Caymus67 said...
Rushing - Advantage Patriots
Passing - Advantage Patriots
Run Defense - Advantage
PatriotsPass Defense - Advantage Patriots
Special Teams - Advantage Patriots
Coaching - Advantage Patriots
Intangibles - Advantage Patriots

Fakehead said...
Belicunt is going to fucking hell.

Gaflo O'Paddywagon said...
Chad needs to carry this team.

Ed from Westchester said...
We don't "play to win the game", we win because Herm is no longer here.

FiggytheMick said...
If the Jets follow my stradegy they will win. Trust me, I've been trapped in 10 feet of snow for the last two weeks so I've had a lot of time to plan it out.

JetTitties said...
The playoffs are the titties!

and UnrulyJetsFan said...
LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen up folks...we are getting closer to one of the biggest games in recent history. This is it. The Jets vs. the Pats. I know we've been talking about this all week, but I am really feeling the Jets could pull this off.

This game is the epitome of why we have this blog. This game is the main reason we link to this blog every day. This game is the reason why we love the Jets.

All year we've been posting, talking smack and researching all the stat sites to post good blogs. We've met some interesting fellows (when I say interesting I mean crazy and when I say crazy I am referring to JetTitties). We've bought into a 35 year old coach's regime. We've seen Chad come back to pro quaterback form, something none of us thought he would do. We've seen the emergence of people like Kerry Rhodes and Nick Mangold. We saw our Jets, who none of us thought they would win 4 games, finnish 10-6.

10 and fucking 6. And you know what, we are in the fucking playoffs!!! And guess what, Caymus is right on all his points above. The Pats have a far more better running game. Shit, we don't even have a real running back. And the New England passing game is far superior to ours. Our QB lofts balls that hang up there for what seems for anyone to grab. They have a better defense, coach and all around team.

But do you want to know why the Jets will win Sunday? Huh, do you want to??? For the same reason we are 10-6 in a season where we supposed to finnish dead last. Why? For the same reason Chad Pennington wasn't supposed to come back. Why? Because of the same reason a 35 year old coach who was a water boy two years ago, can be our fearless leader.

In the movie Rocky Balboa, Rocky tells his son, "Being a winner is not about how many punches you land, but about how many punches you take and keep going." Our beloved Jets have taken many big blows this year. But we keep going.

This Sunday we will be up in the ring in Foxboro. And no doubt Tom Brady and the Pats Defense will be laying some big blows on us. But this Jets team will keep moving forward. Because they beleive in themselves and in one another. It will not be pretty up there in Foxboro, but our Jets will be prepared.

Caymus and his buddy Skinner asked me to come up to Foxboro this weekend. And although, driving 7 hours, sleeping on Skinners couch and driving the 7 hours home all in 24 hours would be worth it to see the heavy weight bout, I gracefully declined. And the only reason I am not going is I am taking Mrs. UnrulyJetsFan to NYC for the night. Trust me, I seriously considered cancelling the babysitter and heading up North.

I would love the chance to go into that stadium with my Chad Pennington jersey to route my team on. However, I will settle for my couch and my bag of popcorn. But I will still have the jersey on and will be routing hard.

Lets get it up Jet Fans!!! J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!!!


FiggytheMick said...

DE's need to contain Maroney to middle of the line where Vilma is waiting for him. Corey Dillon I think the jets can handle, tho he's a good goal-line back. Oh yaeh, cover linebacker Mike Vrabel on goal-line too.

Take care of Reche Caldwell deep and I think it would be hard for the Pats to win if the Jets don't turn the ball over.
Brady gets frustrated when he gets knocked around a lot. But he also plays better when he gets mad, so that's a fine line the Jets need to dance. But I don't think there are any cheap shot artists on the Jets D. Not like Rodney 'I'm gonna miss the game with a leg injury' Harrison.

If the jets are healthy they have a shot. The Chargers might be getting banged up.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Unruly. The Jets are not suppossed to win this game, at least according to the media. That means they have nothing to lose and they need to leave it all out there on the field.
(For the record, you should have gone to the game - I'm busting, I know it would have caused you a lifetime of bitching if you did).
Leave it to Unruly to weave in a fucking Rocky movie to prove his point.
However, I think Unruly made a good point about the Rocky movies. Like the Pats' offensive and defensive schemes, just because a formula has worked in the past (just like Rocky I and II) it does mean that it will be successful in the future (i.e. all of the other Rockys, including the most awful, V). It's time for a new way of thinking/coaching and playing to take over. That being of the Jetropolitans.

I'm not sure that the Pats have a better coach than the Jets, but they certainly have a better defense and a more experienced team. But the Jets have more heart and determination than most teams in the NFL. That being said, they should stop looking for credit about how good they were this year until the end of the season and just play.

Finally, I have to disagree from a personal standpoint about writing good blogs. My blogs did not have the benefit of statistical research, good grammer or any such things. I probably made up stats (if I even used them), I swore more than the average person, I mispelled words (although not as bad as "route" instead of "root") and I rarely talked about the Jets. That being said, it was a pleasure joining this blog and I look forward to writing more about the Jets' victory (and other topics) on Monday.


FiggytheMick said...

Don't forget to thank the Academy, Fakehead.

Unruly said...

We need to stop the running game and rattle Greg Brady.

Figgy, I know, Fakehead is getting all sentimental here. Fakehead, we have 4 more weeks of football left.

I can't wait for the game. I have no idea who Fakeheads freinds are anymore but I am going anyhow.

I am Bringing Unruly Jets Fan Jr. He has a Santana Moss Jersey, but I am going to tape Crotchery over Moss's and no one will know the difference. Plus, I have a Chad Jersey so everyone will know we are some serious Jets fans.