The Week In Review

Here is the week in review, something that might be a regular depending on reviews. So here we go.

1) First of all, I have been treated like the ugly step child by Blogger. Those fucking bastards have found a way to lock me out of their stupid blog hosting site. Ever since they sold out to Google, I have had more problems. I signed up for their "New Account" and have had issues logging on ever since. Hense, my name is always in "black" lettering bc it doesn't recognize my password. I installed Internet Explorer 7 and updated my Norton Anti Virus and now I get on. But it is still sketchy. Sorry, but I had vent a little bit about it.

2) One more thing about Blogger and locking me out. FUCK YOU! Ok, I feel a little better. But only a little.

3) A judge ordered all three of the main Duke Lacross players to take a paternity test to see if anyone of them are the father of the defendant in the Duke Rape Case that was dismissed. Boy that would complicate things if one of them is the father. But I don't know why they would need a paternity test. All they need to do is see if the baby is driving a Bentley and they will know it was one of the Duke boys. OH! I am here all week. Try the veal sausages. But only eat them, Fakehead, they are not for inserting into any suspicious places

4) Pedigree horse Barbaro's recovery process is delayed by an ailing hoof. Awe common, why don't they just cut his balls off and shoot em already. That is all they are really keeping him around for anyhow.

5) Many people thought President Bush blew his chance of redeeming his reputation at this weeks Address to the People. I really don't feel like commenting on this as it is too serious of a topic. But fuck it...looks like he is going to kill another few thousand troops and a few more hundred thousand Iraqi's. Great legacy Bush! Thanks for the scariest 8 years in American History. Try the veal sausages why don't you. Fakehead will show you what to do with them. Fuck you.

6) Mark McQuire was snubbed by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Big suprise! But I think it is really great that the Hall of Fame will not let anybody into the Hall who has done steriods....I am kidding of course.

7) Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnel continue to hash out their difference, much to the horray of the media. I think it is so funny when Donald calls Rosie a "Fat Pig". Because, no matter what she says after that doesn't matter bc that comment just houses her. He can just say, "You're a Fat Pig." Period. End of Story. Rosie is done after that.

8) Yvonne De Carlo, who played Lily on the Munsters, died this week at the age of 84. You had to love that show with Herman, Grandpa, Eddie, Cousin It, etc. Great programming right there. But not for nothing, I thought Lily was dead 200 years ago. OH, keep eating the veal sausages!!! Fakehead, did you really "eat" all those sausages? How did you make so many dissappear so fast?

9) Two Middlesex County, NJ assembly men are trying to pass legislature that would provide a lottery for voters. So if you are a register voter and you vote during a state election, you could win 1 million dollars. I say do it. They will definately get more people interested in the election if there is a chance to make a cool million. It is sad to say, but true.

10) The New York Football Giants are sticking with Coach Tom Caughlin for one more year. Many think they are holding off for recently retired Steelers Coach Bill Cowher. I think Cowher was always over rated. But he couldn't be worse than the Caughinator. I don't think I could take more than a year of seeing Caughlin on the side lines with his arms up in the air with this stupid look on his face.

11) Time magazine changed their delivery format this week. They are screwing me all up. Now instead of delivering the magazine on Tuesdays, they deliver it on Fridays. The move was put into place because they polled membership and found that most readers settled down to read the magazine over the weekend. At which time, all of the news stories are a bit old. So now, the over the weekend, the stories are now fresher. Those mother f'ers never polled my ass (settle down Fakehead). I would have rejected that idea. But frankly, I just don't like change. The idea actually makes sense. I guess I will warm up to it. Fuck you Blogger...I am still pissed. And I am blaming this Time thing on you too.

12) The AP this week reported that David Beckham is coming to America to play football for the LA Galaxy for a reported $250,000,000 over 5 years. I am sorry AP, but it is called soccer. And it is a girls sport for losers. Good luck Beckham, and you better start spending that $250,000,000 here in the states to help our economy you gay faggot. Hey, I don't know why I am ragging on this guy. I really don't even know him. I say, good for him. Aparently he is quite popular in European countries like China and Africa. I hope he can make soccer more popular in the states. My daughter needs a role model.

13) An article in the New York Times reported that a meteorite crashed through the roof of a Freehold Twp, NJ house, destroying their upstairs bathroom. How did this not make national headlines? I mean, space rocks are flying to earth and causing that much damage and I find it in some small article in the NY Times. So you could be driving down the road and all of a sudden your car gets hit and just bursts into flames??? I don't know, but this sounds a little crazy. The people now own this rock and all these scientists want to study it. But the house owners have not released it. Apparently they can sell it but the article did not say how much for. Didn't sound like a lot of money. But if that happened to me, I would be like, "You mother fuckers are going to have to wait." If a rock came crashing through my roof from outer space, you better fucking beleive there ain't no-studying this thing until I have a good look at it.

14) And last but not least, Ebay is reporttedly going to buy Stub Hub for $310 million dollars. Are you fucking kidding me??? Stub Hub has only been around for like 2 years. And it was probably made up by some drop out loser who is 22 years old. But this is why I created this blog. Soon, the four of us will be sort of cult hero's in the blog world (I say four because I know no one else reads this blog). And one day, hopefully sometime this year, AOL will call me up and say we would like to buy the rights to your blog for $250,000,000. And if you three guys play your cards right, you will do alright. In fact I have already drawn up the splits. I thought it would only be right if I split it evenly, so Fakehad gets 5%, Figgy gets 5% and Pacraig gets 5%. Ha ha ha, I am only kidding you guys. It would be properly...and when I say properly I mean you better not fucking piss me off or your fucked! And stay away from the fucking veal sausages Fakehead, you've had enough.

Hope this blog finds you well and have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're a regular Jerry Lewis, Unruly. While I have a lot to say, I am leaving work now so at this point I will say this:
Beckham is not even close to a fag as he is banging Posh Spice. However, I agree that after 9 years old, soccer is a fag sport. (Unless you are from Europe or Latin America, they love that shit, I think they call it "futbol" or something, fucking rip offs, everyone knows the NFL came first). ha ha

FiggytheMick said...

I heartily agree to settle for 5% of that total. I'll take my $12,500,000 and be quiet.
Beckham is in an American area of soccer interest in SoCal with all the Hispanics. But will his English act be emulated by that group that most avidly follows soccer? And will they root for the LA Galaxy over, say, Mexico? I think the double problem with soccer in America is that people who enjoy it here are fans of other countries' teams. It's a nationalistic thing.
And the reason for its widespread popularity is the scant resources you need. As most of the world is poor.

The Google thing is a pain in the ass. Unruly, how about a tee time in early April, 9th-11th? Or perhaps an evening b-ball game somewhere with others?

Poor Barbaro, he was an exciting horse, my girl got me into betting on the Kentucky Derby and Preakness and such. Its kinda fun. Reminds me of the Monmouth racetrack that we used to go to with my grandparents as kids. Not so much the 'glitz' of the Meadowlands, if you could call it that.

It was 8 degrees at the peak heat of the day today. It was 3 degrees at 7pm. If I die from a killer storm, it was fun writing on this blog for a while. maybe I'll walk on the glacier to Nebraska and hitch a ride to NJ, but we'll see. I'm assuming total anarchy and chaos.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Figgy, We are on for an April tee time. I will set it up. We can play at my club (aka the County Course).

Are you having a hard time logging on to this blog too? I will see if our resident IT guy see's any issues as well. Hey Pointdexter (Pacraig), can you look into any issues logging on?

Figgy, not for nothing but you have to fight for your 25% a little harder. There are four contributing writers here. Why would you settle for 12.5 mil when
you are probably rightly entitled to $62.5 mil. Don't worry, when we sell out, it will be fair. But I am already considering deducting some points because all of your complaining about the winter weather in CO.

As for Monmouth Race track, I basically grew up on it. My parents would drag me to the shore as a kid but instead of going to the beach every day, they took me to the track and I had to hang out in the Grand Stands with their alcoholic track pals. Although I was a D student in math, at age 11 I could calculate the odds of horses in any race better than most math teachers.

In the 80's when most kids had favorite sports stars, like Joe Montana or Larry Bird, I had a favorite horse. His name was Spend-A-Buck. He was actually an up and commer back in the day. But as my beloved Jets do, he would always come upshort in the 11 hour.

Anonymous said...

I'm in for the golf or basketball. I'll learn how to play by April (and by that I mean I'll just play in April).

More to say later but gotta run right now.

Unruly said...

fakehead, you'll be fine with the golf. You'll suck just as bad as me with two years of playing under my belt.

As for you, Figgy...we will be playing for money since you are such a big shot on the linx. I say we play for your share of the royalties of the sale of this blog.

FiggytheMick said...

Uhh, I played for the first time last June. I am not a big shot and was hoping you would help me. I have Mondays off so I plan on practicing every week, that is when the Arctic moves outta here, which it still hasn't yet. Some of these side roads are like Mongolia, still not plowed with 6 inches of pot-holed ice. Glad I pay taxes.

The City of Denver has 6 courses. Costs 26 bucks to play 18 holes and it is real quality. I took my Dad to a course called Fossil Trace in June (my first time on a course) that had all this upheaved rock in the foothills of the Rockies and stuff with fossils sticking out, big footprints and stuff. My Dad loved it.

I will be returning to the USA and NJ on April 8th and then flying back to Colorado on April 12th. So I was hoping that we could do it the 9th, 10th or 11th. Problem is those days are Mon, Tues, Wed. Let me know what you can do with this advance notice Unruly. Fakehead I understand if you wouldn't be able to guess. But it would be fun, we should play.

FiggytheMick said...

Oh, that's okay, 12.5 mill will be fine. I've only been blogging for a short time. I'm like Ernie Hudson (the black guy in Ghostbusters) who comes on late but still part of the team.

unurly said...

I am just busting around Figgy of course. I give you some tips on the first two holes. The 16 remainder will be for money.

Oh, I am on a roll lately. Thanks for the advanced notice. I will take the day off. Perhaps Brian can too. That will be cool if we could all get together. Perhaps even the Gadfly would want to get in on the action.

At any rate, I am going to read your blog now fig.

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