Bring it on Tommy Boy!

Looks like we are going to have our hands full on January 14th. You see folks, that is the day the Jets will face the L.T. and the San Diego Chargers. There is no containing L.T. so I say we shut off Phillip Rivers and let their running game do what they want. It is a costly gamble but that team is too good.
The Chargers also have a strong defense. Definately not going to be an easy one. But I have a feeling we can do it.
And I was wrong about the Raiders game. Jets were all business yesterday shutting Raider Nation down.
As for any Patriot Fans who are reading this blog. Consider your season over. Mangini and the Jets are coming back up to Foxboro for another bitch slapping session. My suggestion is you guys forfiet the game as you will save a whole bunch of heart break that way.
I am going to keep it real simple for you. The score of next weeks game is going to be 35 - 13, in favor of the Jets. I say 13 for you losers because you will score two TD's and your kicker will miss one extra point. I am predicting he will also miss two FG's as well. That will be the "universes" way of saying fuck you for letting Veniteri go.
I am looking forward to the warm weather of San Diego already!


seb said...

the jets will win but it wont be as easy as you say. While the pats team isnt as strong as it was they still won the divison and some tough games. 23-20 jets in a thriller. however you will not beat the chargers with your philosophy, anyone who lets LT does his thing will loose the key to beating the chargers is to make rivers work, stack the line and force rivers to beat you.

Caymus67 said...

What does Jet fan think about being a 9 point underdog? It seems a little low to Caymus...Patriots 31 Jets 13

Ed in Westchester said...

Brady - Beaten

Belichicken - abused

Vinateri - oh wait, that's right, they let their clutch kicker go over a few thousand $.

I can't wait for this game. I expect a beating. I want Mangenius to show Fat Billy up.
And when it is over, fuck him, no handshake for that fat ball-less fuck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ed. Fuck that jerkoff Bellicock. He is a fucking jerkoff and I hope for almost that reason alone that the Jets win. I want to see his season end by the Jets' hand. Unloyal my ass! Can't a brother get a job? Fucking Bellicocksucker, that motherfucker.



FiggytheMick said...

Don't worry fakehead. mangini used to be Belicheck's copy boy (they met in the copy room). He has secretly microfilmed everything for years. This is kind of like Gruden facing the Raiders in the Super Bowl, now its just a matter of execution on the Jets parts.

Hard to think about the season in Denver now. This is the most fucked up thing ever, losers at Kenyon Martin's b-day bash follow a limosuine with some shit talkers, spray it and kill a helluva player who wasn't even involved in the arguement. I go on record as saying that Denver's 'gangster' crowd is the fucking dumbest of all time.

Anonymous said...

That is fucked up. Stupid shit man, stupid shit.
K Mart was always a loser, so are his friends I guess.

I can't believe the Broncos shit the bed on the field though. The fucking Chiefs made the playoffs instead? I hate the Chiefs, because of Herm. He is a loser too. Why can't he get killed in a drive-by? JUST KIDDING! He's not that bad. He just wasted the best years the Jets had on his stupid conservative play calling.

Anyway, peace out.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Lets here it for Seb in taking part in this blog. And Ed in Westchester. Everyone go over to Ed;s blog and give him some props. His is the Orange, Green and Blue Cafe. There is a link on the side.

Where is Dyl?

At any rate, I really think the Jets can do it. I dont say that unless i really feel it in my gut. I think karma is going to work against Belliache.

Expect a lot of chatter from Caymus and his Patriot terrorist cells. The Security Alert is on bright red in regards to that.

You are funny Caymus with your 9 point underdog talk. You weren't laughing so hard the last time you hosted Gang Green.

Ed in Westchester said...

Thanks Unruly.

Belichicken actually acknowledged Eric by name the other day saying he has done a good job with the Jets. I think he's trying the old Jedi Mind Trick on Mangini. But Eric is too smart.

Remember Rocky 2 when Mick had him learn to fight Righty, but then would not switch to lefty during the fight? I want the Jets to play one way, then switch it up in the second half, confusing the fat fuck and making him look stupid.

Let's send Vilma after Brady to pull a Mo Lewis on his ass and break his ribs like Bledsoe. Then Vinnie T will have to play.

I have never forgiven Belichicken for "I hereby resign as HC of the NYJ". The fat bastard. I want Eric to own his ass. I want him to be able to give Bill the 1 finger salute.

Ed in Westchester said...

Oh, and then next week, we get to see the son show the father how to coach in a big game. Brian will make Marty cry. Of course, Brian won't be invited home for dinner anytime soon, but the love from the Jets fans will make it all better.

Anonymous said...

9 points - three words - Take the Jets.

I couldn't agree with Ed more.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Eric won't fall for the Jedi mind trick. On that note I cannot dismiss the similarities from Star Wars and this Belechick - Mangini thing. You got the old man who said fuck you to the Empire and formed his own Evil Rebellion up in MA. Then you have Eric ManWalker succeeding with good energy. And then Darth BeleVader tries to suck out all the good energy by snubbing him after the first Jets/Pats game.

Then you got the OB1 ParCoby down in Dallas observing his fallen compadre and his young son making good.

I dont know...I am too busy to get that creative but i think I was on to something.

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

What did I say last week?

Jets 45 Raiders 11?

Well it wasn't that bad but it was a beatdown. Anyway, I am looking forward to this weekend which is weird. I'm getting two teeth pulled on Friday but I am still optimistic.

Why you might ask?

Well, I agree with UJF that Belli-ache will rue the day he ever tangled with the good side of the force. In fact I think we will see him over-coach this game on Sunday. You know he wants to win but he might drive his players crazy in an attempt to outwit his former student.

Jets 45 Patriots 11

Lets hope I'm wrong on the right side again...

Caymus67 said...

This is the playoffs and the Patriots do not lose home playoff games. The Jets will have to play a perfect game to win and Caymus doesn't see that happening. Maybe Vinny will throw another TD during mop up time to give the Jets fans something to cheer for. It's been a good regular season for the Jets, but the mentor beats the protege on Sunday.

Ed in Westchester said...

The mentor will be left beating himself after Sunday. Unless he finds some other married woman to do it for him.