Peyton will blow it again...along with some other random rantings!

Ugh! Do we really have to sit through this media spectical that Peyton Manning always makes of himself again? Every year Manning is one of the top three QB's in the league and every year we watch him get overwelmingly dissappointed. He should just save himself the heartbreak and fain a torn rotator cuff.

I don't know what it is, but Manning just does not play well in the playoffs. He didn't even play well in this weeks game vs the Ravens. I mean, they didn't even score a touchdown.

And I am sick of the radio stations talking about it. This is not Peyton's year, sorry to say. The Pats pick Manning apart worse than anyone. So they poor bastard has no hope. He will be just like Marino, without a ring when it is all said and done.

So lets move on...how about these freaking San Diego Chargers? Marty Schottenhiemer blew it again. I would love to see his thought process: 'Let me see, give it to my running back who averages 11 yards per carry or let my first year quarterback sling it around the most complicated defense in NFL history. Sorry Marty. Are you sure your not from the Manning blood line? The Charger players have no discipline either, which boils down to good old Marty.

L.T. was upset after the game and threw some parting shots at Belechick. But, he is the only guy who should be talking anyhow. And he was just frustrated. He should be.

The Bears squeaked one out too. Too bad they are going to lose this weekend to the Saints. New Orleans is the better team here. I don't care how good the defense is, if you don't have a QB (which the Bears do not) you are screwed. The Saints will out perform the Bears on offense and I anticipate a blow out.

That's it, happy Tuesday!


FiggytheMick said...


Surley you have noticed the fired-up Colts D. Peyton IS doing his typical playoff meltdown but the rest of the team is playing its best football at the best time. I really see the Colts peaking here.

Brady played worse than Peyton, and yet somehow he is absolved of it. Peyton put together that last drive which ate all of the clock and put the game away. The QB does more than just throw the ball: audibles, protections, pace, ego masseuse, etc.

We need some honest analysis here. Stop being a peyton-hater and look at the circumstances. Unruly, try a spell check next time or I'm marking that up in red ink. 'fain' is 'feign'. We're not gonna get millions from sloppy blogging. Fakehead and Paddy need to post a blog here soon.

Democratic Nat'l convention in Denver late August '08. Yeah boyee. It'll be celebrity city. I don't know if I ever mentioned that when the NBA All-star game was in Denver 2 years ago I ran into Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki at this cool wooden-interior and dimly-lit live jazz bar my buddy's wife works at. Anyway, we walk in and Nowitzki is bigger than you can imagine. I realize he's only 8 inches or so taller than me but it seemed like 4 feet, an unusual feeling. Then to really put the size of the NBA into total perspective was that Steve Nash is my height, basically, perhaps a shade shorter. They were both extremely cool and down-to-earth. I wished Nash luck on the MVP and he has won two in a row since. I am guarding my award this year though. Dumb ass Melo was on his way to winning the MVP, scoring title and perhaps more before he cost us the season. Now the Nuggets have traded two of our warrior guards (who cares that earl Boykins was 5'5"- he thought he was Jordan but couldn't defend anyone) for A. I.

I'll never forget the size of pro NFL though. Three of the KC Chiefs came into the restaurant I worked in while in grad school. Their legs were so ridiculously huge. Their heads were enormous (hmm, wonder how that happened?) and I tried to imagine getting through a block by one of them, or having to try to block them. I would've been literally snapped at the waist. Gigantic people. It's like a Fakehead family reunion..

Unruly said...

Figlet, I will use spell check next time. I wrote it last night and I was really tired but we have to satisfy our advertisers so I wrote the aforementioned blog.

Dude, Manning does this every year. All I am saying is that IF they lose, I don't want to hear all the drama and his whining and his dads whining. It is getting so old. I wish Marino got his SB ring. But the Mannings with all there whinings, enough already.

I hear ya about how big these guys are. In 1990 somehow my sister was orchestrated a drug test of all the SB winner Giants (in preparation for the following year). I saw all the Giants, Hostetler, Gary Reasons, Leonard Marshall. But the one guy that I thought was enormous was Eric Dorsey. He was so big I couldn't even describe it. But he sucked. And what was funny, Gary Reasons looked like about my size now. Granted he was at the tail end of his season, but he wasnt that muscular or anything.

At any rate, enough gay talk.

Mookie W. O' Maolchathaigh-Fly said...

Agree with Figgy, Peyton made a huge 3rd down conversion to get the the FG that won the game...He won on the road in Baltimore against a very good team.

When it comes down to it, I don't think any of the NFC teams left have a chance against any of the AFC.

UJ, you wish Marion won a ring? F-him and the Dolphins. I am very disappointed in hearing that from you...I could see you wanting Kenny O' to get a ring or even Pat Ryan but Dan Marino? The hated Dan Marino? Say it ain't soJoe... The Jets' O coach Schottenheimer won't join Dolphins. He's only been around a year and even he knows that it isn't just good to hate the Dolphins but it's right & moral. Stop smoking that stuff with Ricky Williams (but if there's any left over...)

I say this AFC Championship is the Super Bowl. It's just my humble opinion but watch Brady shit the bed. He's already got three rings. Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders doesn't have any. I say Brady throws two more interceptions this week and his team can't help him get over it (notice Marty will not be Indy this week to help him get the ball back). You won't have to hear any more about the ringless Mannings because after this weekend it will be a foregone conclusion.

FiggytheMick said...

You know what's weird. I give everyone a chance against everyone whose left. All have offenses that could wake up and go off for 30+ points. All four have defenses playing really strong.

I see something different in the eyes and mannerisms of the Colts though. The Patriots look unpanicked, calm and like they have only done this five years in a row or so. But do they look as ravenously hungry? The Colts look like our local hero out here Aaron Ralston (the guy whose arm was pinned under a boulder in Utah and he cut it off over two days with his pocketknife). Man, seeing the Colts rise to be more physical than the Ravens gave me goose-bumps. That was the most exciting game that never had a tounchdown I think I almost ever saw. Though the 49'ers had a td, the 1990 NFC Championship game was the only other game that ranked up there, and of course is my favorite game of all time with Matt Bahr kicking 5 field goals to send the G-men to the Super Bowl.

Mookie, thanks for chiming in. I am guessing you kinda feel like all-of-the-sudden it's the Colts year too. I think the difference this year has been that the Colts looked mortal. They didn't have this 'juggernaut' status. People know if you pressure Peyton and run the ball that that's the weakness. Except the defense has been out of control, just absolutely peaking at the right time. Peyton is going to calm down once he beats the Pats.

The Pats I feel don't have the weapons this year. Branch and Givens with those tight ends were always tough, but Jabar Gaffney ain't toasting Bob Sanders long. No way. Watson looks not 100%. There's always the lethal Troy Brown though, rescued the game for Brady by wresting away that third pick from Chargers DB Marlon Macree. That was the game.

Unruly O'Maolchathaigh said...

I think you guys just disagree with my blogs just because you guys are bastards.

It will be The Aints and Patriarchs in the SB. We should just skip to SB sunday, because that is the matchup.

Unruly said...

by the way, special props to my main many Paddy O'Maolochantheeigh for pimping out this site. He's recently added some bling toward the bottom and made me the offical sponsor. If anyone wants a "I love NY" tshirt, just click the link.

In the next few weeks our inhouse pimp/IT guy will be adding a gambling ring on this site. We have collaborated and have come up with a superbowl square game that will feature "prizes". It will start out for free. Perhaps we will give each blogger 5 squares each. The winner might get a "i love NY" tshirt or perhaps a JETS Blog Mug.

Smell ya...

Anonymous said...

Well, well well.

First, Peyton is awesome during the regular season, but he can't get it done in the playoffs. Plain and simple. It's too bad, but I could care less.
Fuck Dan Marino, he's fine without a ring. The guys is a multi-millionare for fuck's sake. I also could care less he never won one.
Brady can get away with throwing three or four pics because he is a CHAMPION, something Peyton is not (not even an AFC Champion). I don't like the Pats but I have to give Brady props. I'm scared every time he plays the Jets and I pretty assume that unless the Jets come up big on D then he is going to beat them. Sad but true.
Peyton is NOT going to beat the Pats this Sunday. I'll bet you 10 bucks Figgy, no points, straight up.

As for all the other comments, I already forgot them and I just read them. Fucking alcohol.

Let me reread them now....

Have fun at the Convention Figgy, I can see it now "Clinton/McClure '08" Should be interesting. If you see Sean Penn tell him I think he is a fucking loser and he should stick to acting. Also ask him if he is sad that his buddy Saddam is dead.

Anyway, the Mannings will never get a ring, (unless they are backups on a good team 7 years from now).

You know one thing the Colts have going for them, the Pats have Vinny on their team, and that surely is a back luck charm.

I will say that the Pats will win the Super Bowl if they get there, but I don't think the Colts will. Although if the Saints get by the Bears they is no way they can beat the Colts or the Pats. Their D isn't good enough.

Enough speculation, bring on the games!

Anonymous said...

I meant "bad" luck, not "back" luck.

Can we get my "zazzle" website on her as advertiser? What about my law firm? Although, I guess if people know "Fakehead" is their attorney it could be bad for business, seeing as how I am a little nutso.

F Dan Marino and all of his sympathizers, (Unruly and Figgy). Just remember, Dan Marino doesn't care about you! (New tshirt slogan?)

FiggytheMick said...

Fakehead, I will relish playing football against you next time, maybe in April on the golf course. The Dan Marino jersey will have its revenge for these slanderous outbursts.

Love the new look, Unruly! Orange, though? What is this, a Cleveland Brown blog?

I'm telling you, the Colts are the hungriest team in the playoffs. It will be Colts-Saints and I'm sorry to say that Peyton owns the NFC. They are like a college team to him. The top 4 AFC teams (Colts, Pats, Ravens and Chargers) would kill the best of the NFC 5 out of 5 times. Probably 8 or 9 out of 10.

The NBA disparity is like that too. I need some more basketball fans now that football season is almost over. Unruly, you were an NBA writer for Elevation mag, what's up? The Knicks are actually winning. And no one wants to play them in overtime, or go to the hole. Go Eddy Curry! It's about time your fat ass got motivated. We need Jerome James to get healthy and our post would be a beast, plus the hustler Lee and Frye. Just get rid of Stephon Marbury and its a team. The Nuggets are going to take a while but will be lethal down the second half of the season with Melo and A.I.

Peyton will savor proving everyone wrong from here on out. The Pats don't have the players to keep up with Wayne, Harrison, Clark and emerging stud Joe Addai. Dare I say it could also be the start of a dominating run too, remember when everyone always said that Jordan would never win a championship either. And then six rings later...

smell ya later said...

Lets give some props to my main man Patcraig O'Callahan or whatever the fuck his name is. He has given us a new look. This morning we had a little conference and decided we need to keep our blog fresh for all the people who visit us. So Gadfly decided to take it upon himself to pimp it out.

Lets give it up for the Gadfly.

The Overfloater said...

Excellent job nameless one. Or multi-named one. I too, shall change it up.

Ed in Westchester said...

I like the new look guys. Well done.

Ed in Westchester said...
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Mookie W. O' Maolchathaigh-Fly said...

We're trying Ed...now, if any of us could write, we'd be on our way! Seriously though, I like the new google set-up. Even if you are decent w/HTML, the old way took forever. You can make changes in a second now, no problems. Thanks for the kudos.

Unruly Jets Fan said...

Yes, thank you Ed. It took me all day yesterday but I got it all worked out.

Anonymous said...

I want a new symbol, namely, "Dusty" from GI Joe. Find that one Mooks, and not the the new Dusty, I want the 1985 or 1986 Dusty. Good luck, I know you have nothing else to do but work on this fucking blog.

F the Colts and Peyton Manning. Although, he'll always have a career in commercials. I could just see the next one, it will be for child safety, and Peyton will be discussing small toy parts and how dangerous they are for kids, and he will say, "So parents, don't let your kids play with small toy parts and choke, like I do every year in the playoffs."

ha ha Figgy

I still can't get over that Nash is ONLY as tall as you, the fucking guy looks like a shrimp on the court. They guys are huge. I figured NFL players are huge, I mean, they all weigh over 200, even the receivers. Some people are just big, and of course, steriods help.

Go Mets! Who needs Pedro! Just make sure he brings his wiffle bat to watch the games and they'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Figs are you going to take me up on the 10 buck bet? Don't be scared! My track record this year has been great, I won 40 bucks on my annual Jets/Giants regular season bet and I think the Fly owes me 5 bucks on the SHU/St. Peter's hoops game. So let's go Miggy!

By the by, nobody likes the NBA. It's boring. College hoops is better basketball anyway, more fundamental and the refs actually make traveling calls. And nothing beats March Madness, except the Super Bowl and World Series (and to be honest, only if your team is in that game or it is a good game).
Oh, the Olympics. (HA HA HA, just kidding!!!!! I'd rather watch the Bobcats/Timberwolves than ALMOST any Olympic event). Are the Timberwolves even a team anymore? Doesn't New Orleans have a team? Who the hell knows/cares anymore. They need to get rid of some pro teams, in baseball as well.
I need to focus, Figgy, bet me, put your money where your mouth is. You are gay over the Colts and Manning, by the way. I haven't seen you like a team this much since you rooted for our JV basketball team. We should have been awesome that year, by the way.