A Fitting Jets Poem


by Unruly Jets Fan

'Twas two weeks after Christmas, and all through the city
The Jet fans tuned into Foxboro, and it wasn’t pretty;
Magnini had set his line up with care,
In hopes that a flight to San Diego soon would be there;
Barlow and Blaylock were not in the plans,
So visions of negative yard rushes could leave Jet fans;
And Benny in his Jets jersey , and me in my Jets cap,
we turned on the tube, for an afternoon to clap,
The kickoff happened and the Pats got the ball,
we buckled down to watch, Jets D to start to maul.
Right down the field, they flew like a flash,
Dillon tore up the running game, right down the hash.

The Pats on the 10th play of the opening drive
Handed it to Corey for an 11 yard dive,
They came down so fast, I wanted to shut my young sons eyes,”
But these are the NEW Jets”, I said with some pride,
And onto the field, they came on so quick,
I knew in a moment it’s all because of Er-ic.
More than ever it seems, the Ghost of Leon has answered our prayers,
Chad audibled, and shouted, and motioned his players;
"On Baker, on Crotchery, on Coles”, he pleaded”

Just follow the game plan, and we will not be defeated”.
On that warm winter day, the Jets were ready,
Nugent got a quick three, and the defense played good too,
and for 77 yards, down the field Crotchery flew.

And then they got a first down, and then got another
It was 10-3. “We might win this thing,” I said to my brother.
And yet the Jets manage to do again for another season,
the Jets beat themselves without any good reason.
Gostkowski kicked three field goals,
Daniel Graham caught a TD despite his loose traction;
Even Assante Samuel got into the action,

But Jet fans have got to stop.
We went 10-6 in a season that was supposed to be a flop.
Oh, Superbowl hopes, dim as a Christmas bulbs glow.
The Jets go to into draft mode, that is where the Jets go.
Oh we’ll watch the rest of the playoffs, there’s no doubt about that.
But my Pennington jersey goes into the closet, and so does my Jets hat.
A year ago, this young coach made all Jet fans squirm.
Now the consensus is. “Thank God we got rid of Herm.”
I hope Tannenbaum & Mangini scout wide and far,
Because unbeknownst to them, they have just set the bar.
Tonight, when I put Benny down to bed, he looked at me with eyes that said,
“The Jets are finally on the right track dad”.
I gave him a kiss, tucked him in and whispered back, “You may be right.”
But in my true Jet fan heart what I really was thinking was,
“We could have pulled it off if only Curtiss was healthy.”
And I turned off the light.



Ed in Westchester said...

Nice job unruly.

The unruliest one said...

Thank you sir.

Unruly said...

Where the hell are you losers!!!??? You just dump this blog the day the Jets lose. Real classy. Thanks so much!

FiggytheMick said...

I'm still here, buddy.

Fakehead is still probably cussing, prob got suspended from work for berating a secretary, er, or bending one over.

The Jets played solid but the Patriots really wanted it. Brady was very well protected. I felt like, after Cotchery's long TD. that my prophesy would come true. It seems my clairvoyant vision was a longer program than I realized, I must have turned it off after the first quarter not realizing it. Nobody said bending time and space and existing only in mind in the future was easy. My bad.

I'm afraid it appears as if velocity is a true issue for Sir Chad. Jets O line is truly impressive and methinks that future seasons will be fruitful, whoever you get at QB. Any realistic wishes? Jake Plummer's looking for a new gig.

G-men went down respectably, they played hard. Andy Reid is a tough one. I am truly praying each and every night that Bill Parcells resigns from Dallas and comes back home for a final tour. That is, when Coughlin gets fired.

FiggytheMick said...

Unruly, may I suggest that we segue into playoff reactions, off-season moves and wishes and other sports as well? 'Twoud be a shame to stop blogging. There seems to be a substantial base of support for Mets here, with all four writers being fans.
I like basketball but who else?

Ed in Westchester said...

Keep it up. Do the offseason stuff. Even if you don't post every day.
YOu can comment on other teams moves and back Belichicken for at least another week.

Ed in Westchester said...

meant "bash" not back Belichicken.
Long day. And I'm tired.

Caymus67 said...

The Jets have nothing to be ashamed of and should be a playoff team again next year. I hope you will root for the AFC East against the Chargers. The winner of this game will win the Super Bowl in my humble opinion.

If you are looking for other teams to blog about, how about the Red Sox. The Nation could use a few more fans.

Ed in Westchester said...

The Red Sox? The Red Sox?
I certainly hope not.

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...


The opposite of a calm jet fan said...

Don't worry Ed, we wont root for the Red Sox here. Caymus is our New England, dare I say, friend.

We'll keep up the chatter. We do have the end of the NFL season to contend with. Plus March Madness and then the NFL draft. Then Mets season.

Ed's blog is still going strong tool. I have a feeling that he might get us NJ Natives into Islander hockey. Even know none of us know how to skate to save our lives.

At any rate, we;ll root for the Pats. But only so we could say that our Jets beat the Superbowl Champions on their home turf once this season. Just another notch in Mangini's belt.

At any rate, thanks for the compliments on my poem you fucks.

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

Nice poem gay boy...It didn't suck like you at the rodeo!

Anyway, what else can I say? Chad threw a blooper of a screen pass and it ended our season. It didn't have to but instead of being tough, he went to the sideline and hung his head. Oh well, maybe he'll be a little tougher at 31 than he was at 30...or we could start the kid at QB. Either way I hate losing and I especially hate losing to Massholes. See you next year chumps. Your vacation starts this week with a beating at the hands of the Chargers.


FiggytheMick said...

I'm saying patriots over Chargers. Marty will fuck it up. Belicheck will semi-contain LT for say, just two scores. Rivers will be afraid of his own shadow after a late safety blitz rattles the teeth in his head.

Feel like speculating about the playoffs but maybe I'll just write another blog.

FiggytheMick said...

Oh yeah, liked the poem, enjoyed the sequencing of pictures also. Want to hear where you think gang green goes from here.

Unruly said...

That was a fucking great poem and I cannot beleive you sacks don't give me more credit. Granted it was plagerized from a 1994 caller into the Steve Somers show at 3am. At which I taped on that early morning and re-created to fit this years season.

But that is besides the point. For the fact that I was listening to Steven Somers at 3am, probably whammed out of my skull, and got up to put a tape in to tape that callers poem, that should lose its plagerizing status.

If Fakerhead was still reading this blog, he would give respect.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I give you a ton or respect for writing this great poem. It was awesome. And whether or not you plagarized it doesn't matter, because I agree that having the wearwithall to drunkenly tape Steve Sommers at 3 am trumps all plagarism problems. Shit, I think there's a law on that.
Great fucking poem dude, good job you fucking homo. (And I mean that in a nice way).

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.

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