Yo, for real, you's a racialist!

A few months back I was driving home from a work event in Massachussets when I was listening to Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio. The topic of discussion was the Knicks debacle. Going against my golden rule to never be one of these pathetic callers on talk radio I picked up the phone and dialed the number they repeated 10 times.

Since I had a four hour ride in front of me, all I really wanted to do was have something to keep my mind off the long drive. So I was going to tell Stephen, who I thoroughly enjoy listening to, that this Knicks team is young and they need to stick with Coach Larry Browns "system".

While I was on hold for 40 minutes, and feeling like the biggest loser for calling. During that time they changed the topic from the Knicks to racism in sports. Apparently Bryant Gumble, who is a bigger idiot than these pathetic talk radio callers, had caused some sort of a stir about some border line racism thing that I cannot even remember. It was so stupid that I couldn't even believe that Stephen A. brought it up.

So as I was listening to Stephen A. rant about racism in sports I started to boil up a little bit. I could not stop thinking how pro sports is probably the best neutralized of racism in America. The producer of the radio show jumped on my phone line while I was on hold and asked if I could talk about this topic. I gladly ablidged.

Finally Stephen picked up the phone and said, "OK Unruly, what's on your mind?" I blurted out, "Stephen, there is no better neutralized of racism in America than sports." I went on to tell him that I am a middle-American white guy from middle class New Jersey and that when I watch football or baseball or basketball I do not view these guys as white or black. I just picture them as Michael Strahan or Duane Wade or Bernie Williams.

Stephen, who is a black man, replied with something to the effect that racism is alive and well and we all need to keep talking about it and then it will finally go away. Right when he was about to hang up I blurted out that with all due respect the topic of racism is boring. Not to demean any victims of racism and their feelings, but it gets way to much publicity.

But, I really thought about what he said. And respect his position that racism is alive and well. I really do not know what it is to be black and dealing with race issues. And I know racism is alive and well. And in some parts of the country I am sure it is worse than other parts.

However, I disagree with the idea that we need to keep talking about it. Perhaps Stephen needs to keep talking about it, but I really do not think that if we all keep talking about it that it will somehow magically disappear.

Last year, Morgan Freeman was on 60 Minutes. The interviewer brought up the topic of racism. Now, Morgan is a very mature, wise old black man who has probably seen it all. He casually replied, "Racism will disappear when we stop talking about it."

I think Morgan is right on target. The less we talk about racism the more it will go away. I believe people like Bryant Gumble and Stephen A. Smith publicly bringing up racism just adds logs to the fire.

Recently the Rev. Jesse Jackson publicly called out to all rappers to stop using the "n" word in their music. I thought this idea was great and right in line with what Morgan Freeman was saying. But then the next week Jackson was standing next to Al Sharpten on TV saying the NYPD are racists. He is not helping anything to do with stopping racism.

Now I know coming from a white person, victims of racism will poo poo anything I am saying. And I cannot stand before African-American people from a mountain top and say, "we cannot talk about racism any more." It still does exist. And I think some black people need to talk about it, probably in the confines of a psycho-therapist to get through their own personal issues with it.

The only person who I can control is myself. And you can only control yourself. So I stop talking about racism and you stop talking abour racism, it will eventually disappear. So stop talking about it. Now!

Plus, it is the damn Muslims that are creating all the problems in the world. Just kidding!


FiggytheMick said...

Good points, Unruly. The subject of racism is buried in the past, as the country endured, and then had to redefine itself after the Civil War.
I agree that sports neutralizes the deeply-held belief or inferiority or just chic racist talk because the viewer concentrates on the game-winning shot. And then all races of that team's fans celebrate equally as jubilantly as each other. Hugs, hi-fives, holding hands up to the sky, one single finger (the index one, of course) - all universally understood signals that transcend language and appearance, education or perceived lack thereof.
I also find it interesting that Boston has had a continuing reputation where it is hard for minority sports stars because of 'racial' treatment. The list is numerous of stars that want no part of the city of Boston because of the slurs and audible deredation that is hurled at them, especially after a loss.
Boston, the seat of abolitionism that pestered and provoked a mid-19th Century US Congress to divide the Union or bring on the fight to preserve it in the name of human rights is the very same place where minorities, especially African-Americans, would rather avoid altogether.
It is hard to image legends such as Bill Russell or Robert Parrish getting poor treatment.
You should have suggested that Stephen A. cough up 100 bucks and get his DNA analyized, find out what tribes he hails from, journey abroad to them and soak it all in. Let the healing begin. This is who you descend from, like their way of living? then cash out and move there. If not, maybe suggest - like the great Jim Brown did on your show- that the media and the youth on the streets stop perpetuating threatening and rightfully illegal behavior. It's a point of view and an identity, but what are you perpetuating upon YOURSELVES, Stephen A., by reinforcing the casual usage of the n-word by insisting as using it as a friendly greeting to all other black men, but only black men may use the phrase?
I believe Bill Cosby echoes these sentiments as well.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Great points about these African Americans not referring to themselves as the "n" word. Too bad your points are "perpetuated", as you say, by the fact that you refer to yourself as Figgy the Mick. You might as well be calling yourself, Figger the "N" word, while you are making these great points.

At any rate, it is too bad that Parrish and Russell had to endure those racial slurs.

More African American icons like Jimmy Brown, Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman need to come out of the woodwork. The younger generation needs to take heed from these guys.

Fakehead said...

Again, those african americans, (Kerry Rhodes and Jericho Cotchery) played awesome, along with the caucasin(Chad) at least in the first half.

Go Jets! HUGE game next week, Buffalo is always tough, and they are hitting their stride, despite some recent setbacks.

Shea Gadfly said...

I will not stop using the "n" word until they (The Man) frees Mummia.

Seriously though, blacks can use whatever words they want and so can I...People need to stop being such pussies. If you admit that you are a little bit racist, it's good. You know why? Because everyone is...Blacks, Browns, Yellows, & Oranges...I don't give a flying fart who you are...You don't like someone for a prejudged reason. It doesn't always make you wrong, it doesn't always make you right. It makes you human. Blacks need to stop being victims & Whites need to stop pigeon holing minorities...they also need to stop feeling guilty about slavery. Give it a rest. My family didn't get here until the Civil War was already going on so they never got the chance to own slaves...if they had the chance who knows, they might have...why not? They were slaves in their homeland...do you think this is wrong? If you do, then you are probably a pussy or just dishonest. Black or white, Red or Brown people need to look beyond race, religion and all the other bull shit they use as a crutch to support their weak existence.

Oh, and I'll add a mother fucker so you ignant niggaz hear me.

PS - I call Jews Canadians so they won't know I'm talking about them...

PSS - I'm kidding...

PSSS - Sort of...

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Shea is right. When his people came over in the late 1800's the Irish were the African Americans of their time, so they wouldn't have the chance to own slaves.

A good barometer of who is at the bottom of the race in America is to look at who the Heavy Weight Champ is. Back then it was Dempsey.

God, I told you race is a fun subject to make fun of.

Nobody I know... said...

I don't think I could ever own a slave. That's fucked up. Look at the new form of slavery today, sex slaves. The shit is depressing. I always ask my pimp for a voluntary whore when I go to a brothel now. I don't want any sex slave who isn't into it.

I call Jews Hawaians. Most people I know call african americans "Canadians." Either way, I'm sure they know (except for the Jewish people maybe) what we are talking about.

FiggytheMick said...

I got accused of being 'anglophobic' in an essay and interpretation final exam in my Blacks in Western Art class at Rutgers. Got an A however on the paper.

Therefore, I am an authority on race that none of you have credentials for. You should all shut up and listen to me, period.

You never would've gotten busted at Brooklake if you had listened to me then. Unruly, you never would have had your world shattered if you had just listened and kept believeing that I was C-3PO and Gary Coleman was R2-D2. Shea, -Go Mets!- you never would've conceded that the X-men were superior to the Fantastic Four as a superhero team. The movies prove it.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Since you are anti-anglo we might as well call you "the figger".

Hey Figger, get the car and drive me to the mall!

FiggytheMick said...

Livingston, Short Hills or Willowbrook? I bought a powerball ticket today, which means that next week you will be my cheauffer.
Got a part-time job writing horoscopes for the Rocky Mountain News. I'm stuck on Virgo, any suggestions?