Brown. If it weren't for him writing the Davinci Code, that guy would have killed himself a long time ago.

At any rate, I think any of these teams can make it. But our Jets only need to worry about themselves.

jet titties said...

Chad looked good yesterday. Hope Indy beats Cinci tonight. I was like Unruly, I would have been sort of contented with 6 wins.

We need Chad to play good this weekend. And Cheer up Giants Fan. You only have 5 more years of Mannings contract then you can draft Matt Simms who is in high school right now. Ha ha ha!

Eli is definately NOT the titties.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Shea, I love Figgy's new look!

FiggytheMick said...

I like my new look as well. Thanks!

Grrrrrr, I will accept my comeuppance like a man. What can you do? I don't think the boat is totally sailed on him yet, he's 25. If he had better coaches and better players he'd be more like Rex GRossman in Chicago. He gets another year in my book.

Plus, Bob Whitfield is horrendous at backup tackle, he's so old and slow and cannot pass protect. Defense sucks at the wrong times, 4th qtr. mental weakness, stupid penalties, prima donna skill positions = lost season.

The J-E-T-S, however have a bright future. They all seem to play for each other.

Fakehead said...

Face it Fig, the Giants blows and Eli swallows. I'll take a Chad over him any day.

As for the Broncos, Tatem Bell was on my ff squad, and he fucking sucked when I needed him most. That aside, the Broncs are NOT beating the Bengals. I agree that Cutler has a cannon and may be pretty good with time, he's not going to beat the Bengals. Not going to happen.

Most importantly, GO JETS! They played well yesterday, I'm proud of them. And the more I see Mangini the more I am beginning to actually like him. Maybe his being a hard ass is paying off. Shit, the Giants coach is suppossedly a hard ass and look how fucking stupid and undisciplined his squad is. Penalties out the wazoo. The Jets don't commit a lot of penalties and they are quietly performing for a guy they may or may not like, but at least they respect him.

I think the Jets will beat the 'Fins. There is no question they should win out the rest of the season. That being said, whether they will is in the hands of Chad. It's the same song all year, the Jets rise and fall with Chad. Hopefully he takes the challenge head on and I can have a playoff party for the Jets.

Let's Go Jets!

jet titties said...

I think there are too many black people on the Jets!

jet titties said...

I dont really feel that, but no one has been writing anything good so I thought I would spice things up. You guys are getting too serious lately. Your much more interesting when you talk about racism issues.

The Jets are going to do their part. Have faith o ye of little titties!

Shea Gadfly said...

Racism is so like ten minutes ago.

Gag me with a spoon.

Anti-semitism is where it's at...oh, and unpatriotic Islamo Facist sympathisizing.